Vortexes and the Greenies – The Wormholes of our Future- Is it all True Series #39

There were legendary pagans who hung out in the British Isle and Europe in times gone past. But some say they are still here, and maybe even in the USA. This pagan entity goes by many names– Green Jack, Jack in the Green, Green George and of course Green Man. Here in the US we have the Jolly Green Giant of the canned vegetable empire. This green guy also hangs out with fairies, which also had a green glow to their skin. These green beings could be traveling in and out through vortexes or as our scientist call them wormholes. Scientists speculate that inter-universe wormholes connect one universe with another. Wormholes have been validated through general relativity study and particle physics. I am not a physicist so I will stay with the term vortex.

I have been in and around vortexes all my life; they can be quite amazing and powerful. Once I sat in one for over 4 hours. I was told that this particular one was one of the biggest in the world. They feel very similar to what is described when one sits in the middle of a crop circle (a real one). This particular vortex was in east central Idaho. The feeling started as a little light-headedness and then became an alternating pulling down/pushing up sensation on my body. It was a pleasant feeling, but quite unnatural. These feelings stopped as I moved away from the area. It was a cold, rainy / snowy day, but suddenly above the vortex a perfect circle in the clouds opened to let in the warm sun. I never saw any beings coming through the vortex, but its power on the human body was profound.

My dear friend Kewaunee, who had dowsed the site, told me he had sat next to vortexes with his famous dog Comanche. Comanche was always the first to see beings coming out from the other world, and then Kewaunee would get a brief look at the creatures at some humanoids before they disappeared into our dimension. He never saw movement back into the vortex, only out. Was it a one-way trip? More observations are needed. Kewaunee- if you don’t know, is one of the premiere Bigfoot researchers in the world. He says Bigfoot use these vortexes to move between realms.

When I lived in Utah, I interviewed a woman who had two interesting vortex experiences, both of which occurred as she drove on I-80 from Salt Lake City to Park City. The first event happened as she looked up and over the top of the Wasatch Mountains and there was a Green Man being moving rapidly from mountaintop to mountaintop. Next, several months later a herd of mustang horses entered I-80 and run parallel to her car which was traveling at 70 miles per hour for about 5 minutes; no other cars seemed to have been affected by this event. I truly believe this woman was of sane mind, and she was a Mormon and I knew she didn’t drink or take drugs. So this sounded like vortex action. So I sent Kewaunee a map of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area and asked him to crystal dowse it for vortexes, but I never told him about the woman or her experiences. The map came back with four vortexes on it. Two locations matched her experiences.

So what can we conclude? Vortexes probably exist as confirmed by solid observation and scientific evidence. There are hundreds Wormholes/ Vortexes on this earth, letting things move back and forth freely. Someday we will use these “Stargates” to explore all of the universes and we will not need spacecrafts, maybe only protective suits.

Cool Stuff -its out there pay attention.


The Man of the Green World

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