Second part-Beyond and back, quest for the unknown-by Priscilla Garduno Wolf‏

One of the most profound
mysteries confronting any human being is the possibility of surviving after death.The existence of a very different dimension to the world we already inhabit.
One step beyond! Antonio, my Spanish grandfather who was from Spain, was an extraordinary man, no adult in my life had so great and influence over my imaginations like he did.
Living in his world was beautiful to me, he was a great believer- we did not live alone -God had created all over the universe. If this was not true why do we speak of Heaven.
It was December 1961 when my grandfather passed from this world we know of and we have created.
That winter was one of the worst- coldest-snow fall over six feet in the San Luis Valley, Colorado I had ever known.The ground was frozen and digging my grandfathers grave was a job.
Three weeks after he died, he kept his promise to me, if there is another life and world, he told me. I will come back and visit you! I was very close to my grandparents, the Spanish and Apache life to me was heaven. Understanding the culture and ways of life, was a gift, we never lost our ways.
Quest of the unknown.
Grandfather Antonio believed the closer you are to God and spirituality, the veil open’s up to you. And the door to other worlds- open up- to good or bad and communication.
Surrounding my grandfather death, I was with him till the last breath he gave. I was so heart broken, I cried and the man next to him, told me lets pray. We prayed the Rosary, since we are Catholic.His face was disfigured from a kick of a horse when he was in his 30’s. He use to tame wild horses for a living. So his right side was disfigured and he couldn’t close his eye. The moment he died as he spoke my name Patricia! his face returned back to normal before my eyes. I knew his life in this body was over. Or was it?
Many Hispanics and Mexicans believe The Spirit roams for 40 days and nights on earth…Three weeks later. My family left back to Cheyenne, Wyoming for two weeks. My cousin Maria stayed with me so I won’t be alone. Maria was very superstitious, I think she was scared of her shadow. I loved to tell ghost stories and she would ask me not to say anything. One night the Snow blizzard outside was real bad- we already had over six feet of snow. And it was about 30 below zero. The fire from our fireplace was so beautiful as it seemed to dance when the wind would blow hard against our farm home. Maria lived in our Adobe house south from our main home. I don’t remember if there was a full moon- but it was very clear outside that night. Our Collie dog Pedro> dog. Grandpa’s dog howled like a wolf every night since grandpa died. Grieving for his master. Would not eat, Grandmother said: the dog would die cause it broke his spirit when he died. That night he barked normal like real happy and half scared. So I looked out the window to see who or what was out there. I noticed a bright light ascending down from the sky. From the South of our farm toward Maria’s home then I noticed a Dark shadow of a man passing the fence, like it wasn’t there. Walking toward her house but on the dirt trail one block away. As it moved closer toward the main house. Maria!– I called out her name– come here quickly there’s someone walking toward our home. She got real scared! and started to pray, its evil she said; its not normal. I had the shot gun next to the door and knew how to shoot a gun. The man walked slowly looking around as he moved on the path way, toward the main house. Pedro-Dog kept barking- yet -sounded happy and scared- so we knew who ever it was the dog knew him. as the man got closer the dog went into his tepee dog house and whined like a cry , didn’t hear the dog no more. We had the outside light on so we could see a tall man, He wore a cowboy hat, as he got closer, I Hollered at Maria! its grandpa! he’s not dead!…. I told Maria- he promised me he would come back. He walked clear to the wood steps outside and went to the door, and tried to open it. He is coming in I told Maria! In God’s name No she hollered! I went for the door and grabbed the shot gun, and opened the door. There was no one there just foot prints on the snow all the way to the door. Pedro-Dog died that night. ( having a gun- can be dangerously.)
I knew there was another world after that, and some stay on earth as ghosts, others as human as me and you -are. life is beautiful when some of us have the power beyond means to come and go with no more pain or suffering — Life has taught me so many things, and I accept and don’t question what is One step beyond,
Angels come in every different forms. until next time part three The Ghost and life of Antonio My grandfather who lives in two worlds. enjoy and remember our loved ones never leave us, if you believe.

