Would This Be It? Past and Future Collide Part 2 By Mary Muñoz © December 21, 2008

As soon as my imaginary friend left other signs of experiences were becoming evident. But like the imaginary they were not recognized due to limited understanding of society at the time. We have to realize that to admit the possibilities of ET’s and UFO’s interaction was not something that was carried well with the mainstream in the 1960’s. There was actually a law, which I had seen in the 90’s that stated it was a Federal offense to even admit to having this form of activity. So it is no wonder that people were hush, hush when it came to something from the unusual. It reminds me of the Salem Witch trials. Who would want to be burned at the stake? Keep it to yourself and stay out of the mainstream of ridicule and judgment.
The incidences that would occur happened over a seven-year span. Each one had some form of involvement from the medical community. And each one was explained away as best as they could without thinking of the possibility that something much larger was at work. They limited their thought or they denied the truth due to what it would mean to their careers.
The first incident happened at age 6 during a dental visit. It was supposed to be a routine filling, but when the dentist handed me the mirror to show me what he was doing I became uncontrollable throwing the mirror smashing it against the wall. In all the years the dentist had been in service he had never had a response such as mine. My mom, who was extremely embarrassed refused to even think about taking me to the dentist again; my grandmother had that responsibility. I have a real problem sitting in a chair with the lights staring down at me listening to the tools making their screeching sounds. After I had seen myself being held by the white linen and remembering the things that had happened to me in the room with the ET’s I understood my dilemma being in that position. With them I could not move and had no control, and with the dentist I was relatively in the same position.
The second incident occurred at age 7 when I was in a bicycle wreck that required a shot of penicillin. It took a total of six adults to hold me down just to administer it. I can understand not taking a shot and requiring some assistance, but it took all the adults in the office, the doctor, and my mom to control me. At one point the doctor didn’t know what to do. They could not understand my reaction to just a shot. Then again they hadn’t seen the needles that I had remembered in hypnosis; I had just not recognized it yet.
The third incident would happen a year later. I began what was thought to be my menstrual cycle. I was only 8 and my mom was concerned that something wrong. After being examined it had been determined that something had cut me in my vaginal area. It was a clean and straight cut. There was no answer to what was happening, so the best thing to do was blame me. The doctor concluded that I must have stuck something in my vaginal area. He concluded that whatever it was did a perfectly clean and straight cut. He was amazed by it, but would not agree that it was not created by any other person or being than me. I argued the facts, but they didn’t believe me. I didn’t know what caused it, but I knew it was not I.
Then by the age of 12 I began to have nosebleeds that would occur for no reason. It didn’t matter the time of day or what I was doing. Soon my mom was rushing me to the doctor alarmed at what was happening. The doctor didn’t know what to say, so he decided I must be allergic to dirt. It was the only legitimate possibility; Bloomfield was covered in it. This would not explain the summers that I was in Oklahoma, an area that did not have issues of dust, and was extremely humid on top of it. The bleeding would start for no reason and would end for no reason. But there was a reason; it was not yet known or agreed upon by the mainstream medical community.
Hypnosis and education opened a new doorway to me. I began to understand the strangeness of my life, but would that be it? More on that next week…

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