Dueling Banjos with Apocalypse Islands Jim Turner – Is it all True Series #139

I watched the History Channel in May and wrote a bit of a tough critique/review of the event called Apocalypse Island 2012. And to my surprise Mr. Jim Turner the explorer/producer of the program fired back a quick rebuttal to my posting. Please read the original post that started it all, May 15, 2010 search ” Jim Turner” , so you understand the starting point.

Below is the correspondence between Jim Turner and myself — he was a sport .
From Jim Turner directly to Truthseekerforum -to Comments
Hi MWiz,

While I would agree with you that the evidence presented in my movie was weak, the reason is that the producers were gaming the rating system. They dragged out the trip to the island and hike to the monument in order to keep viewers tuned in until 75% of the movie was through. That is the point at which the ratings lock. We could have flown to the island airstrip and hiked to the monument all within a single day.

Instead of taking the time necessary to get good footage of the monument, much time was spent filming the dramatic pieces, hiking, climbing, etc. The weather was tricky, the terrain extreme, and the logistics difficult. However, one should not dismiss the validity of the monument on the basis of poor footage or a lame storyline. The tell-tale rubble you are looking for lies alongside the monument, creating a level half-acre terrace in a landscape of steep slopes. The Sun God image and crouching jaguar are mega-glyphs twice the size of the Egyptian Sphinx. Carving the monument out of the existing bedrock was much easier and more durable than quarrying other stone and assembling it at that location.

I agree with you that there will be a shift in consciousness in the next years, undoubtedly related to the 2012 phenomenon. But I think we are unable to predict its true nature given our current mental and spiritual state. It seems many people have expectations for these changes and when their expectations are not met they somehow dismiss the matter entirely. Since you are obviously interested in these issues I would invite you to look closer at my website at http://www.apocalypseisland.com and especially peruse the Photo Gallery for better images of the monument. The newsletters also provide additional information that would fail to make sense if the monument was just a natural rock formation and all of my research just bullshit. I think if you approach this material with an open mind you will begin to see the possibilities inherent here. Cheers, Jim Turner

My response to Jim’s comment


Thanks for the nice comment — you take criticism well.

I have posted you comment, on our site .

Few other questions/Comments

1. My friend who is a book researcher commented that she felt, what you found was not a Mayan ( signature) — but another culture – a very important culture , maybe unknown until you found it. She did fell these artifacts were powerful and very important .

2. It would have been better if you showed the Mega – glyphs at some scale .

3. What is your drive for future studies?

Also if you are ever in Albuquerque — I have a very interesting group called -Albuquerque/Rio Rancho UFO/paranormal forum – we would love to have you speak.

Regards MWiz.

Jim response to my questions

Hi Mwiz,

Your friend is, in a sense, correct. These are very powerful artifacts whose creators seem to belong to a truly ancient group that transcends our definition of “culture”. My research indicates involvement of not just Mayan but also Incan, Egyptian, Easter Islanders, and Christians, but over a time scale that suggests a more ancient “mother” culture, perhaps along the lines of what your wife is suggesting. I have attached two photos to give you a sense of scale of the monument. In a 2008 expedition we took photos with a 4-meter scale bar and estimate the height of the monument at around 150 feet, twice the size of the Egyptian Sphinx.

Currently I am planning a July Eclipse Expedition to observe the solar eclipse from the monument. This is the only total solar eclipse to occur before the one here on Nov. 13, 2012 and I suspect it may give us a preview of what to expect then. Although the sun will only be 70% eclipsed from this location my intention is to try to capture evidence of some kind of energetic particles that seem to focus over the monument, much like “ley lines”
with which I assume you are familiar. Sunset photos from my 1997 expedition show these particles focusing into a tight beam over the monument and shooting out toward the setting sun. My hypothesis is that the added gravitational boost from an eclipse alignment will produce an even greater effect, hopefully that I can again capture on film. This may be one of the great revelations that are to occur in 2012 here and I can’t help but be curious enough to want a sneak preview. I suspect that this is a topic that would interest your paranormal group. If you feel that this is a worthy pursuit I would request that you help publicize my funding drive through my website and Kickstarter.com. The eclipse date is approaching fast and I would hate to miss this historic opportunity.

