The Ahau Chronicles Volume 45— Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

As I sit here in the warm Hawaiian night, with the nearly full moon in an insultingly clear sky above and my ruined rental car down below, I am relishing my quixotic Transit of Venus experience that has only recently concluded. With but fleeting glimpses of diminutive Venus to reward my honorable efforts, it was nonetheless an incredible experience.

The magical transit occurred on the sacred Ahau day, signalling exactly 200 days to the end of the Mayan calendar. There are now only 160 days until the Total Solar Eclipse which I intend to witness from the island monument off the coast of Chile. Please understand that you too are invited to participate and dream your way into a fabulous new World Age.



PS I would be more than happy to hear from anyone who experienced any of the cosmic events discussed in this newsletter. Photos are especially appreciated. Mahalo!

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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 45

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 41– Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

My movie Apocalypse Island played again on History Channel this past Friday, further spreading the message of the enigmatic island monument. With the equinox set to occur tomorrow night we are barely three seasons away from the end of the Mayan calendar. Preparations continue for MAYAPOLOOZA: The Crusoe Eclipse Festival in November. This newsletter further discusses the event and offers additional details for those interested in participating.



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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 41

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 40— Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

The sun is setting as I send out this email, 260 days before the sunset eclipse on Robinson Crusoe Island. This newsletter speaks of a magical festival I would like to organize for the island eclipse in November.

For readers in Chile, watch The Clinic newspaper this week for my interview with Ana Rodriguez.



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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 40

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 38 — Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

The Russian satellite that was the subject of our last newsletter has come crashing down off the coast of Chile, reportedly a thousand miles south of the island, although eyewitness reports are lacking. For whatever reason, while I was writing the last newsletter I felt fairly confident that this would be the case. Perhaps it is the composition of the upper atmosphere over the South Pacific that creates sufficient drag to pull these decrepit machines out of orbit.

For my readers in Chile, I have been told that my headlining chapter of the 12-part series “En la Ruta al 2012” will be airing soon on MEGAVision.

This newsletter discusses the amazing Maya exhibit that I recently attended in Toronto. For anyone within a day’s drive I highly recommend it. Rarely are so many masterpieces gathered in one place.



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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 38

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 37 — From Jim Turner

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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 37Happy Ahau Day!

Well folks, this is it. Today marks the beginning of the final tun, or 360-day cycle, of the 5,125 year Mayan Great Cycle. The Long Count date has rolled over to with less than a year to go until the end of the 13th Baktun. This coming Sunday is the start of 2012. I expect it will be a year of stunning revelations and the birth of a new World Age.

This newsletter discusses the crash of two different Russian satellites, one that I witnessed back in 1996 and one that is about to occur next month.



2012: Science or Superstition — from my Dear friend Alexandra Bruce

December 21, 2012: the date has enthusiasts in
two major camps, those forecasting apocalypse
and those who see a renewal of consciousness.

How much of what we’re hearing is science and
how much is superstition?

My companion book to the film, 2012: Science or
Superstition features interviews with experts —
including Graham Hancock, Jim Marrs and John
Anthony West — and an insightful analysis of the
broad spectrum of End Times prophecies
throughout the millennia, from all over the world.

You can buy an autographed copy of my book here.

Sandy Penny Newsletter – 2-1-2012 — Be the New Paradigm

Happy 2012. I told all of you that I would only be writing newsletters when I felt an important subject was up for review and that I could offer helpful advice on moving elegantly through the shift this year. This is the first of those newsletters. I hope you like it and that it is helpful for you. Please let me know how the shift is going for you. I love being a part of your manifesting.

My Life Update:
I’ve been hermitting quite a lot and spending time in the inner levels visioning my highest and best future and the world in which I want to live. I’ve also been chauffeuring a friend who just had cataract surgery and cannot drive until both eyes heal. The time spent with my sons this past year has been wonderful as well, to be friends as adults and to relinquish the parenting role is thrilling but difficult. Holidays with all three of my children including my daughter were the best yet. My writing projects are progressing and speeding up. I am now being paid to do what I love. That’s all my personal news, but I do have another subject that is the real purpose of this newsletter.

