Human or Alien – who can you trust?

As I have said before I have been a UFO/ Paranormal researcher for 50 years. In those 50 years I had encountered some pretty scary stuff, including my experience with a few alien and Cryptid beings. But here we are in a world where the human condition is getting worse very much by the minute.

Wow, presidential politics is at an all-time low, number of wars around the world around the world at an all-time –high, strange new emerging diseases, man driven climate change, and out of control human population growth. The wealth gaps between groups and between countries, is the greatest in the last 100 years. Now very recently something I warned about 10 years ago is coming true, our reliance on the Internet could drive us to a Mad Max scenario. Human hackers could shut the world down and it could be any minute. Not to mention madmen with their fingers on the nukes. It’s a sad state of affairs for our species.

Now what about the Aliens and the Cryptids, both groups if they truly wanted to could end our existence in a quick minute. I believe the Cryptids – such as Sasquatch and Dogman just want to be left alone. The aliens say the Pleadians and the Greys have an agenda for sure, but with us humans especially our leaders and wannabee leaders, generally being extremely distrustful and sick for power, and with no consideration for human life, looking at Alien group is a viable option. I believe it is time to seriously engage these alien groups we have been fearful of. For man is driving itself down a very dark path, a path of no return.

The question is, what would we have to give up to save our species? They have been abducting people for a very long time and the question is, is their agenda going down a brighter path for the human race? We have to continue our quest to make real serious contact with these beings and look at all options if we want to survive the next 100 years because the cards truly stacked against us.

Sleep tight – mediate , mediate and carefully open up, step forward to meet the Ones who have the ability and power to save our species and maybe we are worthy of their trust, at least the ones among us that care.

Mike Wiz

How many have been “Taken” ? Is it all True Series #408

They are here

This is a question I have been asking over the years, and the answer has evolved. There are always more that have been taken than my last estimate. The question is, how many humans have been messed with, taken against “their Will” by a non- human force. With the non- human force there would be an additional group of Hybrids – part human and part alien that need to be included. Also included in abduction scenario is the Military and as they do their own abductions to see what the Alien/ Hybrid abductions are doing to us humans.

My research started about 45 years ago and at that time I felt there was very few people taken whose stories you have heard – like Betty and Barney Hill. Just a handful and only here in the USA. These stories seemed so amazing there could not be more than a few people involved and back in the 60s there was no mention of the military being involved.

That changed for me in the 70’s when I realized that there was a high probability that a couple of my family members had had encounters with Alien type beings. And I started looking back at my experiences and yes there was evidence I had encountered the beings directly and I had suddenly developed the ability to communicate with other abductees and even help them deal with their emotional feelings about this phenomenon.

The 80’s saw me researching whole family encounters, going back generations who had encounters of the very close kind. Their abductors were almost like part of their families and were constantly monitoring the personal progress as the generations passed. Maybe they were watching some type of generic modification program of the Human species. No one truly knows for sure.

In the 90’s I started putting numbers on the abduction phenomenon – at this point I could only judge what was happening in the USA for this is where I have lived, traveled and researched. At that point I strongly felt 1 out of 4 people had had encounters with some type paranormal activity in their lives. Instead of calling it only alien abductions, I found I needed to put it all together as larger event, because it was all connected, and included ghosts, fairies, spirits, poltergeist, Sasquatch and other paranormal activity.

As my last 20 years of research had developed I have now realized that 90 % of the American public have probably had some type of paranormal encounter (including abductions) in their lifetime. The reason I say this, is that nearly everyone I have been able to build a relationship with and communicated with over a minimum period, say of several months, has freely remembered a real encounter, even though most initially said ” not me”. And remember over my lifetime I have met thousands of people, a pretty solid sampling of the general population.

Sleep tight – If you are reading this you most likely have experienced a paranormal encounter. For the paranormal is the (new) normal, embrace it, it is just another step in our evolution as a New Earth Being.

Reality Isn’t What It Seems- Connecting the Dots: Part 2— Is it all True Series # 288

imagesCAJMENOYAs I have stated in the past and in Part 1, I have been researching UFO-related subjects for over 45 years. And even after 45 years, I am just starting to connect the dots. It has taken a long time in coming to some theoretical conclusions.

Read Part 1 for the first three conclusions, just type “Reality” in the search in the upper right corner of the site.

Conclusion number four–people that have had encounters with inter-dimensional beings have shown some amazing abilities, such a healing others, psychic abilities, and abilities to see physical alien craft.