Cloud UFOs & the travels of Antonio on UFO Clouds. by Priscilla Garduno Wolf‏

Grandfather use to talk about Cloud UFO’s when I was a child, I was about six years old in the first grade, in Southern Colorado, raised in the far, with my Grandparent’s.
My Apache Grandmother talked about the Star people, and the Birds they came in from the sky. Some colorful birds that landed on rock, water, mountains, some just sit still in the air, silent birds.Out of their body’s came the Star people. Grandfather was from Spain and was very religious ( Catholic). He believed in the supernatural, paranormal, and in space crafts. It was neat living with them because all was normal. So much existed around us. In San Luis Valley, Colorado is well known for the paranormal and UFOs. My friend Author Chris O Brain wrote about me in his third book. “Secrets of the Mysterious Valley”. I was going to school first grade, school was hard on me I didn’t know how to speak English, hardest language I ever had to learn. On my way home past the Skin Walker tree. I noticed a pure white cloud on my grandfathers farm, it just laid there on five acres of land. Never seen a cloud on the ground, and the color white was different then any white I ever seen. As I got closer to home, it was still there. Suddenly like a door opened and a small girl my age walked out and started to walk toward me, she was beautiful! gold blonde hair and blue eyes and dressed in a yellow dress. I called her Nancy we were friends until I was eight. she taught me art and English and showed me places I never been too. for those reading this- she was not a imaginary friend. She was real as me and you. but she came in a Cloud ship. I have wrote a lot about her in my writings. She was a Star Child. Grandfather seemed to know a lot about Cloud UFO’s. Till the day he died. He claimed he traveled in them. it was 1961 winter was very cold and we had a lot of snow. Grandfather had a heart Attack and died a week later. But the day of his heart attack he laid on the sofa. He asked me for a glass of water. ( I was 17) grandfather was in his 80’s.
So I went into the kitchen to get him a glass of water. When I came back he had his hand reaching for something, he was calling out to his two friends that had died a year before. Grandpa I said: wait for me? I’m coming! I asked grandfather who are you talking too? He replied my friends, they just came to visit me, look outside he told me see how they came? I looked outside and to the South same five acres I had seen Nancy come in a Cloud UFO, there it was once again. The UFO cloud shape like a egg, all pure white, it just laid there. Except this time it laid on the snow- but a different color of white then the snow. It was amazing beautiful. It just sit there for one day, once we moved Grandfather to Alamosa, Colorado hospital it vanished.
Grandfather told me I will come back and visit you and show you there are other worlds beside our own. A promise he kept. The Travels of Antonio On Cloud UFOs, until second part ” The Return Of Antonio in a Cloud UFO” Three weeks later. Enjoy They are real.

What is this about? – Liz- By Mary Muñoz-© July 13, 2008

…Most of the experiences I share today begin with my first remembered UFO event in December 1977, which I have written about before, but to stand on that claim would deny a lifetime of events that started in early childhood. The realization of this fact would not come to my conscious being until January/February 2001 as I began to take the steps to become more aware of something that had been eating away at my inner life. How many of those like me are out there that have had these same questions. I will never know exactly, but it would be ignorant of me to believe that I am the only one.
It was my quest to know the truth that would lead me to learn things about my life I didn’t know how to accept. Confused and lost I had nowhere to turn, but within myself. Yes, I had my husband, my daughter, and a couple of trusted friends. We all have at least one person we can trust, but though they were there, they just couldn’t help me through the transition of accepting my situation.
What is my situation?
It is extremely complicated with twists and turns, but the initial event would start upon the day of conception. My parents were not even married a little more than month when my mom became pregnant with me. This fact she held from my dad for good reason. I don’t know the full story, but I have pieced together something that would make the X-Files blush, but would have an impact on my future relationship with him.
Unknown of my initial existence he played a wild card believing that my mom was not true to the marriage, which blew up back into his face. It was what had happened earlier that year that would be his downfall. So to save the truth from what was going on or what had happened he signed the documents giving up his right to me. But that didn’t stop him from making a final statement, “I will see the child when they are 18, you mark my word.”
So why would this be important when it comes to UFO’s, ET’s, and other paranormal activity? I was the daughter of a generational experiencer, who happened to be through my dad and not my mom. This is why my family on my mom’s side has trouble excepting my position in the phenomena today. What complicates my situation more is who my dad had become after the divorce, but that will have to wait for another week.

The Actress and Them Part 2 of 2- Is it all True Series #23

This is a continuation of last Saturday’s post–Sarah was a beautiful model and actress from Kennesaw, GA. She lived very close to Kennesaw National Battlefield Park. Many times in her teens she would remember dozens of black unmarked helicopters hovering near or over her house. Were these black helicopter sightings connected to her younger sister, Barbara? Barbara would have very lucid dreams of traveling on alien scout ships as she called them. The ships would fly at high speeds and map the surface of the earth. Grays mostly occupied them, and they told her the mappings were to make the upcoming mission a success, in late 2011 (twenty-one years later). They never told her more but Barbara seemed to enjoy the trips; she was 11 years old at the time.

