Hello once again, and welcome into my extraordinary world! Last week I asked my audience for input into perhaps a description of an alien craft they may have seen or even been on. I am sorry to report I received no responses. But don’t let that keep you from responding, I’d still love to hear from you so don’t be shy with your information!

Digging into my bag of given knowledge. Information coming from either myself or friends within this UFO community who have spoken of other “areas” or “rooms” within a craft in which they have been taken to during their abductions. I’ve been told about a large room that had tall round glass containers. Within these containers is a type of liquid, and in these containers were humans evidently “abductees”. The question is what type of test is this given by the extraterrestrials or what exactly is the reasoning behind this? Abductees who have found themselves within these containers report they were able to breathe within the liquid that filled up the open space in these containers. I don’t know what the reason why humans were put into this type of situation.

Again, I don’t know how true this experience is but this is “the abductee’s story, of his/her experience in another large room located on an alien craft. Another abductee was taken to another large room that held large open tanks and these tanks held body parts of humans and alien extraterrestrials that apparently were being “cooked”. What is the reasoning of this and if in fact its purpose? I guess the strangeness of this report is just as strange as my experience of being taken to this large medical laboratory that on one side of the wall held what I described as large fish tanks that did in fact hold body parts of humans and alien extraterrestrials, including small baby hybrids in a liquid. I was shown and taught that with “their” advanced knowledge they could grow not only human body parts to “repair” and make “new”, workable parts of the human body or alien extraterrestrial body.

This procedure was shown to me after viewing these fish tanks that held human or extraterrestrial body parts. I was able to have an encounter with a human man who is an alien abductee and was involved in an accident here on earth and thought to have died in this accident and who was “rescued” at the time by his alien extraterrestrials thus “life given” back to him via through their much more advanced medical intellect using this man’s own DNA to grow new body parts that had been destroyed in this accident. (I’m sorry to have been so graphic in the previous paragraphs).

Many of these ships hold many laboratories, medical or otherwise as well as many teaching rooms where young human children are taken to be begin their long years of being taught extraterrestrial technologies of science or medicine. I had been taken to one of these teaching rooms as well but as an adult, yes, to be taught in some areas of bio/medical research.

Viewing some of the children and how they were being taught. I saw no black boards, but whatever the human child was being taught on that particular night, the instructors (teachers) whom I noticed were Nordics, would use these visual hologram types of presentations. It is hard to explain to you the audience, exactly what I saw and the manner in how it was being taught through the learning experience they had the child go through, then using “technical” equations somehow was presented in front of a child automatically like in a written “neon lights” affect that was presented in front of the child. That is not the way I was taught though in the research aspect of it. Yes, I and many of my clients and friends “abductees” have been “taught” through various aspects on many different topics using their capability of holograms, which they put the human subject right into the area that they want the adult to learn. This process of using holograms is very affective. Later on I will discuss holograms.

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