On the topic of eclipses, are you aware of the 2012 annular eclipse that will pass over your area? On May 20, 2012 the eclipse will be visible at sunset for you, just like the Nov. 13, 2012 eclipse will be situated in relation to the island monument. The proximity to Roswell should certainly excite your UFO-hunting friends and provides a perfect cosmic introduction for the rare Transit of Venus a mere 17 days later on June 6th. As I suggested before, my research is fact-based and verifiable and, for those with an open mind, offers incredible potentialities. Let me know if this resonates with you at all. Cheers, Jim

Enjoy some of Jim ( private stock photos ) he shared and Ok’ed to share with my audience.

You know it is great to know that in this crazy world there are people who can have a civil discussion and say Cheers/Thank You in the end.

Sleep Tight — The Sun will shine tomorrow – and the paranormal will keep us smiling.


Mothership-sized UFO cyllinder stands still for thirty-minutes over Memphis– Memphis UFO Examiner

May 31, 8:34 PM Memphis UFO Examiner Eddie Middleton

On April 16, 2010, around 3:30 pm, a prominent Memphian (who wishes at this time not to be identified) was reclining in his garden chair on his back patio gazing up at the cloudless sky. [As a possibly important side note, this person is an aritst who loves to paint skyscapes, so is a frequent and careful observer of what goes on up there.] While thus engaged in one of his favorite pastimes, he suddenly noticed with utter astonishment a brilliantly glittering cyllindrical object sitting stationary high in the sky slightly to the southwest. At first he thought this had to be some kind of experimental military aircraft, but he was quickly disabused of this explanation because this thing was, as he put it, “glittering like diamonds in the sky” and with such an unearthly beauty about it that he just knew that he was face to face with something utterly wondrous and totally unknown, absolutely unlike anything he had ever seen before in all his many years of sky-watching.

He said that six or seven very bright and large stars touching side to side like a row of marbles would give one a pretty good picture of what this object looked like. Though these lights were not blinding to look at, they made it difficult for our witness to discern any other features of this sighting. This object (or craft) was positioned at an approximately 45 degree angle with the upper part of it pointing towards the southwest. And it was so large that the commercial planes and/or jets our witness observed flying under it appeared tiny by comparison. And here’s a real kicker for you, what may make this unique in the annals of so-called cigar-shaped UFO craft sightings : it held its same place in the sky, seemingly without any movement whatsoever, for thirty-minutes!!! After this lenth of time, the witness went back insde his house to do something, and when he quickly returned to check on his celestial visitor, it had departed.

He thought that this would be all over the news the next day as many thousands must have seen it. But there was nothing at all reported—anywhere! And this often happens, even with the most amazing and seemingly public of UFO sightings. One has to seriously wonder if this was intended only for the eyes of this lone witness. He is now willing to entertain the thought that it could have been a spiritaul vision of some kind or possibly even an omen as he learned of the death of a very dear friend the next day. However, our witness did not feel any kind of apprehension or forboding during his experience—rather a sense of elation. And this kiind of psychological reacton to a dramatic UFO sighting is actually quite typical. The credibility of this person who reported this to the Memphis UFO Examiner is absolutely impeccable. If anyone else saw this or knows of anyone who did or of any news report about it, please let us know.

[Postscript : this story takes on even more interest in the light of what happened to this witness two days after his sighting. “Curiouser and couriser” as Alice would say. But this will have to wait until the next installment.]

"UFO's technology is far ahead from our", says former Brazilian minister of Aeronautics brigadier Socrates Monteiro- Part 8- last of this series

Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira confirms that on the Official Night Mirages and F-5Es were carrying missiles. Didn’t they have the intention to fire?

No. They had missiles because that was a mission for interception when all aircraft take off carrying weapons. That was just in case, because if force is needed we must be ready whether to defend or to attack.

Wasn’t there any fear on the part of the military that the jets could be viewed as a threat by the UFOs?

Yes, I feared that. I wanted we to check, but not to get much closer [The interviewee falls into contradiction, since we previously stated he couldn’t have followed the Official Night because he was in Rio]. Also, how could they know we carried weapons?

Maybe they have technology enough to detect it.

