Sharing my experience in Santa Fe New Mexico – Sister Wolf

Many of you know me others don’t.
but I wanted to go to Sedona AZ gathering but due to the Snow fall we had I didn’t..
but my trip to Santa Fe was a greater gift from God.
Little Grandmother- Native American Shaman . presented one of the most powerful gatherings I ever been to.
A while back on the Internet- I met Little Grandmother like I have many of you.
what surprised me we are from the same home town in San Luis valley Colorado
we both have had experience with UFOs and spiritual world.
our teachings have been some different yet we are so much alike.
I’m also a Shaman by gift, my grandmother was Apache my Grandfather was Spanish,
I was raised in two different cultures and learned to balance my life as I got older.
Little Grandmother added me to her list of guest speakers for Monday April -20 -09 …
But the Great Spirit had other plans.
On Sunday Morning April 19-09 I was dreaming I as in a room with five other women shamans.
I could hear the drumming.
I noticed a door that was closed in the room- there was a crack on the bottom and light was coming in and there was a medicine woman on the other side of the door.
I tried to go under to see who she was,
but at that time a voice woke me up in my room and I could see a spirit of a woman.
she called out my name “Priscilla”
I got up and mentioned it to Steve and told him I don’t know who she is- but she called my name out..
that day it was totally changed– I felt like we should go to Santa Fe and meet Little Grandmother.
it was a 80 mile drive there closer to Espanola, NM .. West of Santa Fe, out in the sandy hills.
when we got there I could see the rock circle and people there and a white tent-Teepee.
just beautiful sight, and we walked up to the circle and asked who was Little Grandmother?
they pointed to the Tepee.
so we walked up to it. Little grand Mother greeted us and when she spoke! “I told her I heard you call my name” this morning, at 5:25 am… She told me in front of her friend, I dreamed you this morning about the same time walking up to my tent, and I told my friend :Sister Wolf is coming. amazing how two Medicine women from same town in San Luis Valley, Colorado had this great connection. we believe there are other door ways, or gates to other worlds in the Southern area of Colorado. and Northern New Mexico. a Spiritual world.
the gathering and praying was great, the healings that took place.. by Little Grandmother was a gift from Heaven…
when we were in the half moon circle the force of all the people there created a green energy force -that when I opened my eyes because I almost fell, I seen (witness) a green energy force around all of us and no sight of rocks, trees or hill. only the people and the green energy force was around us. it was a thank you from Mother earth. this was my experience- Little Grandmother. I’m so grateful and so full of love for you my sister. may you share all the experiences for your web site, mine was a powerful gift from God. so happy I met you. I had left a town I never wanted to go back -yet- Mother Spirit brought us back togather for a reason. and for that reason we shall serve her we great honor. you did your learning on the south side of the river and we did others on the Northern part of the river. How sad and yet wonderful how we were able to keep our ways being Indian,…. remember what god created will never die, for he does not create junk. for those who have not met us , your day will come for we are closer to becoming one with our Creator. we all must change and become spiritual one with God. only you can do it… love and blessings Sister wolf- Little Butterfly

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