Mistake or Menacing Maneuver: The Sequel.Is it all True Series #83

So start this posting by reading my March 14th, 2009 posting called (Mistake or Menacing Maneuver?). Am I a bit of a psychic? Probably not; it’s more likely synchronicity. A flu stain of human, bird and swine has got the world in a panic. WHO (the World Health Organization) is crying, “All of Humanity is under threat”. I truly don’t believe that is so, at least for now. WHOs call for “global solidarity” does give me pause though, like the threat is coming from outside this planet –extraterrestrial in original? But maybe that’s a bit out there.

On April 30th a molecular virologist (guy in the know) stated this pandemic is a mild virus, which was lacking the true mass killer punch of past super viruses. As most of us know by now, 28,000 to 40,000 people in the U.S. die of the yearly flu virus. It always seemed quite strange that the general population never seems overly concerned about this. We would struggle into work sick, getting others sick and not that concerned even though if we gave it to an older adult or infant, they could die. But now everyone is freaked. If you get it, there is a real stigma attached to it, to my disgust if you get it Google will tag you and will lead stalkers to your house, which makes me personally outraged.

Yes, people have died this time but so far only 200 or so. Are people scared because, like the 1918 Swine flu, this virus is killing the healthiest segment of our population ages 17 to 40? It kills the reproductive humans so one death is another birth that doesn’t happen.
Or is this a media perfect storm- since mystery and death sells. Or is there something else someone isn’t telling us? Maybe this is like the 1918 flu, where in late spring 1918 a similar mild outbreak occurred and the next 4 months it mutated into the Fall monster that killed 30 to 40 million people worldwide; today that would equal close to 80,000,000 people. And note, the people who got this first mild round were immune to the 1918 fall version.

So let’s not be afraid of this round, getting it could save you from hell this coming fall. As I have said in the past there are real groups (both human and non-human) that want to thin out the human population. I still believe birth prevention is the answer, not murder.

Sleep tight, get your rest, for viruses don’t sleep, they are always working to spread their happiness around the world.


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