Loekey’s World – Is it all True Series # 390

pinetrees-3The next morning, I woke up wide eyed and bushy tailed. Considering I’m not a morning person, (just ask Michael) I was in unusually good spirits. I went in and took a shower smiling because I knew Loekey wouldn’t try to communicate with me in the shower anymore. I have no idea why I knew this, but I did.

I came back into the bedroom after my shower, sat down and started putting my make-up on. I kind of zoned out a bit and without any forethought or conscious effort on my part, I abruptly blurted out to Michael that I saw Loekey in our bedroom during the night. It was kind of weird because I felt like a volcano, expelling my visitation out into the world. Let’s go beyond that, I literally blasted the information upward and out before I had a chance to know what I was really saying. Michael just looked at me for a minute with an amused look on his face, and then sat down on the bed. I kind of laughed because I felt like a 6 year old that couldn’t keep a secret. Needless to say, Michael wanted to hear all the details and as I was sitting in front of him, putting on my make-up, I began to tell him what Loekey had told me…

Loekey’s World
Loekey said his tribe had lived in the Oregon State for hundreds of years. It happened to be a place they liked but more then that he said that many of the Sasquatch people lived through out mountainous regions, claiming them as their home. He said various tribes live through the Rocky Mountains besides the rock dwellers in states like New Mexico, Arizona and parts of Texas.

To keep the story straight, yes they consider themselves like humans but not in the sense as we see ourselves. They have similar mannerisms and customs as we do but the similarities stop there. They are a different sub species from ancient ancestors that are time travelers. He said that they communicate with various tribes through telepathy and by means of a jump room ability within groups of various trees…their favorite being pine trees. He said the trees afforded them a way to transport themselves from location to location with ease. I’m not sure about forests overseas but I can only assume they can portal jump just about anywhere.

Loekey’s group is part of a scouting clan that understands the way of the forests. They know when there are significant problems that come up such as forest fires, deforestation and they try to help any and all animals within those areas that are hurt or have nowhere to go. They are Earth Keepers, meaning that they have a deep connection to the earth and her frequency. They can hear her heart beat, they understand her rhythmic pulse and they know the areas that are the most painful for her. Any place where there has been a tragic, man-made accident affecting the earth and her waters; they go there to access the damage. They are the watchers of Earth’s history, pretty much being her time clock and witness. They try to keep an essential balance between their duties and obligations to Mother Earth while eluding man and his curiosity to hunt them. Sometimes chance encounters happen, creating unintentional and dangerous encounters with humans. As far as Loekey knows, there have been no deaths on either end from such chance encounters.

In regards to Loekey’s tribe, he said they are only 8 to 9 feet in height, sometimes a little taller but for the most part they are robust with the ability to travel by foot, hundreds of miles in a day. His skull is long on top, almost making it look like he has a cone head with a lot of fur like hair. They are skilled hunters, enjoying fishing and he said they like a lot of the same food we eat. He especially said he liked oranges. (I thought this was interesting.)

Loekey stated that the really tall and large Sasquatch were very dangerous, even for them. This particular group are anywhere from 12 feet in height to 17 feet or more. He said that when various tribes travel through out areas where these large Sasquatch dwell, they have to do so in careful and methodical ways. Males have to travel in small groups surrounding their families in order to divert any attention away from these giants. Loekey said the large Sasquatch can be cannibalistic in nature; it just depends on the circumstances. Fortunately for us, these large giants prefer to stay away from humans. In a very bizarre paradox, the giants are revered by many of the Sasquatch tribes because they are considered sentient elders by ancient clandestine laws known only to the Sasquatch. This basically means that the giants carry a lot of Earth’s archaic history in their DNA.

Loekey told me that he sensed my presence when my family and I drove through a rainforest during last year’s Christmas vacation in Oregon. He waited for an introduction that wouldn’t scare me so when I happened to see the Bigfoot image on YouTube; I unknowingly made the first gesture of friendship.

Believe it or not there’s more…


Loekey Continued… Is it all True series # 389

Bigfoot-dark-image[1]Every once in a blue moon I would think about Loekey and then zone out, filling my days with the constant mundane certainty of being housemaid, animal keeper, Girl Friday and time clock Mom. Life can become a rerun that doesn’t require any forethought but to tell you the truth, for someone like me, it’s actually a comforting lifestyle.

