John Wheeler: the Man that helped create the Vietnam Memorial and much more.Industrial Complex – Is it all True Series #176

John served three US Presidents and served his country very well. His life ended in a garbage dump, killed by blunt force trauma. About 48 hours before his death, he was wandering around a parking garage, confused and in a daze. To this day there are few leads to the killer according to the local police.

Why would someone want to kill this man? He knew something very big and very dangerous. First it is important to know that Wheeler wrote a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons, and he was strongly against using either.

He probably knew the following: our military had moved 60+ tons of one of the most deadly poisonous gases in the world, Phosgene. It was brought from Iraq to a weapons arsenal in central Arkansas. If you are exposed to Phosgene it causes your respiratory system to explode. And the Russians probably also knew we had this big cache of Phosgene. So the military, knowing the Russians were in the know, needed to dispose of the deadly gas very quickly, so they pumped it deep underground, which probably caused 500 minor earthquakes.

Phosgene is a substance that cannot be made anymore because of a worldwide weapon treaty. There was also another malfunction in the transport of this gas in and around central Arkansas. One of the tanker aircrafts carrying the gas accidentally released some in the air, probably killing those now famous 4000+ redwing blackbirds. They died of internal lung trauma. A second accident occurred as they (military) flew over the Arkansas River and there was another mishandled release killing 100,000 fish.

John Wheeler was going to tell the US and the world about what was going on and the extreme dangers of Phosgene gas. It looks like John Wheeler paid the ultimate price for being an American hero. Sadly few people know this amazing story, of this man’s desire to do the right thing. I salute you John Wheeler. John, as I mentioned in the title, also helped create the famous War Memorial honoring the Vietnam vets in Washington DC.

Sleep-tight, just sleep tight.


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