Sunday, May 10, 2009: Happy Mothers Day to Mothers throughout the world!– From Doc DK

Mothers can be very special people in the lives of their loved ones. Many mothers are incredibly and truly unique as they face challenges and obstacles raising their children; challenges and obstacles which the majority of mothers never experience, especially in developed countries. The Hallmark card sappy and candy-striped emotive statements do an injustice to these very special mothers.

Bearing children is no more special nor sacrosanct than the risks a young soldier takes going off to battle. In fact, the specter of possible limb loss, mental illness and death are far more dangerous and deserving of our respect than that given to mothers birthing and raising healthy children. It is simply genetic fate that females alone possess the reproductive organs for developing fetuses. And bear in mind as well: No child requests to be born – This is solely the act of the contributing egg and sperm donors.

There are literally tens of thousands of mothers around the world who struggle daily to feed, hydrate and protect their children from malnutrition, disease and death. Many of these mothers are caught in the midst of civil wars which they did not engender. They encounter never ending obstacles which American mothers with healthy children cannot even begin to fathom. There are also thousands of unsung mothers who daily display a love and unending 24/7 care for their children with neurologic, physical, mental and emotional abnormalities. These are the True Mothers of the world.

To assume the tremendous work, vigilance and emotional stress of caring for disabled children is a hallmark of true motherly love; these are the women who deserve our utmost respect, recognition and help. Many years ago I volunteered to help provide medical care for children with cerebral palsy. I met some of the most remarkable, courageous and unselfish mothers and fathers I have ever known. Their steadfast love and daily care of their children was not only profoundly impressive but heartbreaking at the same time.

Let us all take five minutes or so of silence today in recognition of these very special mothers and if so inclined to offer up prayers for them as well. Consider doing something really unique on Mothers Day this and every year by volunteering or donating money to organizations who help these afflicted children and their parents.

May God Bless them and also each and every one of us.

Dr. Dennis M. Kilgore

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