Normalcy is an understatement in our home because as an impath, sometimes wayward spirits like to continue discussions by attaching themselves to me as I head home. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to leave uninvited guests at my doorstep. Loekey was different though. To me, he was more then an inquisitive or needy spirit, he was a highly evolved being that represented the Sentient Forests and their mysteries. In some ways, Loekey’s energy reminded me of an old, antiquated Child’s story. You know, the ones we all grew up with, the Enchanted Forests of old, with Fairies, dragons and unicorns.

I knew it was just a matter of time before Loekey would contact me again. I wasn’t worried about our next chance meeting but I have to say, I really didn’t want another conversation in the shower. I guess the human (woman) in me just felt like I was at a disadvantage being naked. As I found out later, Loekey on the other hand thought I would be more comfortable this way. Boy, does he have a lot to learn about humans, especially women!

Months came and went and still no Loekey. August was an especially busy month not only because my daughter went back to school but because she turned 20. Needless to say, by the end of the month I was ready for a vacation.

Michael and I decided to take a short trip to Oregon, on Labor Day weekend. It was a great change of pace for both of us and I was really looking forward to seeing the countryside. We stayed in Portland with Michael’s daughter and her fiancé and ventured out in our rental car during the day. On our first day, we were blessed to have Michael’s oldest daughter with us so we drove all around wine country and back roads. We saw Christmas tree farms along with groups of huge pine trees. The forests were thick with undergrowth and the smell was the best part, it has never left me.

The second night of our vacation, we settled down to go to bed and for some reason I could not fall asleep. I tossed and I turned and I found that I was really dry and thirsty so I got up to drink some water. I put a few water bottles on a side table that was in front of the closet. We moved it there to give us more room by the bed. I drank a whole water bottle and still felt dry. I usually drink a lot of water at night but what made this really weird, I drank more water then usual that night because I felt like a dried up ole pine tree.

I knew I really needed to get some sleep since it was after midnight so I turned off the light and got back into bed. I laid down and turned to my left side facing the outside of the bed. As I lay trying to get comfortable, I got the sensation that there was a huge figure standing by the door-frame inside the room. I thought I was just imagining it but I could clearly see the outline of a large figure standing, facing me. I said quietly to myself that if there really was someone there, to make a sound. Just as I said that, two of the water bottles that I drank from, popped in sequence very loudly. As a matter of fact, so loud that I knew they probably woke up Michael but to my astonishment, he was still asleep.

That’s when Loekey said hello and told me not be scared. I must admit my heart was pounding a mile a minute and I was very intimidated by his large frame. His head was right up against the ceiling and I could see a leather strap across his chest. He talked to me for what seemed like minutes but I had the impression that it was more like hours. All I know is that by the time I did fall asleep, I was no longer intimidated by Loekey and I felt very comfortable in his presence. It was evident that Loekey had given me quite a bit of information but I was too tired to do anything but sleep.


Sasquatch speaks — From Mysterous Universe .Org

758Sasquatch Speaks and Strangeness Strikes
20 Comments April 30, 2013 Nick Redfern It’s fair to say that I’m not just a regular recipient of strange tales of a supernatural nature. Just occasionally, I’m the recipient of tales that easily exceed what could be termed strange. I’m talking about those distinctly rogue cases that veer into territories where a researcher is forced to take one of two views: (a) what the witness reported simply did not happen; or (b) some of the mysterious things that people such as me chase down are not just weird. They’re beyond weird. The following case is a perfect example of the latter.

It came to me a few years ago from a couple named Donnie and Lynne, a thirty-something pair originally from Tulsa, who were living on the fringes of Oklahoma City when I interviewed them. March 8, 2007, Donnie told me, marked the couple’s second wedding anniversary. And, as keen outdoors-people with a love of nature, they decided to avoid the typical vacation resorts that would normally spring to mind, and instead decided to spend nine days deep in the heart of the grand Ouachita National Forest. The decision was one they would later come to bitterly regret.

