Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 78

Location. Stow, Ohio
Date: September 14 2009
Time: 2215
The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was driving to work, northbound on Hudson Drive. As the witness drove under the RT8 overpass bridge, just north of the Hudson Drive Applebee’s Restaurant, he sighted a 9-10’ tall solid black entity standing on the southbound side of the road. No discernible head or facial features noticed. Duration 5-10 seconds, distance approximately 15-20’ from his vehicle. The witness had the feeling that the entity was watching him and was “there” for him only. No other vehicles/persons present during sighting. Immediately after turning his head back to the road, he looked in rearview mirror, and the entity was no longer visible. He did not see entity depart or disappear. The witness became extremely upset and scared. He felt that he paled, and his eyes began to water uncontrollably. His first thought was to turn around and ago home, calling off of work. He tried to call his wife at home, but his cellphone would not work, either from the programmed address book, or manual input calling. He kept getting “call failed”, which had never happened before. The cellphone continued to be affected all the way to the I-271 entrance ramp, approximately 8-10 miles up the road. Other than the uncontrollable watering of the eyes, no other physiological or physical effects were noted on the witness. The following day on his way home, as he neared the RT8 overpass, this time driving over the bridge he went under the day before, as he approached the bridge area, his eyes began to water uncontrollably once again, as he drove over the bridge his eyes continued to water, until he passed beyond the bridge, then his eyes began to clear up again.

HC addendum
Type: E
Comments: Modern day Mothman type entity report?

Location. Casper, Wyoming
Date: September 23 2009
Time: 0245a
The witness had left the dog out on the backyard and looked up at the stars like he always did. He notices that part of the sky was blacked out and at first it didn’t register why. Then he noticed the windows in the craft and two people or beings looking right at him. They were so close that he could see that one was wearing a baseball style cap or what appeared to be one. The being waved at the witness as it passed over. The witness was so stupefied to do anything but sit there and watch. He could hear a buzz of some kind and thought that it “must be an Air Force recon ship”.

HC addendum
Type: A

Location. Indiana, exact location not provided
Date: September 26 2009
Time: evening
The main witness’s church was on a forest retreat and they were staying in a small building in the center of the forest. They decided that evening to go out and play in the forest with the children, so they came up with a game to play. It was like police: the kids were the police and they would pick an adult to be the hostage. So when they began the game, they had to find the adult hiding in the forest in the middle of the night. So they start going around the back of the building and they spotted a tall figure. It had to have been at least six feet tall. It was running toward the trees where there was a small open area with tall grass that goes up to your knees. It ran with its arms on its sides, but it stopped at the edge of the tall grass, as if to wait for the witnesses to get closer. They chased after it, thinking it was the adult. When they were finally a few yards away, it dove into the grass and started to crawl very fast, almost snake-like. At this point the witnesses became frightened, but stood there staring at it. When it got across the tall grass, it began to climb a tree. It looked somewhat like a deformed cat-like animal when it was climbing. Then a few moments later a kid yelled, “I see him!” and was pointing in an opposite direction. They then saw a similar figure running a couple of yards away, so they chased it. But it then vanished behind a tree. There were at least 15 witnesses to the bizarre creatures.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales—October 2009
Type: E
Comments: A bit weirder than your ‘typical’ Bigfoot creature report.

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