Eugene Duran speaks on Stan Romanek and his Journey–Is this all True Series #131

Two weeks ago I attended the always-interesting Gary the Dowser’s group down in Los Lunas New Mexico. It is truly a delight to be among their peaceful energy.

Stan Romanek has always been a bit of a controversial figure. I will give my impressions from my experience, and I will not judge the validity of Stan’s information. I do not believe that in the field of UFOs and other paranormal stuff there are true experts, as there are in auto mechanics, tax accounting, rocket science, etc. These UFO non-experts have just been pretty lucky to experience these amazing events and try vaguely to explain what they saw. I have done this work for over 40 years and my true knowledge and wisdom is but a grain of sand in the vast beach of the universe.

So here is a brief summary of some of the experiences of Stan Romanek with my impressions as I see it. Stan lived his early life in the Minot, North Dakota area, as his father was stationed there at a U.S. Air Force base. This is where his contact experiences first began. During his stay there, a lady followed him with almond-shaped very blue eyes and three fingers. She would show up and tell him he was “special” (repeat something three times to a human mind and it is programmed to make it the truth).

In 2001 Stan started seeing UFOs on many occasions in the sky. While living in Nebraska he got a knock on the door, opened it and there stood 3 beings – nonhuman with massive eyes. The three beings telepathed with Stan and with other family members. Alien beings have never been known to knock on doors – maybe walk through a wall or two, but no knocking. Also during this time Stan was having marks and bruises appear on his body. Also in September 2001 there was a major sighting in the Denver area. Stan videotaped it and this event started his first adventure in the world of news media.

Next Stan started to free-write or sky-write, where he wrote complex mathematical equations. Note that Stan was very dyslexic and could only do 4th grade math. Some of these equations were before their time. This equation writing is common among contactees, but still very amazing. About this time Stan’s stepson was getting abducted and writing some equations of his own. Then there was the semi-famous video he took in and around his home. In the video there were shots of mainly small typical Grays. The pictures of the Grays were interesting but a bit hokey. During this close encounter event an outside surveillance camera was burned/destroyed and some of the house siding was badly burned. The next day a crew promptly removed the burned section and replaced it with new siding. A mysterious crew whom Stan’s landlord had never authorized did this work.

Then there was the abduction event when Stan returned from his encounter with a woman’s plaid nightgown on. This night was linked to the famous abductee Betty Hill. She supposedly lost this nightgown in an abduction experience, and Stan was also present and aliens had a wardrobe malfunction. Also note when Stan was taken he was wearing a “UFO t-shirt” which ended up in Betty Hill’s room – maybe, maybe not. I have a good personal friend who was a good personal friend of Betty Hill, and hopefully my friend knows something of this claim.

Next Stan fell off his roof and badly injured his knee/leg and needed surgery. A day before the scheduled surgery he was abducted and his knee was totally healed with only a few red marks remaining and a very bewildered surgeon. Yes, I have heard of instant healing before – fairly common in abduction cases, say 5% to 10% where something is fixed or cured.

Stan’s experiences have many common elements of a typical abduction case. Another impression I got was that he was not showing any real signs of stress or trauma as he spoke. Anyone who goes through this process of otherworldly encounters, is left with a different manner and feeling when in a public environment, compared to a non- abductee.

Final comment: my personal research shows that 15 % to 20 % of the American public has had some type of otherworldly encounter, and from a personal standpoint everyone handles it in a different way. Stan Romanek is a good example of human adaptation, if he is telling the truth.

Sleep tight – dream long.



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