Art of- "Missing Time"- Is it all True Series #43

So what is missing time? The term is a phenomenon reported by some people in connection with close encounters with UFO and the abduction experience and refers to gaps in conscious memory relating to a specific period in time, from several minutes to several days in length. These lost time frames can often be recovered through hypnosis and through deep dreams.

Time inside UFOs is governed by Einstein’s time dilution theory in which its propulsion system creates is own time frame. I have talked to abductees who have entered a UFO and believe they were there for many hours, even days but when they come out, less than an hour has passed back at home.

Budd Hopkins’ quite famous book “Missing Time“ shows that one of the main factors that abductees report is missing time. Besides the UFO dilution time factor, I believe the sheer trauma of the abduction and the ability of alien beings to control our humble human minds causes this missing time factor.

One of my clients, J. Bailey, told me some incredible missing time stories he has had during his life. One event happened when he was driving from Nashville to Memphis to visit a relative moving west on Interstate 40, which should have taken him 3.5 hours to get there, but 5 hours later he was 20 miles west of Knoxville on I-40. Bailey would also have missing time experience in his house, where he would come home from work, sit down and have some tea. And many times, he would have a missing time experience and would come back to normal time and be sitting in another chair and sometimes in another room. This happened so many times, he started recording on paper exactly where he was sitting and what he was doing and every ten minutes he would write down the time.

He concluded he was taken and sometimes the visitors forgot which chair they took him from, at least they put him back in the correct house! I have heard some people are dropped off in the wrong house, to the abductee’s embarrassment and to the great surprise/ fright of the homeowner.

I recently had a little missing time experience; I walk around a park for some good old exercise and I wear a pedometer, which measures time and steps. My daily park goal is 10,000 steps, and I have done this at least a hundred times. But this time was very different; I did the 10,000 steps but it took 3 times the amount of time. So where did the time go? Everything felt normal. Had I walked in another parallel world for a short time? Maybe.

I say pay attention to your surroundings and pay attention to detail. You are probably not losing your mind, just taking a short but strange trip in another world. It happens everyday to thousands of people worldwide.



Time is it just confused or truly Missing ?

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