Will the Dimensional Beings Show Us There is an Afterlife?— Is it all True Series #101

During my life I have known three people who have had a sudden transition into another dimensional world. They were all very close to me. Their transition was quick and violent, 2 motorcycle accidents and a car encounter with a huge tree. I used the term transition and not passing, dying, or killed. Transition truly describes the process, being a change of state to a light dimension. A very sudden shift from an earth life state to a higher realm is a real challenge for the remaining energy body to form into energy orb. Sometimes, as I have heard the transition, is not complete and the energy doesn’t form into the orb, its stays permanently or temporarily as a ghost-type apparition, caught between the two worlds.

During my many years of research including interviews with contactees, I was told some of the alien beings roam the earth to collect and consolidate fragments of human energy bodies and pull them into a higher dimension. They (aliens) are not always successful and some of these poor souls remain wandering the earth forever. This is especially true of people who died as a result of a nuclear blast; their energy bodies are shattered into billions of minute atoms. This type of event is called soul splitting and that is why nuclear weapons should be banned from the earth forever. These weapons do more than just kill tissue; they also destroy the soul pod. This is one reason I believe there was a 10 fold increase of UFO activity shortly after the first atomic bomb was tested in New Mexico in 1945. The alien beings knew we had made a huge mistake in the creation of the hell weapon on earth.

Now moving on to these inter-dimensional beings and the possibility of them helping us to re-connect with our family members who have transitioned. From past contactee interviews I believe it (re-connection) is being done now in some rare cases. And I believe in the future this process will be more open to the general population of the earth.

During my recent vortex/ portal photography I have seen some interesting beings passing in and out of these areas, and these areas are entryways to a vast inter-dimensional realm where earth energy bodies reside. The question will always be are we really ready for this type of visit; will our mental health survive the trip?

As I boarded a plane to go back home from a memorial service for my dear brother-in law, I remembered a conversation I had with his brother. After the violent accident the brother was driving by the area where the accident had just occurred a few hours before, and there stood his brother staring at him with a look of strange approval. I truly hope he (my brother-in-law) was able to consolidate his energy body so his transition was complete and I will be looking for him during my continued research into inter-dimensional vortexes.

Happy trails to you Dr.D, until we meet again.


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  1. I tend to agree witht his dimensional transition and how we are energy, I think that there might come a time soon to open up our in thinking and be allowed to pass before our time in order to save us…..I think there will be a gathering in some key places on the planets where these transitions will take place….but the question is going to be do we TRUST.

  2. Very interesting – I have never heard that theory before. It would be interesting to see how many ET contactees have later experiences with loved ones who have transitioned.

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