Yes, it can be. Technology is an interesting point. We know that our limit is the speed of light, for now. However, we shall cross that frontier one day. Only then maybe we can understand what is happening today.

Brigadier, what do you say about all the huge amount of documents still held at official archives? What should be done about that?

What should be done is what is being done, that is, the disclosure triggered by ufologists. The government should call for intelligent people who are interested in the subject and put those materials in their hands – or at least facilitate their access to those files.

Do you support our campaign UFOs: Liberdade de Informação Já which calls for the government to open those files?

You can be sure about that! Files must be opened and you should go on with your campaign towards the government in order to make that happen [emphatic]. Then you come to tell me what you’ve got besides what you already have now.

This interview was conducted in collaboration with Marco A. Petit, Francisco Pires de Campo, and Arthur S. Ferreira Neto, consultants and co-editors to the Brazilian UFO Magazine. All rights reserved. Thanks to the volunteer translator Eduardo Rado, from the Brazilian UFO Magazine team: www.ufo.com.br

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho UFO/Paranormal Forum – Their May Meeting, The Montauk Journey -Is it all True Series #138

Well , the somewhat famous and infamous group of Albuquerque called the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho UFO/Paranormal forum put on their May meeting , most of the Meeting was devoted to an advance look at the always strange world of Montauk.

Celeste , Gloria and Mike did the honors. Celeste did a solid over-view on the subject . Gloria talked in depth about one of the main players -Al Bielek, and Mike walked through a journey of his own personal synchronicities with Montauk.

Please note I had written a fairly extensive piece about this Montauk presentation but like everything else around Montauk, strange things seem to happen. About a week ago I sent the posting to my editor and she sent it back asking if I was using invisible ink.

Of course , I thought she was kidding , but no the article had completely disappeared off the face of the earth. As you computer geeks know once something is saved on a PC it is nearly impossible to completely make it gone. After two hours with my webmaster and two other PC geeks– no one could find the posting. The curse of Montauk had struck . So I have provided below two other past postings on the Montauk subject , be warned reading them just might pull you deep into the rabbit hole – but enjoy

There are four makers of the Montauk synchronicity, there are others, but these are some of the main players. First Hubbard, L. Ron, yes the founder of Scientology, he developed his (religion)- the special club from his Naval career in Naval Intel. Naval Intelligence has been involved in psychiatric
research and L. Ron grabbed on to these cutting edge techniques and formulated his quite famous book- Dianetics. Naval Intel fingerprints are all over Montauk. L.Ron had also researched human implants and how they could control mankind and it has been rumored Camp Hero was also a implant station.

Next player, the man called the most evil person on earth or the wisest man on earth (your choice)- Aleister Crowley. Aleister besides having direct or indirect relationships with the other Montauk players had bio-rhythmic synchronicities with the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. His (Crowley) important personal events were linked to dates of the major events in the above projects/experiments.
Next players, The Camerons, Duncan Sr. and Jr., Edward (Al Bielek) and Marjorie, this group was smack in the middle the Philly experiment and the Montauk Project.

First Duncan Jr. occupied the time machine and he was aboard the USS Eldridge as the Tesla field went crazy. #2 Duncan Sr.Naval official who may have been responsible for transporting the Nazis scientists to the US to develop rockets, the A-bomb, zero point energy, strange stuff at Montauk (see our July 14th posting). #3 Al Bielek (half brother of Duncan Jr.) he was also on the Eldridge with Duncan as they jumped over board and forward in time. #4 Marjorie Cameron, a possible relation to the other Camerons (not perfectly calculated yet). She also had a Navy career working directly for the Joint Chief of Staff. But her checkered career ended in a court martial. Her real claim to fame was her marriage to Jack Parson.
#4 Jack Parsons was a genius and a rocket scientist. Jack, L.Ron, and Marjorie inter-acted together and worked on a project call Babalon Working a similar project to Montauk using sexual energy instead of Tesla technology to move on the Time-line.

I mentioned these characters because they were a few of the core players in Montauk and the Philly experiment; a web of synchronicity connected these people. It is very possible they never felt their deep connection in this space and time.

