Alien Interview Part 3 ( part 2 posted 03/14/07 )

This one is an analysis of part #2 , a kind of a mixed bag of the four guys giving opinions: one absolute no , a maybe yes or no, no opinion and an absolute yes. Robert Dean gives the last opinion , I met him, and he is a very credible guy. He got quite emotional , either real or as a drama queen.

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Analysis #2: “A Warm September Night”

Research is showing family genetics is involved heavily in regard to this phenomenon of alien abductions. Investigators in obtaining knowledge have done studies from alien abductees.

In my own situation my siblings are not abductees. The question was where and how did abductions enter into our life. Are humans just chosen at random? This could be possible if you are married to an abductee. I had many questions from the on start of our awakening. Through the years I began to hear about family genetics. Family genetics soon came to a head in our family as I had two members consult me privately about some weird happenings leading up to possible alien abductions within the scope of our large family. I could not fathom who in our family’s history would be holding and living with such a secret. Discussions with my brother prompt the need to conduct a family investigation. I strongly felt the involvement rose from our father’s side of the family as our dad used to talk about this forest behind their home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The story was told many times during our life as we grew up. The story was always incomplete. The story he told was when he was a small boy until teen years walking into the thickness of the “woods” with some of his brothers, witnessing some weird “stuff”, end of story. He would never let on “what was the weird stuff.” I wondered if there was anything valid towards abductions in his story. When telling us the story his face showed signs of fear. My brother felt this came from our mother’s side of the family. Having three older maternal siblings who were still alive my bother confronted them. They being of Hispanic culture would not ever let out this knowledge if in fact it occurred. Hispanics are a very proud people and if anything like this did occur within the whole maternal family, it would be buried and not spoken of to anyone! To my surprise when my brother came back with a large smile on his face, stating to me, after he interviewed each one privately, bits and pieces of the story were revealed! So does that mean my mother’s siblings and her aunt and the possibly my dad were abducted too by these Universal Beings? Did these Universal Beings bring my mother and father together in marriage for what purpose? That’s a whole other subject here.

My own private studies with alien/Milab clients this fact held true. Using hypnotherapy and an open unconscious mind revealed known knowledge within my client’s own families. Many of my clients had the knowledge at an early age of family genetics playing a role within their own families. Each client was asked to conduct their family investigations. Quite surprisingly to all of us I am able to say 100% family genetics are involved, discovered through verbal or written family dynamics that family genetics played a role not just in recent generations but past generations as some families beheld the written knowledge for many generations. Is this to say that alien abductions began in cave men days?? I believe so.

Alien Interview Part 2 ( Part 1 posted 03/07 )

This Part #2 , shows an Alien bobbing its head and someone wiping its lips. Its face looks only slightly believable . I have never heard a description of a similar looking being from the many interviews I have done, but in this infinite universe everything is still very possible .

Enjoy. MWiz.

The little Grey Guys ( At least shorter than I )

An interesting group of fellows, they terrify some and fascinate others. Are they flesh and goo or soft metal ( organic robots )? They have been popping in and out of the scene at least since caveman days (cave drawings ). They seem to be the little helpers doing as some would say the dirty work. There are many times when other beings including humans are hanging on the sidelines. One abductee I was working with told me that in a struggle with a Grey she grabbed its eye cup ( something protecting their eyes ) and tore it off . But no normal human eye was there –just something which looked like an oscilloscope– and that action really pissed off the Grey being . For a period of about 20 years of discussions with abductees, my research roughly concluded that 5 to 10 % of the population had at least one visitation with the Grey Guys. They have been here for a long time, and the human challenge is to figure out if are they here for an evil agenda or maybe for the enhancement of a future human hybrid race.

Please read Gloria’s excellent posts on this subject from her close -in –insight .

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Analysis #1: “One Warm September Night”

I feel the meaning of an “Awakening” is that an understanding in a human being’s own conscious and unconscious mind has allowed information to come forth. In this phenomenon regarding Universal Beings who are abducting humans are in control of the human abductee’s (mind) memories and they (Universal Beings) pick the time that is appropriate to have these “Awakening” memories revealed to the abductee. An example of a human as a young child; young adult; or an older adult will experience the realization of awakening in an unfamiliar place perhaps lying on a table such as in a hospital operating room but with strange medical devices probing and invading his/her body. Feeling pain from these medical mistreatments while perhaps he/she is staring straight forward into some bright lights. If he/she can rotate their head within the scope of the bright lights they see strange looking creatures who are probing his/her body with these strange looking medical devices that come out of perhaps the ceiling. Seeing a small table located in the vicinity, holding other medical equipment that is soon to be used. Your mind perhaps quickly goes into a shock as it is too much to comprehend as to what is occurring. Normally, through my research of guidance this scenario is the norm for an individual who is awaken and probed by a Universal Being called the “Greys’”. At first look is the large black almond shaped eyes, then… the pear shaped head. Next you see thin long arms “working” on your body. To feel the strange touch of their skin and seeing strange appearing hands that behold only three long fingers seemingly with suction cups at the tips of these fingers.

A child could grow into adulthood and his conscious mind may never reveal that this particular phenomenon has played a part in his/her life until this Universal Being feels it is safe to allow sometimes just only given memory. If abductions begin as an adult, as a norm the Universal Beings will eventually allow an “Awakening” memory to the fact that this particular human is an abductee.