Number five–the contactees have shown amazing abilities to have continued contact with the inter-dimensional beings from a very young age, say 3 months old in their crib to 60+ years old. The ones that have a long-term relationship seem to come to realize it and many embrace it. The key is always to be fearless, as I have said over and over through my 45+ years of paranormal research. The Grays prove to be a mixed bag; at times they seem very friendly and extremely helpful, but the trick with them is that if you don’t do everything they want, they can be a little testy. But if the contactees firmly state their positions on the present situation, the contactees, will win out 85% of the time.

And finally number six–all contactees and their abductees are mentally and emotionally connected to the inter-dimensional groups. Many of them don’t realize it but inside their sub-consciousness their worlds are linked as inter-dimensionals and humans together. This link is so powerful the humans become virtual hybrids. Humans that have had some contact are altered in such a way that their genetic makeup is enhanced and changed towards the alien world.

Sleep tight…History will show inter-dimensional beings have embraced us humans for thousands of years; we are them and they are us.


June Meeting UFO/Paranormal Forum – Sharing- Is it all True Series #285

Seven Wise TruthseekersWe typically do about 1 to 2 sharing sessions per year. This is the opportunity for our members to release to the group their inner experiences from their world of UFO/ Paranormal realms. These sharing sessions have produced some of the most interesting and amazing revelations and have turned out to be as interesting as some of our best past speakers.

This meeting was no exception; one member spoke of being in a “beehive” alien ship, with beehive compartments with human-looking beings looking out of the compartments.

Another member spoke of being shrunk to a few inches to fit into the tiniest alien ship. The craft was a living ship, and as you entered it you also become part of this organic vehicle. Once in the ship, he was directed to a room with a council of four gray aliens where they communicated telepathically. They asked him ‘what is human humor,’ and ‘How are your leaders’? There was no apparent light source in the ship; the walls just glowed with a yellowish light. Then the aliens asked our member if it would be Ok to implant something in the roof of his mouth; they said it would help them with some sort of project. He was feeling very good in some strange way so he agreed. Though the implant or whatever it was made his two front teeth separate there were no other negative effects.
Another woman spoke of her encounter with bird beings, and she was told there are whole solar systems with these bird-looking beings.

And very last, there was a woman who encountered a large sandy area in Florida where there were many hundreds of strange footprints and other shapes, which looked like landing gear.
The group had a great time sharing in the strange world of UFOs and other paranormal events.

Sleep tight, we have all had these experiences at some time in our lives, and sharing is a way to complete the experience.

There isn’t Always Gold at the End of the Rainbow: One Woman’s Abduction Experiences—Is it all True Series #273


The Rainbow I am speaking of is a person here in Albuquerque. She spoke in front of the New Mexico UFO/ Paranormal Forum during their February meeting about her lifetime experiences and abductions in the strange world of alien contact. I would say for most encounters with aliens, you typically do not intend to have one when you wake up on that particular day. It’s more like an “Oh Shit” reaction when you feel them coming.

Rainbow’s abduction experience began at the early age of 5 or 6 years old and continues today. Her memories of these encounters flashed back to her later in life around the age of 40. The flashback of an encounter she had in the west mesa area of Albuquerque opened her memory floodgates. Before 40 she was always very uncomfortable traveling on the west side of Albuquerque. And finally at 40 she knew why. Those encounters started as an innocent ride in a catholic school bus to the west mesa area. But as soon as she and her classmates got off the bus, there were three large alien ships. The children were told to line up in a straight line and wait for further instruction. Large grey aliens were walking among the children to keep order; one approached Rainbow and told her the chosen ones would not be coming back. This for obvious reasons this comment sent fear racing throughout her body. But on that day she was not chosen.

She has had many other experiences over her lifetime, all she perceives to have happened in New Mexico. One particular encounter in Santa Rosa, involved her husband; they were riding horses when they both encountered a tall blonde Nordic being who was standing by a her small alien craft, claiming to be trying to repair it. The being was pleasant, even showing Rainbow the inside of the craft.
One of the interesting themes that move through Alien/UFO community is the alien interest in human children, although I suspect some of these children are actually human/alien hybrids. Note, New Mexico has the highest level of missing children in the United States. I read recently Homeland Security and local law enforcement officers are teaming up and developing a task force to see why this is true.

Sleep-tight – having contact experience is a cutting edge experience, having fear of it is not what you want, a fearless human is a powerful human.

Climate Change and Hybrids— Is it all True Series # 263

The Greys have been hanging around us for at least a few hundred years or more based on worldwide stories of encounters. Egyptian wall paintings have shown the Greys, so maybe 5000 years ago wouldn’t have been out of the question. They have for the last 60 years or more been involved in the abduction scenarios.