Some have said Montauk is on a corner of the vast vortex called the Atlantis Realm – which may cause the strange events in the area most known as the Bermuda Triangle. This northwest corner is Montauk Point, a place of powerful maybe sacred energy, here is where the Army put their radar base- Camp Hero and after the war an underground facility was built. In a chamber a “time regulator” was developed, in science fiction world it was called “The Time Machine”. In this device people like Duncan Cameron would flow in another direction out 6000 years. Duncan Cameron came from Celtic bloodline and I would not be surprised if somewhere he had Native American mixed-in (see my April 28,2007 posting). Duncan was one of only a few whose mind could handle the madness.

Montauk is one of the most compelling stories on earth infecting a few and touching us all. So a group of military and contractors fused a not so peaceful union to build a machine and play with the dimension of time. At first transients, runaway children and
just lost souls, so basically humans were kidnapped . They were put in this capsule, egg shaped vehicle and pushed on to the time line. Some came back and some were/ are stuck in limbo, sort of frozen in time. As soon this technology was refined, – timeonauts, (time- astronauts) moved along the time-line safely and successfully. Also many of the workers on the Montauk Project lead a strange dual life with only glimpses of the other life. Their dual life is the force which helps to drive the synchronicities they must un-puzzle to keep a little sanity.

This is a vast mystery of profound importance and 99% of the people of this country know nothing of it. We are missing incredible knowledge because we refuse to be engaged in our Universe and not afraid to look into others.

The Montauk web is so powerful just me writing this short posting will create synchronicities for me related to this strange drama.

Enjoy and learn – life is short.


Message From Jim Turner –

Though we are still two weeks away from our next newsletter I wanted to let all our subscribers know about two upcoming interviews I will be participating in. These are my first ever live interviews and I intend to discuss the current status of the Apocalypse Island project and the fundraising for the 2010 Eclipse Expedition to the island. As if by divine decree, the dates of the interviews are on the anniversaries of the only two Transits of Venus occurring within our lifetimes.

On Sunday afternoon, June 6 at 12:30pm Mountain Time (2:30pm Eastern Time) I will be interviewed by Duncan Campbell on KGNU out of Boulder, Colorado on his “Living Dialogues” radio show. This date is two years to the day before the Transit of Venus in 2012 and promises to be an illuminating discussion on the profound implications of the Mayan Eclipse monument and its significance for the evolution of our culture. For those listeners outside of the Boulder area the show will be streaming live and can be picked up at: http://www.kgnu.org/ht/listencomp.html.

On Tuesday night at 9pm Central (10pm Eastern) I will be interviewed by Todd Sheets on his Nightwatch Radio Show which can be found online at: http://www.nightwatchradio.com/. ; This date is the six year anniversary of the Transit of Venus which I witnessed from the shores of Sperlonga, Italy back in 2004. Todd and I will discuss the more alternative dimensions of my research including the recent revelation of the “ley lines” or Earth energy which appears to course over top of the island monument.

I hope you will find the time to join us for these discussions and learn more about this important and timely project. You can also visit the www.apocalypseisland.com website for more information and follow the link on the 2010 Solar Eclipse page to our Kickstarter project page to help support the July 11 Eclipse Expedition. The quest continues!



Whitley Strieber –speaks – Abductions Indonesia

An Unknowncountry.com correspondent working on the island of Sulaweisi in Indonesia reports that many people are disappearing in the jungle, apparently due to a very unusual form of abduction that takes place if they wear certain colors. Some are returned, but generally with no memory of what happened to them.

His report follows:

I am on an island called Sulawesi in Indonesia. To be exact, I a writing this from the city of Makassar also known as Ujung Pandang Sulawesi Selatan (South Sulawesi).

I started running across this story about 3 years ago when I went to a small village in the district of Sandu Batu in South Sulawesi. I was told not to bring any clothing with yellow in it or any other bright colors to wear in the jungle. Only Black or White. Black was the most preferred. I had to ask why. They said that people who wear these bright colors will disappear.

I thought it was some kind of cultural taboo that had a harsh punishment if broken, so I complied of course. We got to the village and everyone wore black. The villagers verified that people do indeed disappear but this village would not say why. When we got there, rested, met with the leaders of the village, about 10 of us proceeded to go into the jungle to witness illegal logging that was occurring there and the villagers wanted to show us the damage.

