The World of Hybrids: A Whitley Strieber View -Is it all True Series #191

I have been reading the new book from Whitney Strieber called “Hybrids.” I still have about 70 pages left. I must say that up to this point it is riveting, and I have not been able to say that about the past several Whitley books. As you probably know, Whitley stopped calling his books non-fiction years ago because of threats he and his family received from unknown sources. So now his books are written under the fiction banner, and life has been a whole lot better. But many of us know there is truth weaved into the fabric of these books, and this one is skillfully done.

As many in the New Age movement believe, these aliens who are visiting our world are good Space Brothers here to help save our society. In this book Whitley has a very different view of the creations of the Space Brothers or the beings we call Hybrids. As the human emotional genes were slowly eliminated so was the compassion and the concept that human life is sacred. So in Whitley’s book, the Hybrids have gone on a rampage skinning humans and wearing their flesh to attack, torment and kill more unsuspecting humans. Like I have always said there are non-humans creatures among us that live off our emotional bodies. Normally they push our buttons that create fear, sexual pleasure, misery and death. So our emotions are intensified and their needs are satisfied But in my theory, it is human against human or human on human. While in Whitley’s theory it’s Hybrid alien against human. The emotional release in the Whitley book is high intensity, to a chilling degree. Not for the faint-hearted.

Will the two hero Hybrids in the book save mankind from the next generation of Hybrids? Or will the Hybrids consume the very last Human emotional generator on earth. Could this be the “Alien Harvest: The Final Edition”? Whitley has a winner here; it is one of those time will tell stories. I believe like humans there are good and bad non-human beings. And with contact maybe around the corner, caution to the contactees if you want to keep your skin on.

Sleep Tight – Whitley’s book is just fiction…or so he says with a little wink.


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