So why the abductions by these Grey ones, and I am talking about the larger 4 to 5 ft. Greys (with the small tiny eyes) who control the robotic Greys (i.e., 3 to 4 feet with the big almond shaped eyes, who do all the dirty work, in the abduction process). The large Greys have had an agenda to develop Hybrid beings– part human and part Grey. A being made in their own image (nearly) but with the durable characteristics of the human race.
Next part of this relationship is climate change. The world is heating up, record air temperature for the last 20 have been building, sea temperatures have increased, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, droughts covering 40 % of the USA and a strange storm called Sandy invades the most densely populated part of the US. Something very big and dangerous is happening. There are now several major studies showing a 4 to 8 degree rise in the average temperature by the end of the century. On the low end 4 degrees would be a major game changer – we could easily lose 50% of the earth population through famine and wars over water and food.

If the worse case happens an 8-degree rise, this could mean human extinction if man remains on the surface of the earth. I would guess that even if we stopped today 75% of all the CO2 going into the atmosphere and the remaining in 10 years, we may keep the scenario at the lower range of a 3 to 4 degree rise. The problem is humans don’t have the political will to fight the fossil fuel industrial complex. So the long-term future is not bright.

Back to the Hybrids – for they will inherit the earth. That I believe is the plan.

leep tight – and plan on enjoying your next 5 years – because beyond that…

Why Do We Forget Those Other-Worldly Experiences? Is it all True Series # 258

From my many years of experience and research, I have estimated that a minimum of 1 out 4 people you pass on the street have had other-worldly experiences. First let’s define “other-worldly” – I will define it as a meeting with another animated being from another dimension. Examples include, contact with aliens beings (Greys, Reptilians), fairies, elves, wee people, angels and demons, etc.
And note 95% of the 1 in 4 will never remember the encounter, and maybe another 10% of the total will occasionally have quick flashbacks of the event. What is interesting about that is that most these people have multiple encounters over their lifetime and remember none of them.

So why do we forget these “other-worldly” experiences? There are three primary reasons–One, we are in shock/trauma mode, and the human mind shuts down and hides these super-charged emotions. This mode protects our mind from a total collapse, which could lead to a fried brain and even death.

The second reason is we cannot perceive the experience – it is so out of the box that the mind ignores it. These types of experiences are outside of their reasoning capability. The left brain is telling the right side this not possible in my world. That is one of the reasons I have always said most of us can only make true alien contact through our right brain, for this side of the mind is the creative side and is capable of imagining the possibility.

The last reason is the IDBs (interdimensional beings) do not want the attention from the general public and our governments. So they (the beings) do two things to their abductees–they may screen the event to resemble something friendly and very normal, or they completely disturb the minds ability to remember anything of the event, a nearly permanent wipe clean.

Sleep-tight, I mean what I say – reality is not what it seems.


Three Part- Hybrid — never before – Michio Kahu PhD.

Quantum physicist Michio Kaku described today that what happened in Hurricane Sandy has never happened before. A warm hurricane collided with a cold jet stream that went all the way to Florida and then those combined air masses collided with a third “noreastern” air mass that wrapped around the charged up hurricane producing a 3-part hybrid Superstorm unique in weather history. Sandy’s barometric pressure set a new low record for Northeastern storms and New York Harbor saw a record-breaking level of 32.5-foot waves.

White House stays consistent with the Past Alien Denial – but indirectly told a small Truth.Is it all True Series #210 ?

Over 12,000 humans signed a petition for the truth from the White House to come clean on the truth about UFOs and ET types. But to no ones surprise they said no Extra – Terrestrials are here, hanging with us. You know that is probably truth. I am starting to fully believe no one or no thing is presently traveling cross the super distances between stars. These strange races of non-humans and hybrids have always been part of our world. They spend time between our dimension and other dimensions and easily travel between them. So at the beginning of November they, the White House, told us this little but important truth that our visitors are real maybe really our distant creators. But they are for sure old natives of this Planet.

So, why would the people in charge be afraid of telling the truth about our Terrestrial other Family members? The reason is they are totally Terrestrial and very much before us, in the global time-line. This would be a layered problem for all the institutions of the world. They would be far less important and their ability to control the masses would be completely gone. I read the other day from some pretty important research that the Greys have been occupying the area north of Dulce, New Mexico for 25,000 years or more in an underground facility, and this is probably only one of many around the world.

Of course if the entire world knew the truth about these otherworldly beings, what could we do? Most likely, we cannot directly communicate with them because their electromagnetic energy field is too powerful and overwhelms our neuro-system causing massive confusion and maybe death. So is it better to wait and see, even through they have been manipulating our minds and bodies for thousands of years. We are basically helpless and our institutions cannot help us as the Greys still abduct thousands yearly for the sinister agendas. A side comment, alien abductions have dropped off during the last 10 years, but I believe they are just re-tooling for the next phase of their on-going experiment, at the expense of humanity.

Sleep- tight and listen for the subtle truths because even in the White House there are people who want to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.