Waking Up In New Mexico- Is it all True Series #171

Recently — this quite remarkable- courageous woman related this amazing story to me — Her name is Esperanza. This type of story seems to be on the increase in recent months around the Southwestern part of the country. If you know of a similar story please forward to the comment section – no real names please.

Over the last 8 days I have sustained several visitations from ETs or inter-dimensional beings. I don’t know what species or which kind. I can hardly believe it, myself. I will say it happened over several nights because I remembered after the central event on the second night that a prior visit had taken place the evening before, and I knew another one would come, too. Here’s my story.

That first night I awoke at 3:33am. I remember because I looked at the clock. I felt strange as if something had made me wake up but I neither heard, saw nor felt anyone in the house. Consequently, I went to the bathroom and returned to bed. The next night I was awakened by something again. For some reason, this time my heart was in my throat. I raised my head to look at the clock on my husband’s side of the bed, lowered it and listened. It was 2:22am. As I lay there on my side I stared at the curtained door of our bedroom, which leads to the backyard. I noticed what looked like a ring of energy shadowed against them: a huge jagged circle the height of the door itself that spread out about six feet. I rubbed my eyes. I thought it must be a result of my eye having been plunged into the pillow, but the ring remained. So, I turned onto my back and listened. That was when I heard a strange series of very quiet sounds coming from the dining room. “OMG! Someone is in the house.” I looked out into the hall, careful not to move a muscle, I saw a tall shadow thrown onto the hallway wall. I was freaked. “Jesus! I have to wake John!” In the second the thought passed through my mind I saw them round the corner and step through the door.

A tall humanoid woman who had auburn hair led them. It was pulled back from her face. A much shorter man followed her. All wore lab-type jackets. Some white in color, others light blue. There were six of them. They surrounded our bed. Two stationed themselves at the foot and two on either side. My husband, still asleep, began to lightly snore. I tried to hold my eyes open, but I could feel my control slipping away. It was like being engulfed in a slow fog. If you’d ever been sedated for an operation the feeling was similar. Although they appeared to be humanoid I strongly believe what I saw was a projected image. The people fit the description of characters from a book I’d read recently AND because of what happened next. The humanoids disappeared and I was faced with insect-like beings. I think now that they may have had difficulty holding the image of the humanoids as they set about working. Perhaps, they didn’t expect me to be awake when they arrived or maybe to have the mental strength to fight the control? I don’t know. It’s all speculation. But it was only when they began to work on me that the projected image fell away and I saw what they really were.

They held my mind and body in their control, but I could still see them. One literally got on top of me and put its head very, very close to mine. No one has ever been so close to my face without touching me. It moved its head in all directions around mine, tilting and turning it, as if peering into my brain from multiple directions. At such a close range I could see details. They were brown in color, had 4 very, very thin limbs/arms (the ones I could make out), with a bumpy, textured skin. They had a praying-mantis-like head with huge eyes of a darker brown and a tiny pointed chin. Imagine a praying mantis’ face. That’s what I saw. Once they positioned themselves and began turning their heads about, they also began to emit a deafening sound. It was high pitched like that of an insect. I believe they were communicating with each other. But it was more. I felt that the sound was ‘tuning’ me, somehow. That sounds crazy, but it’s the best explanation I can give for the experience.

When the sound started and the level rose, I don’t remember anything more. The next thing I knew I being awakened by my husband who was holding on to my arm saying rather loudly, “I am awake, honey!” Apparently, I was yelling out loud for him to wake up! I’d been screaming in my mind the entire time they were in the room. I was yelling to him to WAKE UP! WAKE UP!, but he didn’t. Of course, I was beside myself, tears rolled down my face as I jumped up and flipped on the light, blinding him. I yelled, “They were here! I saw them. They were here!” I proceeded to tell him what had happened. He believed me. He knows me. He knew I was not dreaming. Besides, he’s more that meets the eye, himself.

