Why 2012 Doomsday Never Happened– Is it all True Series # 264

As we all waited to see what would happen on December 21st 2012, nothing apparently did. Why after many years of speculation and backed by a bit of science through Mayan history, did the 21st come and go with no incident? I have three plus reasons to explain why it didn’t happen.

One, there was this talk about a powerful cosmic beam aligning with earth from the center of the Universe and blasting us and changing us forever. Well, the issue is that I believe this is an infinite Universe and we are all the center of the Universe. And if we are all the center there is no center, so no powerful beam could align.

Two, the calendar makers of the Mayan culture of the time the last calendar was made may have perished suddenly, say by an event such as an earthquake, plague, or war etc. It could have been so sudden there was no one left to create the next calendar series. The knowledge to make the next calendar would have also perished since the Mayan calendar is a complex series of astronomical observations; if a trained group was not mentored/taught, goodbye next calendar.

Three, the Mayans never said the world would end, but they hinted at a new age, a different age – maybe good, maybe bad, but new.

And the plus is, maybe just maybe something did happen and those of us still here just don’t know any different. But my best conclusion is that we created this end time fantasy. We will never predict our ending; we are not programmed to see our end. Hope keeps us moving through the end; we have ended many times. Until we realize it we will continue.

Sleep tight. Note I am not a Bible fan, but one thing it did say – it will come as a thief in the night. And I do believe that.

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