The Reed Family- series of evidence of Alien Encounters— Is it all True Series # 299

Face to faceSheffield, Massachusetts is the location of one of the Reed family encounters with a group of aliens (non-human type beings). The family’s encounters will be discussed on a new Canadian TV show called “Alien Mysteries.” In 1966, at their home in Sheffield, 6-year-old Thomas Reed and his brother Matt had their first major UFO/Alien encounter. There were flashes of light in the backyard and he and his brother found themselves at the other end of the property looking at glowing odd-looking beings. On this encounter the boys were walked onto the ship, which was about 60 feet round by 12 feet high. The ship looked like a large beat-up turtle. In the ship the boys were shown a willow tree and a body of water on a large screen. The boys didn’t remember how they got home that night.
Again in 1967, the boys were taken again with bright lights and silence starting the encounter. On the ship the beings were very interested in Thomas’ cleft foot; the beings were either putting stuff in the boys or taking something out.

Another encounter occurred in 1969 (at least what they can remember) again in Sheffield, MA. This time it started in the family car and ended on a ship and then back in the car. This time there were 40 witnesses to the large UFO and most of the witnesses reported the incident.

The very last Reed family encounter was when Matt Reed moved to Brownsburg, Indiana. On this encounter Matt described three different types of beings, one reptilian, one the typical grey and one taller than a grey, but it had elephant looking skin. The aliens put something in Matt’s head, which sounded like a radio with someone moving the dial through a series of stations.

Many UFO groups and other scholars have been investigated the Reed family cases, and many feel that this is a real McCoy encounter. One last interesting item, the family has RH negative blood…more on this blood type and alien encounters in a future posting.

Sleep tight — Life is short, enjoy the “EDGE.”


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