When he felt comfortable that I’d calmed down enough, he turned on the TV. He said it would orient me. He clearly saw I was not myself and not at all normal. That morning, the early, early news was playing old clips of Kennedy. They were talking about how it had been 50 years this month since he was inaugurated. I said ’50 years’ over and over to myself trying to grasp the concept. I realized then that I had absolutely no idea what month or year it was. I sat there in bed trying to remember what 50 years meant. By this time, my husband was falling back asleep. I woke him up again and asked what month it was. He told me. I tried to find a year in my head, any year. I couldn’t. I asked him what year it was. He told me that, too. Even knowing didn’t seem to make a difference. I simply couldn’t remember time. I felt I was in a bubble. This bubble lasted the entire day. No one could touch me. I felt I was looking out of a capsule into another reality–someone else’s world, not mine.

After a day of adjusting and putting it all together, I knew that evening they’d return at 1:11am. It seemed to follow that they were scheduling something or me: 3:33am; 2:22am, 1:11am. I knew now that on the evening before when I had awakened at 3:33am they had been there. The time was a marker of some sort. That evening, I stayed awake or, at least, I thought I did. At 1:11a I found myself waking from a dream about my old dog. He died years before. We loved him and never got another dog. I saw him walking in a park like atmosphere at the end of our bed. He walked over to me and I put my hands on either side of his face holding his little head in my hands, smiling. I told my husband, “Look it’s Dabby!” But his head was way too large to hold it properly and his eyes were deeply intelligent looking into mine–too intelligent to be my dog! Dabby was a sweet animal but not bright. I realized when I woke up that it had not been my dog. It was one of them. This time they’d been ready for me. They had given me a nicer screen image, which they’d plucked, from my brain. I figured, after scaring the pants off me the night before, they either decided to handle it differently or perhaps had tuned me so they could easily handle me. Again, it’s all speculation.

Now that I’ve had a few days to analyze these experiences, remember details and the feelings that accompanied them, I believe these beings could have been a type of bio-bot. I feel their purpose was to scan the human mind, adjust the subject and report back. Although I could be wrong, I do not believe they have the spark of spirit in the way we understand it, but were rather prepared by highly advanced and sentient beings for a specific job. Something in me says I am not wrong. These things were part of a much greater mind. I could feel that behind them was something more intelligent and knowing than they.

Since those first 3 nights, they’ve returned again with neither my husband nor me knowing. This last time, however, there was physical evidence. My husband had laid his cell phone by the bedside. I’d fully charged the phone for him that afternoon. In the wee hours of the morning it began beeping loudly before it went completely dead. Of course, it woke up us both. I said, “Honey I just charge that phone. The battery must be dying. I’ll get a new one tomorrow.” The next morning I checked the battery. It had no juice left at all. Suddenly, I thought, I’ll charge it and see if the battery is really bad. It held a charge without problem and in the last 2 days has operated just fine. I’ve heard that batteries are drained during contact experiences.

Frankly, after the 2:22am visit, I was shell-shocked. However, several conclusions came from the event. When I felt their presence, before I actually saw them round corner into our bedroom, I also had a remembrance. They’d been here before. They’d visited me in my childhood. This, too, was a revelation–one that was difficult to digest in the light of day, but I’m doing ok with it now.

The inevitable questions continue. Why me? What did they want? Did they visit other members of my family? Is that why I feel different than other people? Is it why I’ve never belonged anywhere with anyone until I met my husband a decade ago? Is that why I feel my heart breaking at times and I even say out loud, “I want to go home, now.”? And, given the world situation, 2012 and everything we hear about prophesy–Why now? As you can image, there are more questions than answers.

I also felt that they left me with a post-hypnotic suggestion not to speak about the experience of seeing them. I literally couldn’t tell anyone for several days afterward. I just couldn’t. I tried. If my husband had not been in bed that night, he’d not know. My silence was broken finally several days afterward. I asked a friend to lunch. We talked about work and the inevitable annoyances that accompany it. When she asked me how things were at my house. I paused, looked at her and said, I can’t believe what I’m about to say … Telling her the story seemed to break the ‘enchantment’. Now, I can share it with you.

I was never that interested in UFOs or the phenomenon. Because of the events surrounding my life and family, I grew up with the idea that there was life on other planets and that, of course, other species would be a natural extension of that. But I can also say that I always wanted confirmation. I’m feeling a lot like that song: “…And every morning I wake up and worry, what’s gonn’a happen today?”

I know they will be back. My husband appears to be involved now too. OR, maybe he’s the reason? Will we ever know? I’ll keep you posted from our home in New Mexico.


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