Sarah developed an amazing ability to have OBEs (out of body experiences) on command. She said she learned it from an old woman she met in the woods in the National Battlefield Park across from her childhood home. This old woman was dressed in a black hood with long pure white hair, barely 4′ 10″ tall, and she had cold steel blue eyes, which could pierce your soul. She spoke like a little girl in a soft delicate voice. Sarah called her the witch-angel. On one meeting the old woman told Sarah to lie on her back on the grass, close her eyes and imagine a blue triangle – with the base hovering three feet from the ground and another triangle positioned the opposite point to the ground – in a perfect overlap. Next the witch-angel told Sarah to rotate one triangle in a particular direction and the other triangle in the opposite at a constant speed. (And please don’t try this at home you may disappear). Sarah immediately could see her body lying in the grass as she floated above the park. She said it was the greatest feeling ever. But she quickly lost focus and returned to her grounded body, and the little old woman was gone. She rushed home to tell Barbara her experience only to find out Barbara already had her schooling a year before with the wise old witch-angel. Sarah and Barbara had several other sessions with the wise-old-one where they developed certain ESP abilities. The little old woman told the sisters they were now ready to awaken others to the future. They never saw the hooded woman again.

One last thing about Barbara and Sarah–many late nights they would sit in their bedroom on the second floor and look towards the National Battlefield Park and they would see hundreds of blue lights moving quickly into and out of a particular section of the park. And the last thing Sarah told me was that an underground base existed in Kennesaw Mountain.

Sleep tight – the world will be there tomorrow. – Well maybe.



The underground Base – Kennesaw Ga.?

Prayer — its results generated through "Intention"-Is it all True Series #20

Prayer—probably at some point in our lives we have prayed for something or someone, and now there may be a good reason to do it even if it is not connected to religious beliefs. Why?–because it works, even through the eyes of Science.

The sub-atomic particles of quantum physics are the driving force behind prayer. And sometimes it seems more is always better; there is power in number in the quantum world. For example, a friend of mine’s son in his mid- twenties was diagnosed with a fatal form of leukemia about 2 years ago. At first the son was getting through the standard chemo treatment ok. But suddenly out of the blue things got out of hand and he was in intensive care when he fell into a coma. The mother was in desperation and called everyone she knew asking them to pray for her son, and she also asked them to call ten more their own friends to do the same, so we now had 200 to 300 people praying for this young man. The hospital basically gave up, according to the doctor; the son wouldn’t make it to the next morning.

Morning came, the son was still alive and by mid-morning he was wide-awake and smiling at his mom. He was released in 48 hours and his cancer was in full remission. Was it the particles’ physics of our quantum world that saved this young man? I believe so. Over the last 10 years, there have been some amazing studies on “Intention”– I call it the power of creation. We can focus our mind power in an intensive way to create a desired outcome. And remember that physics is pure science and does not judge your desires, so be careful what you use those sub-atomic particles to create; one person’s Bride may be another person’s Frankenstein.

I would like to recommend two great books on this subject; they are must-reads, if you are interested in being a creator. “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart.

To have Joy – the Purpose of Life


The Quantum power of prayer.

Another Inconvenient TRUTH – " The End Of America -Letter of Warning to a young Patriot "

The Mission statement of this Weblog purposely excluded politics, but I am a true believer in the phrase- all things are connected- everything is connected to a universal matrix. I have great concerns about our democracy staying whole and real. In these times I believe our leaders have acted as if they were being controlled by some other forces. And I will let you judge on what these forces are.

Naomi Wolf , an author and researcher shows in her profound book what is probably happening to our once great country. Enjoy her lecture at University of Washington OCT.11,2007

Please listen and at least talk about with your friends. Talk about what ? – The Blue Print – The 10 steps that close a democracy.

This is our Country and our Constitution— Love them and Protect them.

MWiz , as I always say —sleep tight our Government is watching over us.

'Story of Stuff' a must see for ALL-2008 .. " Is it all True- Series #15

2008 will be here shortly and here is something that will make us think, really think about what makes our culture tick. And it may make us realize its time for a change, a change of heart and mind , to stop our wasteful ways.
Note : after watching the first segment there will be a series of floating screens on the bottom of the main screen , click on the next one . If you click on the wrong one , click menu on the right side to select correct/next one.

Enjoy – life is short.