New Paradigm Chakra Exercise:
I receive loads of blogs and newsletters from other spiritual writers, and I have identified an aspect of spiritual practice that is limiting how much power we can claim. It involves an exercise that I have participated in for years, and it’s a good one for making an initial shift, but it’s rapidly becoming outdated.

When we do a chakra balancing and energizing, we usually open the crown chakra and bring energy down through each chakra, or we open the bottoms of our feet and pull energy up through our chakras. Both work, and both are useful, and here’s the new key: this exercise still assumes that the energy is outside of us, that it comes from somewhere else and we have to draw it into us. If we are expressions of the god energy, then finding that energy within and radiating it may be the highest expression of our god self. Nothing needs to be added to us to make us whole. We only need to find the oneness that is our true nature and be what we already are.

This is not a new idea. I’ve heard it before from other people, occasionally, but those same people often use these same separationist exercises, like I did. Unaware that they are perpetuating a myth of separation, they set up an internal conflict that keeps them locked in an old paradigm.

Also, we usually think of chakras as balls of energy spinning in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on their polarity. In this new age, we are releasing the need to have a polarized reality. That’s why we see so many polarizations surfacing these days for us to recognize how much it does not serve us to polarize issues and people. Focusing on the good of the whole is the new paradigm.

I was shown chakras that are like gyroscopes, with a clockwise and counterclockwise spin that, together, generate energy. It resembles how we illustrate nuclear power. Our bodies become perpetual motion machines, constantly recharging our energy, and making more as needed to share with others. The new paradigm model is like mother’s milk, the more the infant nurses, the more milk is generated to fill the need. This also applies to sharing love and good will with others. The more we share, the more we generate love and good will.
All the workable systems in the new age will work on the mother’s milk principle, thereby eliminating lack if we embrace the Aquarian model of the water bearer who has a pitcher that never empties. I know to many this sounds like a pollyanna philosophy without a basis in reality. I’ve been shown several new systems that function this way, including a ‘new’ water system that is now being unveiled. Watch for more on that coming soon all over the internet. We have everything we need to solve all the challenges we humans have created if we give up our separationist fear-based philosophies and embrace our universal abundance.

You can begin to embrace this philosophy by connecting with your inner power and radiate outward into the world a wave of love and abundance everywhere it flows. Let the flood gates of love be open and flowing to erase the illusion that prevents the manifestation of our highest and best reality. A reality in which all can thrive, not just survive. You can recognize that your nuclear chakras are already generating everything you need to step into this new reality. The choices have been made by our collective consciousness.

It’s time to begin living your new reality. It’s time to be who you truly are – who you came here at this very time to be. Who are you?

Blessings for Being … Sandy Penny

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Sharing at the UFO/Paranormal Forum January Meeting Is it all True Series #217

This meeting had a great turnout and with 13 newbie attendees it made a quite interesting crowd. At least once a year this UFO/Paranormal group changes the format into an open forum. And wow amazing stories, theories and more come out to play. I believe there is no group anywhere in the US that possesses such powerful information. I believe they have been drawn together to create some type of reservoir of truth, which when the time is right, they will share their wisdom with others whom are ready for it.

One of the first people to speak was a Cattle Mut investigator, who has been traveling the southwest for years documenting the gruesome cattle mutations, on video, and recording the events with other sophisticated equipment. She stated her best guess on who is responsible today was our wonderful government, but maybe Aliens in the past. She left us saying this mystery is still happening today.

Next, we had Diane talking about her spook-light experiences on a rural road located between Oklahoma and Missouri. These strange lights have been a mystery for 40 years or more dating back to when only the Indians roamed those hills.

Next, a lady related her vivid dreams of another amazing world where she had this second job, preparing for something big in this lifetime.

Then Irene spoke about living in Northeastern New Mexico and the many sighting and experience she and her family have had over the years, fireballs, witches, and large UFOs.

Then there were the strange noises around the US and the world; many had their theories about them. Here in New Mexico many feel they are large drilling machines continuing the tunnel projects connecting our many underground bases.

And last but not least we finished strong with all the 911 conspiracy theory stuff; some in the audience had some pretty solid pieces of evidence. It will make you think, if you are not afraid to think.

Sleep tight, and I hope if you have the interest, that you are lucky to find a group this one, to hang out with and talk about the possibilities. You will be blessed.