What is this about? – Liz- By Mary Muñoz-© July 13, 2008

…Most of the experiences I share today begin with my first remembered UFO event in December 1977, which I have written about before, but to stand on that claim would deny a lifetime of events that started in early childhood. The realization of this fact would not come to my conscious being until January/February 2001 as I began to take the steps to become more aware of something that had been eating away at my inner life. How many of those like me are out there that have had these same questions. I will never know exactly, but it would be ignorant of me to believe that I am the only one.
It was my quest to know the truth that would lead me to learn things about my life I didn’t know how to accept. Confused and lost I had nowhere to turn, but within myself. Yes, I had my husband, my daughter, and a couple of trusted friends. We all have at least one person we can trust, but though they were there, they just couldn’t help me through the transition of accepting my situation.
What is my situation?
It is extremely complicated with twists and turns, but the initial event would start upon the day of conception. My parents were not even married a little more than month when my mom became pregnant with me. This fact she held from my dad for good reason. I don’t know the full story, but I have pieced together something that would make the X-Files blush, but would have an impact on my future relationship with him.
Unknown of my initial existence he played a wild card believing that my mom was not true to the marriage, which blew up back into his face. It was what had happened earlier that year that would be his downfall. So to save the truth from what was going on or what had happened he signed the documents giving up his right to me. But that didn’t stop him from making a final statement, “I will see the child when they are 18, you mark my word.”
So why would this be important when it comes to UFO’s, ET’s, and other paranormal activity? I was the daughter of a generational experiencer, who happened to be through my dad and not my mom. This is why my family on my mom’s side has trouble excepting my position in the phenomena today. What complicates my situation more is who my dad had become after the divorce, but that will have to wait for another week.

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