Chemtrails: The Crop Circles of the Skies? Is it all True Series #68

What is going on here, have regular contrails turned into something very sinister? First, by definition contrails are narrow ice crystal clouds, which disperse quickly and are caused by jet engine exhaust at high altitudes. Chemtrails, on the other hand, are much thicker and cover much more area of the sky. They persist by fanning out into a cirrus-type cloud and can last for hours.

So if the chemtrails are real phenomena, what is the agenda? Here are a few possibilities: 1.) Weather modification– stop global warming by reflecting back to space more of the sun’s warming radiation, 2.) Population reduction– maybe the Illuminati are using them to start reducing world population back to 4 billion by 2050 as per a report made public in 2000, 3.) Something to do with HAAP– the aluminum crystals increasingly being found at high and medium altitudes, could be enhancing HAAP’s performance and maybe increasing Alzheimer’s disease, 4.) Possible aerial vaccination to save the planet from some evil microbe, 5.) Also maybe the aliens, our space buds, are spraying nanotech to enhance us or break us down.

Several independent people have told me if they spend a good part of the day outside when the sky is filled with chemtrails, they quickly get serious flu-like symptoms, such as hacking coughs, pneumonia, extreme fatigue, dizziness, disorientation, headaches and nervous tics.

So let’s run with the alien-being angle for a minute. My friend, Lesley, sees UFO’s when there is a big “X” Chemtrails in the sky, and this happens to her quite consistently. Other people, I hear, see UFOs dart in and out behind the chemtrails. Are they hiding or sampling to see what we are doing to the planet and ourselves?

I have noticed that sometimes the chemtrails appear very suddenly, similar to their ground cousins called “crop circles”, which can appear in the manner of a few minutes. So is this just alien artwork in the sky, telling us something. We have ignored the crop circles; most people have been tricked to believe “Doug and Dave” the two drunks did them all, too many chemtrails on the mind.

The more I think about it, at sunset and sunrise this sky art is quite beautiful, but beyond this I believe there is something to be concerned about. Are we being attacked from all sides? Time will tell. Keep an eye on the sky; it could be telling us something or activating our minds.


Beauty and beast

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