The Three People, who have felt the Alien Mind-Part 1 of 3-Is it all True Series #35

The three people who have felt the Alien Mind are Whitley, Spielberg, and Vallee. We will devote this posting to Steven Spielberg. Steven has “Taken” us on this UFO/alien journey from 1977 to 2002, with out-of-this- world hits such as Close Encounter of the Third Kind, ET the Extraterrestrial and last but not least the 20-hour epic TV series “Taken”.

In 1977 there was Close Encounter of the Third Kind, a movie directed for an adult audience. It was a landmark movie, portraying the aliens as benign, unlike the past movies, which depicted beings who were totally evil and blood thirty. Although the human characters in the film were confused and emotionally upset, it was still a positive ending for the alien and the humans — the Third Encounter was full of celebration in the end.

In 1982 in ET the Extraterrestrial, Spielberg showed us an even softer, gentler side of these beings—we will forever remember the cute little being we all grew to love as he floated through moonlit sky on a bike, eating Reese’s Pieces and drinking Coors beer, so now the Aliens are acting a little human. This positive approach communicated to our kids that maybe abductions and aliens are good things and good guys.

Then in 2002 Steven produced “Taken” – a new view of this phenomenon, from the 1940’s, The War, Roswell and the lives of three families moving through four generations. Some of the humans were victims of the abduction world, while others were chasing the abductees. Life wasn’t good for any of them; a great deal of physical pain and emotional suffering is felt throughout this series.

So what is going on here?? Spielberg’s attitude of the beings has changed from the soft and fuzzy to – OH SHIT. In the end of “Taken” a mother loses her child to the Aliens, of course we are pushed into justifying that this little girl named Allie couldn’t have stayed here because she was part Alien and she can’t deal with us crazy humans. (I am almost buying it.)

I believe that Spielberg’s most current view is the right way to look at alien beings; we as humans know very little about these aliens and their abduction purposes. But I know alien beings and abductions are real, and we must proceed with caution.



Into the Moonlight or into our Mind.

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