One of my friends, who is a Bugis-Makassar, didn’t listen or understand the warning and wore yellow socks. We did our tour and returned. He was strangely quiet. That night he became extremely ill. I had never seen a person projectile vomit that hard. He had an extreme fever also. We nursed him and about a day later he returned to his healthy self. Then he told us what happened.

He said something had bitten him on his right legs calf and then his thigh. He showed us the marks. They were huge scratches. He said he could not see what was attacking him. He said he did not want to tell us what happened because he was embarrassed. The villagers stood around us with these knowing looks while we looked at the marks.

I asked them what it was. They did ant to say, but they said he was very lucky. Usually people disappear. I was stunned. It was not a taboo. It was a serious threat.

I just came back from the city of Palopo last night. I went there to visit a friend. Then I heard this story from her. Her cousin and four others went for a three day hike in the mountains about an hour out of town. When they did not return she began to worry. after about a week things got very serious.

She hired a search party with her own money, you have to understand she is poor so the cost to her was enormous. I know it was a few months ago because she would send me notes apologizing for not having the money to pay me her monthly loan payment. I found out it was because of the search party. Anyway I digress, she spent a month in the mountains searching for her cousin and his friends. They found only her brother.

He was severely emaciated but was still alive. He was also traumatized. He was also alone. The families of the missing men forced her and her family to continue searching for the four missing people. They have never been found. Not a trace. Not even a body. They just disappeared.

The brother has no memory as to what happened. He does not know how they got separated. He was so traumatized by what happened he did not speak for two months. I questioned him a bit but I stopped for now because he was returning to his previous state.

I asked my friend what she thought happened. She said it was the Jin. Jin is Arabic for demon. She said many many people have disappeared in the mountains because of the Jin. I asked my engineer friend who I worked with about this early today. He said it happens often and reminded me of Wala Wala the village we had gone to. Entire cultures have developed around this problem. They wear only black because they believe this allows them to travel through the jungle undetectable by whatever it is that takes these people. At first I thought perhaps it was a python. The largest snake ever caught was python. It was caught in Sulawesi. I was immediately corrected. Snakes are not a problem to grown adults they said. That theory died on the spot.

There is something taking these people Whitley. Something terrible and evil in Sulawesi. The people of Sulawesi have come to terms with it and have tried to adapt themselves to deal with whatever it is. It has gone on long enough to bend culture. I will continue to investigate what this is. It is one of the strangest and most dangerous true stories I have ever come across. Could it be extraterrestrials? Maybe but who? It would be easy for extraterrestrials to hunt human beings here because villages are so remote. I go by foot to many of them.There are few roads in some areas. Also 85% are Muslim and therefore people are not allowed to talk about this sort of thing and the religion treats this circumstance as nonsense because it does not fit into doctrine and is in constant competition with Animism. People are embarrassed to talk about it. This is a wild world Whitley.

Indonesia is one of the most volatile geographical areas in the world. The energy produced allows all sorts of entities to exist. Spirits are rampant here because of this. There word for Spirit is Hantu. I have experienced Hantu many times while here in Indonesia but that is another story.

Our correspondent provides this follow-up to his continuing investigation:

After a bit of a talk with some people who got the young man who had survived the hike in the jungle to talk, I interviewed and recorded the information as best as I could.

I found out he kept seeing what the Bugis call Jin Kurcaci. It means little demon people. These things do what is called “penculikan” or abduction. No one knows why they do this. But sometimes the people come back after a bit. The people or creatures who do this have a small nose and their eyes are small and black, but their mouths are very broad and when they smile it is very large compared to the rest of their face. He could not remember the color of their skin. I asked for a picture to be drawn. He managed a crude happy face with a nose consisting of a single line and a huge grimace. The boy was the only one who could see them out of the five.He kept seeing a lot of them but when he would try to show the others one of the four who disappeared could see them.

He also saw a strange animal he could not recognize. These animals are the size of a horse with huge antlers. He said he saw herds of them. He could not understand where they came from or why there were so many. They not an animal indigenous to the area. There is no such known animal that big in Sulawesi.

