Wisconsin Werewolves— Is it all True Series #284

I have been interested in Werewolves and their cousins the Dog-man for a long time. There have always been yearly sightings in the Midwest, especially in my home state of Wisconsin. Although there have been sighting of such beings around the country, for some reason wherever there are gray wolf populations there seems to be more Dog-man/ Werewolves in the same areas.

According to two witnesses in Shawno County, Wisconsin, they saw two very strange beings near Grass Lake in January 2013. The two strange beings appeared to be werewolves; approximately 6 to 7 feet tall, both were bipedal and one had gray-spotted hair and the other had brownish hair. They also had canine snouts. When the creatures were spotted, they both looked like they were bending over drinking the lake water. The creatures stood up and looked at the two witnesses, sniffed the air and ran off into the forest. They also let out a loud howl as they moved out of sight.

Another interesting thing that happened was a few minutes later a flying saucer-type vehicle showed up near the werewolf sighting location and hovered in the area for about 10 minutes and then disappeared; we are assuming the wolf creatures left in the ship. Also the witnesses noted that during this time everything moved in a surreal slow motion. But at no time did the witnesses feel threatened by their encounters; they were just amazed to have two strange encounters in one day.

There are a few other hot spots to note in Wisconsin for Werewolf-type sightings, the Holy Hill area outside of Milwaukee, Jefferson County, and around the town of Elkhorn. The state of Michigan and Toronto, Canada has also had its share of Dog-man-type sightings.

Sleep tight – Remember just because you like cuddly puppies and baby wolves, you may not especially like these werewolf creatures, but a sighting is so rare that I would not worry.

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