Covering the western section of Arkansas and parts of eastern Oklahoma, the Ouachita National Forest is the oldest National Forest in the southern United States. It encompasses almost two million acres, including most of the scenic Ouachita Mountains – Ouachita being the French spelling of the Indian word Washita, which means “good hunting grounds.”

Around 5.00 p.m. one day before their vacation ended, the pair was walking along the aforementioned Ouachita National Recreation Trail, when Donnie developed a distinct and foreboding feeling that we all experience now and again: namely, that of being watched. He was not wrong.

As the pair strolled along the trail hand-in-hand, to the left of them and at a distance of no more than twenty feet a huge, hairy creature came crashing through the trees. Although up until this point, they had no more exposure to the world of cryptozoology than most people, they instantly knew what they were looking at: a Bigfoot.

Donnie told me that the creature was truly immense: at least eight and a half feet tall, “obviously male,” and with very bulky arms and legs. It had a cone-shaped head, a “massive chest,” and was covered in “dark brown hair that had a lot of white in it [and] which made us think he was really old.” Too shocked to move – “I fell to my knees,” Lynne told me – the couple merely stared, as the huge creature did likewise in their direction.

But then something truly strange occurred: in somewhat hesitant tones, Donnie said they continued to look on in both awe and fear, when suddenly their minds were filled with a soothing female voice that uttered the words: “Do not be afraid. You will not be harmed. Do not come closer.”

It was as if “we were thinking the words, but listening to them, too, if that makes any sense,” Donnie said, as he grappled to explain the sensation of hearing the disembodied, telepathic-like voice. And, of course, the fact that a soft female voice emanated from a beast that looked like it could tear apart a small car, only made the whole situation even stranger. But even weirder things were to come.

Trying to compose himself, at least as best he could, as his wife still sat shaking on her knees and clinging to his right leg for support, Donnie’s first thought was to take a photograph of the beast. As he made a move to open his back-pack and pull out his digital-camera, two ever so slightly stern words reverberated around his head: “Do not.” For a moment, he tried to ignore the words and continued to frantically dig for his camera. “No, do not. No, do not,” the voice repeated, as the face of the creature changed from one of a blank stare to a distinctly malevolent frown.

“Do not,” the voice continued, still in eerily calm-and-collected female tones. Perhaps wisely, Donnie finally did as he was told, and sank to his knees and held Lynne tightly. At that moment, the mighty Bigfoot edged closer and to a point where he was about ten feet from the by now terrified couple. “The smell was terrible: like a dead animal,” Lynne recalled.

As it loomed over them, they heard one final message: “You will not be hurt and you need not fear. Go. One more time I shall see you.” Needless to say, Donnie and Lynne needed no encouragement and, struggling to stand on their trembling legs, headed off at high speed down the trail, constantly looking over their shoulders until the creature was lost from sight as the pathway took a turn to the left. The event was over.

Many cryptozoologists might simply ignore and wipe their hands of such an outrageously controversial tale. But, I don’t consider myself to be a cryptozoologist in the way in which the term is intended. Rather, I would describe myself as a Fortean who happens to have a very deep interest in cryptozoology. The difference might sound slight to some, but I assure you it most certainly is not.

Rogue stories like that of Donnie and Lynne are as problematic as they are fascinating. And I don’t mean that disrespectfully to the pair. If the event happened as Donnie and Lynne reported it – and, I have to say, there was nothing odd or prankster-like about them – then Bigfoot is a creature even stranger than I generally consider it, which is as something with distinct and decidedly paranormal overtones.

But, there’s weird and then there’s beyond weird. This case clearly falls into the second category. Unfortunately, when faced with with these “beyond weird” cases it only makes it more and more difficult to fathom what’s really afoot.

That doesn’t make me want to give up the chase, however. In fact, the exact opposite: it encourages me to push further for the answers – but which might not be the answers we’re expecting. So, with that in mind, I say to fellow researchers of the unexplained (in all its many and varied forms) don’t ignore those cases that are difficult (or near-impossible) to fathom. Instead, embrace them. They may be seriously strange, but they may also be the ones that crack the puzzle.