Prayer — its results generated through "Intention"-Is it all True Series #20

Prayer—probably at some point in our lives we have prayed for something or someone, and now there may be a good reason to do it even if it is not connected to religious beliefs. Why?–because it works, even through the eyes of Science.

The sub-atomic particles of quantum physics are the driving force behind prayer. And sometimes it seems more is always better; there is power in number in the quantum world. For example, a friend of mine’s son in his mid- twenties was diagnosed with a fatal form of leukemia about 2 years ago. At first the son was getting through the standard chemo treatment ok. But suddenly out of the blue things got out of hand and he was in intensive care when he fell into a coma. The mother was in desperation and called everyone she knew asking them to pray for her son, and she also asked them to call ten more their own friends to do the same, so we now had 200 to 300 people praying for this young man. The hospital basically gave up, according to the doctor; the son wouldn’t make it to the next morning.

Morning came, the son was still alive and by mid-morning he was wide-awake and smiling at his mom. He was released in 48 hours and his cancer was in full remission. Was it the particles’ physics of our quantum world that saved this young man? I believe so. Over the last 10 years, there have been some amazing studies on “Intention”– I call it the power of creation. We can focus our mind power in an intensive way to create a desired outcome. And remember that physics is pure science and does not judge your desires, so be careful what you use those sub-atomic particles to create; one person’s Bride may be another person’s Frankenstein.

I would like to recommend two great books on this subject; they are must-reads, if you are interested in being a creator. “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart.

To have Joy – the Purpose of Life


The Quantum power of prayer.

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