Gabe and Greg – Their World and Their Experiences – Is it all True Series #252

Greg Valdez, the son of the late Gabe Valdez, spoke at our September meeting of the NM UFO/ Paranormal Group. Gabe was a man who spent his life seeking the truth, a man after my own heart. Gabe’s police investigator skills made him a precise truth seeker. He investigated cattle mutilations and other strange phenomena including the Dulce, New Mexico underground base. I met Gabe at one of our first UFO meetings; he was a bit standoffish and I didn’t really know how to take him. But as time went on, I realized he had seen and experienced a lot of stuff over his lifetime, and he was very cautious about the information he shared and the people he shared it with. I knew I had gained Gabe’s trust in April 2011 at the Wake Up Now Conference in Albuquerque. Gabe approached me about the Dulce Underground Base and told me he would take me to the vents and entrances to the base. I told him I would think about it and that was the last time we spoke. He died August 7th 2011.
Gabe’s son came to our meeting and did a wonderful job doing a question and answer session about his own experiences and the time he spent exploring with his father. Greg fielded many questions on subjects including Paul Bennewitz, Phil Schneider, Cattle Muts, and UFOs, Dulce Base, Military Helicopters and the famous Gas Buggy event. Greg’s and his father’s bottom line conclusion was that on all of these subjects, government fingerprints were found. But this is not to say there weren’t things that he and his father witnessed that fell into the realm of the paranormal, UFO’s etc.
It looks to me that Greg could be, if he wanted, a great researcher/Truthseeker like his father if he wants to venture out and take the risk. And the risk can be big.
Sleep tight, for the Truthseekers are trying to make this a better place for all.

Man-made Earthquakes – Is it all True Series #212

Are we causing earthquakes? High intensity electromagnetic (EM) waves can be slowly introduced into a fault line and cause an earthquake. It’s called a scalar weapon or an interferometer. These weapons can definitely cause small quakes and just maybe huge ones. It has been rumored that the Haiti quake in Jan 2010 was accidently caused (let’s hope so) by the US playing with a scalar weapon. Please check out additional information about scalar weaponry in our posts 1/16/10, 1/23/10,1/30/11,and 2/13/10 (use search box upper right corner). There are thought to be about 10 countries that have these scalar weapons and possibly one or two terrorist groups.

As far as the US Haiti quake rumor is concerned, Venezuela believes we totally did it, but that’s President Hugo Chavez’s theory. But now let’s talk science and gas/oil fracking, which is injecting water and a cocktail of chemicals deep into the earth to release gas and oil to be recovered back at the surface, to keep the oil companies fat and rich. There is a county east of Oklahoma City, which a few years ago averaged about 50 small quakes per year, going back a hundred years, but since fracking started a few years ago this last twelve months 1050+ quakes occurred including, a 4.6, 4.8 and a 5.6 (a damage maker). Similar situations have happened during the last few years in Virginia, Arkansas, the UK, and British Columbia.

Please note there are thousands of square miles of potential fracking land throughout the US. The National Academy of Sciences is studying seismic effects of fracking and they will issue a report in Spring 2012. And note we have not mentioned the ground water contamination caused by fracking, which is another problem just as tragic as the manmade earthquakes.

Sleep Tight – and create beautiful dreams.


Potential Fracking areas in Red

New World Order– a fun look at this crazy world — from

The term “New World Order” is bandied
about quite often around the Internet.

Producer Alex Jones calls this film a
“crash course in the history of the
ruling class.”

In this film, young filmmaker, Jason Bermas
looks into the background and history of the
“New World Order,” with speeches, interviews
and news clips featuring George H.W. Bush,
Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft and G. Edward
Griffin to get a grasp of what the NWO is,
in actuality.

White House stays consistent with the Past Alien Denial – but indirectly told a small Truth.Is it all True Series #210 ?

Over 12,000 humans signed a petition for the truth from the White House to come clean on the truth about UFOs and ET types. But to no ones surprise they said no Extra – Terrestrials are here, hanging with us. You know that is probably truth. I am starting to fully believe no one or no thing is presently traveling cross the super distances between stars. These strange races of non-humans and hybrids have always been part of our world. They spend time between our dimension and other dimensions and easily travel between them. So at the beginning of November they, the White House, told us this little but important truth that our visitors are real maybe really our distant creators. But they are for sure old natives of this Planet.

So, why would the people in charge be afraid of telling the truth about our Terrestrial other Family members? The reason is they are totally Terrestrial and very much before us, in the global time-line. This would be a layered problem for all the institutions of the world. They would be far less important and their ability to control the masses would be completely gone. I read the other day from some pretty important research that the Greys have been occupying the area north of Dulce, New Mexico for 25,000 years or more in an underground facility, and this is probably only one of many around the world.