What I have found to be true, these Universal Beings normally will allow children to have complete memories right from the start of their abductions. Children are more open-minded within their knowledgeable minds to receive another new aspect of their life. Young children welcome their “new friends” nightly as this new learning of different technology begins at an early age with perhaps human looking Universal Beings who take the child to a different kind of schoolroom abroad a mother ship. Thus the child’s nightly “Awakenings” begin and as this child grows older, though it is not necessarily true that the child’s memory maintains the awakening memory until perhaps the unconscious mind releases the memory itself, or through investigations of hypnotherapy.

If the abductee has not experienced their “Awakening” and throughout their life as an example from childhood they are mesmerized say with the eyes of a grasshopper, or the grasshopper itself; how about horses eyes? The continued visual sudden flow of bits and pieces of unusual memories that seem to just come from no where within the mind’s eye?

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Alien Interview – Part 1

This video, although it looks staged, carries some interesting confirming discussion, information I heard many years ago from several contactees and abductees in separate private sessions.
We will present the series of alien interviews over the next several weeks , with comments .
Are these videos real or a hoax? You judge and please send me your comments

Thanks MWiz.

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One Warm September Night

Welcome back to Gloria’s Corner!
Reflecting back on not just my life but my family’s life since “Our Awakening” in 1988 and over the years like dominoes the affect of belief, disbelief; sanity, insanity; were questions raised by extended family and friends. Surprisingly many family and friends were more open-minded to the fact of this phenomenon than I. I myself felt insane for several years because of my “closed mindedness”. My family and I did not choose this extraordinary life with all of its Universal Beings. We were chosen by family genetics.

These Universal Beings entered into our life that night as we stood outside on a warm September night looking up in the darken sky at this unusual round object with a ring of lights around its center and a large white light located on the bottom side of this object. Seemingly as “they” played some type of game with the three of us as we looked through binoculars. To have a second object arrive early in the morning brought on the questions of what type of experiment is Kirtland or Sandia Base performing? Little did I know at that time how our lives were to change in the following week after I mysteriously found myself seriously injured and bedridden.

Over the years realizing how close-minded I was to the acceptance that we are not alone in the large vastness of the universe. My two open-minded children as young as they were accepted more so what was to come forth in the next days, months and years ahead of us.

Six small gray looking creatures came through a permeating colored wall and what transpired next is still in question as to why the medical work done on my body in my own bedroom versus their ship? Not knowing why my body felt paralyzed and I could not get away from their touch as they worked on my injured legs, with one creature working on my head. My screams of terror did not wake up my sleeping children, as they did not come to my aid.

These Universal Beings each with large pear shaped heads, large black almond eyes, slits for a mouth, seemingly two holes above the slit is their nostrils, noticing no ears located on their heads. To have felt the touch of their six long fingers upon my body, noticing their small long narrowed hands that are attached to two skinny arms protruding out of a small torso. Their thin legs seemed to have floated as they walked. Realizing now in present time, why the one creature who went into my two children’s bedrooms to do whatever to sleeping unaware children, is that these Universal Beings who are known as the “Grey’s” had been unknowingly in our lives for sometime prior to our “Awakening”. Through hypnotherapy I learned these Grey’s were in my life as a small child. My siblings are not affected by this phenomenon. Over time, my husband began sharing his life as an abductee as well. This is just the beginning of many abductions that we or I have lived though over the many years.

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Hello – to my Corner

Thank you for stopping by and visiting in my corner of the world. I believe you would not have stopped by if you were not interested in this particular topic of UFO phenomenon which includes alien and military abductions.

I am honored to have been asked to be able to reach out to the populace of the world hoping to help you find the truth. If I cannot answer your questions on a particular subject within this phenomenon I will certainly work hard to find a truthful answer. I feel that I am quite versed with knowledge in the area of alien and military abductions since my true experiences began in 1988. In my “Corner” of this website I will strive to only answer truthful and correct questions, so be as sincere, truthful and honest with your questions or knowledge with your e-mails or written “snail mail” letters. My personal feelings are that seemingly in workshops, conferences within this phenomenon the human who is experiencing alien/military abductions are completely disregarded and left without any helpful “confirming” answers to where or what is happening to the alien/military abductee.

If there are certain topics on this phenomenon that you would like discussed please let me know. If you would like to share your experienced abductions, visual sighting, photos, drawn pictures or knowledge I welcome you to share amongst us. At the beginning of each month I will discuss new topics within the alien abduction experiences or what may be the most important topic that I receive. Whatever your personal stance or knowledge is in regard to if you are “opened minded” or “close minded” in this phenomenon or just an interested person within this field who would like to gain true knowledge.

I was very close minded and lived most of my life believing that extraterrestrial life did not exist. My bizarre and extraordinary experiences with the various aliens began on the night of September 1988. Two of my children and I witnessed an event that would turn our lives upside down and inside-out forever. That night was the beginning of years of fear, anxiety, feelings of insanity. I kept my hellish secret through numerous abductions by these extraterrestrials. Not until 1993 I came to accept the existence of these extraterrestrial beings who share the universe with us.

1996 brought forth a new and different kind of abductions. This source came from within the United States Military and Government. I too needed answers to what was happening in my life and finally sought out help. The help came from top people in this phenomenon. The many gifts of love that were given to me from these people and thus being introduced to many alien/military abductees brought forth this new life and learned knowledge. I felt in return of the daily gifts of love through their knowledge I returned these gifts to help other abductees who were living a “Secret Life” such as I was. In this, “Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee” was published. I have received many letters over the years conveying their gratitude. I also welcome you to read my bio. You may contact me through this website with questions, topics you would like discussed, and your knowledge on this phenomenon 1998 I became a Certified Hypnotherapist guiding alien/military abductees to their truth. Finding through the many clients there is no diversity of whose lives are affected by this phenomenon. I dare you to read my “Secret Life” story.