Rh Negative, Blue Bloods and its Alien Connection—Part 1-Is it all True Series # 300

MatthewThere have been some interesting theories about Bloodlines. These theories range from how it can affect the human race to how it can determine your life role and even your status on this planet. As you may know there are four blood types in the world. O type is the oldest and most common and A-type is second common, B third and AB least common. The Rh factor, which can occur in all blood types, is related in a strange way to Rhesus primate (monkey).

The majority of the world population has the factor (RH), meaning they are positive. But 15% of the world is negative – lacking the factor completely. At this point, let me mention 33% of the Basque population is Rh negative. And 55% of the Basque population is Blood type O, which is the highest in the world. The combination puts a lot of O negatives folks in the unique Basque country. I will write more about the Basque people in Part 2

A Blueblood is a term that Royal European family has been called because many are RH negative and their blood is slightly blue. RH negative blood does not oxidize the way Rh positive blood does hence the blue color (less oxygen).
For many years the UFO community has whispered that Rh negative humans are quite the prize for the alien groups that have been abducting people around the world over the last hundreds of years or more. I have not seen a conclusive study on this but after talking to several thousand abductees and contactees the Rh negative folks could be a special targeted group. My guess is that people with this bloodline- factor have abilities that are created and passed down from genetic contact with non-humans.
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Sleep Tight, Our blood is our cosmic signature, and it is important to know if you are negative or positive for many reasons.


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  1. I am one of those in that blood group (Rh negative) and doing some research for some time and couldn’t find any conclusive answers but few of the sites listed some of the characteristics of Rh negative people which I have. Does this mean I am an Alien? Most fascinating thing about it is that I fall into those 1 or 2% of that Asian population. My question is why me?

  2. I’m 0 rh negative, and since a young age have had some very strange experiences, seem to have some psychic abilities as well as did my nan. Only now later in life am I noticing it more and more

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  4. You do a lot of commentary and provide very few facts. Care to expand on this you stated below.

    Sleep Tight, Our blood is our cosmic signature, and it is important to know if you are negative or positive for many reasons.

    and are you saying that its the RH negs that are being abducted?

    RH Negs can save anyone in need of blood so how would that make us reptilian monsters, where do you get your info, I’m curious.

  5. I am a negative, I saw a ufo when I was sixteen, and I can not stop watching shows, internet ect, anything alien I want to know. I can not wear a watch, the battery stops, within a few hours. I am 47 and I have had ten microwaves, four ovens, five dishwasher, many dryers and washers and I get a new coffee pot every 4 months or so…I have a high Iq, love math, science, paranormal and btw I have severe ADHD, I am very hyper, everyone says I break electrical stuff, because I am so hyper. I read most negatives, have blonde and blue eyes, not me, I have dark olive skin, brown hair and brown eyes, my family is from ireland, my dad always said, I was his foreign baby, anyone else like this

  6. I am RH negative 60 years old, brown hair with natural red highlights and brown eyes.
    I awoke to a lot of things 3 years ago. Everything is not as it seems in our world. I have stopped using fluoride drink only filtered water and over the years have had experiences of spirit in the room. Have heard footsteps when I’m the only one at home. Interested in science, space and have always been interested in the paranormal, afterlife etc.
    There is so much evil on this planet I look to the skies quite often day and night and know there is other life in the universe. Other life is not necessarily above I believe it is here on earth and has been for centuries.

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