Of course if the entire world knew the truth about these otherworldly beings, what could we do? Most likely, we cannot directly communicate with them because their electromagnetic energy field is too powerful and overwhelms our neuro-system causing massive confusion and maybe death. So is it better to wait and see, even through they have been manipulating our minds and bodies for thousands of years. We are basically helpless and our institutions cannot help us as the Greys still abduct thousands yearly for the sinister agendas. A side comment, alien abductions have dropped off during the last 10 years, but I believe they are just re-tooling for the next phase of their on-going experiment, at the expense of humanity.

Sleep- tight and listen for the subtle truths because even in the White House there are people who want to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

“Paul” Versus “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls”Is it all True Series #203

The other night I spent a delightful evening with good friends watching a fun movie called “Paul” – where a Big Blue-eyed Grey alien named “Paul” hitches a ride in an RV with two wacky British guys and travels across the Western US. They are being chased by Black Agents of the Government to capture back Paul. It’s a very entertaining movie. But this movie keeps a bit of a sinister theme going which started with the movie “When the Earth Stood Still” and followed by other ones such as the famous Spielberg movie “ET”. What these movies have in common is the theme that these Grey types are really good guys, wanting to help us and heck they are kind of warm and even a bit cuddly.

Well the other side of the coin is a book I am now reading by Nigel Kerner called “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls,” our souls. Granted much of his book I feel is at best a theory backed by some loose data. But my gut feeling after 40+ years of personal research into non-human encounters is that I am leaning towards Kerner’s theory that these Greys are/were here to genetically modify us for their strange agendas. Kerner further states that they in an indirect sense were/are our creators; in the sense they have been here for a very long time changing us for better or for worse. You know I thought I would never say this but what we call evolution is not what it seems. The animal and the plant world have moved on in an extremely slow snail’s pace, never able on its own to create man. Something I believe probably is that the Greys were the geneticists who took a fairly primitive primate and made it into modern man, and this didn’t happen overnight but took several thousands of years to get to where we are today.

And now back to our cuddly Grey guy – “ Paul” in the movie had way too much emotion, including humor. There are no Greys that have emotions. They are by definition Bio-bots. They are alive biologically, but void of the ability to feel love, suffering, and empathy and all the other emotions that makes us human. They are definitely here and they are harvesting something from us and they have been doing it for a very long time.
And harvesting our souls could be their final and ultimate harvest. Something they have longed for, for thousands of years.

Greys, maybe part of our creation process, but they not necessarily our good Shepherd, and definitely Not like “Paul”.

Sleep tight; the truth about the Greys will tip the world upside down, where it probably should be.


William Lyne between the Alien UFOs and the UFOs from the Pentagon- Is it all True Series #201

At September’s NM UFO /Paranormal Forum, their special guest was William Lyne. William was born in Big Spring, Texas. He has had a Top Secret Clearance in the Air Force Intelligence and in 1975 Lyne rejected a high-powered job with the CIA that was offered to him by Papa Bush. William rejected the offer because he believed the National Security Act of 1947 was an illegal act against America’s sovereignty and human liberty. William has stated flying saucers are man’s greatest invention and should be used and enjoyed by all. Lyne is convinced the many Americans are under a government mind- control program. The rejection of the CIA job and William’s other beliefs left him in a bad place for 18 years, as our Black Ops government made his life very miserable.

William wrote several books two of them were “Space Aliens from the Pentagon” and “Pentagon Aliens.” William Lyne believes all UFO’s are from a manmade origin, total human technology .Of course in the UFO community this would be severely challenged. Lyne said the Nazis, possible as early as the 1920’s, started the ball rolling on disc ships. By the end of the war they had a pretty good working model, but it came too late to affect the outcome of World War II. After the war many of the German scientists were shipped to the US and there they continued to refine their UFO/Disc ships program. Warner Von Braun the “Rocket Nazi” was the leader in the movement in the USA.

William feels the crash in Roswell was an accident during the test phase of a new disc.
Now I believe it’s a little different. I do believe that the Nazis built flying discs with Nazi saucer technology. William also states that Testa Technology was used to develop the ships. And here I agree that Testa was far more advanced and he was a man who I believe may have downloaded some of his most profound information, probably from another realm. And note Testa talked to pigeons.

I believe there is enough room in this world of Ufology for both William Lyne’s viewpoint blended together with UFO Community’s beliefs to form a strong basis that UFOs truly exist.

Sleep Tight, if you see an UFO you have a 50% chance its human and 50% chance its not. And I don’t know which one I am more concerned about.