Apparently this is a widespread problem. The reason why I say I recorded the conversation as best as I could what I mean is that the batteries in the recorder which were just changed before I arrived went dead during the interview. This has happened before to me. So did the battery in my keyboard which is also new. I will be going home in a week but am stopping in Java first to see if this anomaly is occurring there. I keep getting told it happens a lot. I mean a lot. I did a search “Orang Hilang” or “disappearing person” and a lot of stories showed up. But the stories are in Bahasa. I plan on translating as many as I can because I have first hand experience.

Visit –An Unknowncountry.com /Whitley Strieber for more great articles .

Mark Hyman MD speaks — Super fiber that Controls Your Appetite and Blood Sugar

Mark Hyman, MD

Practicing physician and pioneer in functional medicine
Posted: May 29, 2010

The Super Fiber That Controls Your Appetite and Blood Sugar

Imagine eating 12 pounds of food a day — and still staying thin and healthy. That may sound crazy, but it’s exactly what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate for millennia! And they didn’t have any obesity or chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or dementia.

Of course, I wouldn’t advise anyone today to eat 12 pounds of food, because the food in our society lacks one major secret ingredient that our ancestors ate in nearly all their food — fiber!

Fiber has so many health benefits that I want to focus on it in this week’s blog. I’ll explain some of its benefits and give you nine tips you can begin using today to get more fiber in your diet. I’ll also tell you about my favorite “super-fiber” that can help you increase your total fiber intake overnight.

But before I tell you about what fiber can do for you, let’s a look a little more at the history of fiber.

Why Bushmen are Healthier than the Average Westerner

Dr. Dennis Burkitt, a famous English physician, studied the differences between indigenous African bushmen and their “civilized” western counterparts. The bushmen seemed to be free of the scourges of modern life — including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Dr. Burkitt found that the average bushman had a stool weight of two pounds and the “civilized” men had a stool weight of only four ounces – that’s 87.5 percent smaller! The difference was in the amount of fiber they ate.

Today, the average American eats about 8 grams of fiber a day. But the average hunter and gatherer ate 100 grams from all manner of roots, berries, leaves and plant foods. And the fiber is what helped those ancestors of ours stay healthy. Just take a look at all the good things that fiber can do for your body.

You need fiber to keep you healthy from top to bottom, as well as to provide food for the healthy bacteria that work within you to promote health.

In fact, fiber can actually prevent obesity(i) and all the chronic disease of aging. This is because fiber slows the rate at which food enters your bloodstream and increases the speed at which food exits your body through the digestive tract. (ii) That keeps your blood sugar and cholesterol in ideal balance — and quickly eliminates toxins from your gut and reduces your appetite,

There’s good science to back this up. Research shows that fiber can lower blood sugar as much as some diabetes medications,(iii) lower cholesterol(iv), and promote weight loss.(v)

It’s clear, fiber is a great ally in the battle of the bulge.

But it’s also a hero in more serious battles.

For example, one recent study showed how butyrate made by gut bacteria from certain types of fiber acts as a switching molecule that turns on an anticancer gene — and turns OFF colon cancer. In fact, fiber has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer by as much as a third and breast cancer by almost 40 percent.

It also lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease by as much as 40 percent.(vi) And if you have diabetes, adding fiber to your diet may even help you use less insulin. Plus, it’s a great natural cure for constipation and irregularity.(vii)

Now that you know how beneficial it is, let’s look at how you can begin taking advantage of fiber’s health benefits.

Getting Enough Daily Fiber

You should shoot to get 30 to 50 grams of fiber into your diet every day.(viii) The type of fiber you choose is important, too.

Most people think that bran is the best type of fiber to eat. But bran (wheat fiber) is mostly insoluble and doesn’t get digested. Think of it as more of a scouring pad for your intestines. That’s good for getting you regular, but it just can’t help your health the way that soluble fiber can.

You’ll find soluble fiber in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and most whole grains. The bacteria in your gut metabolizes the soluble fiber in these foods, and that’s when the benefits start.

Soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin, prevent cancer, balance hormone levels, remove excess estrogen and reduce the risk of breast cancer, make vitamins and minerals, provide food for the colon cells, and more. So it’s easy to see just how crucial soluble fiber is to good heath!

In just a minute, I’m going to tell you how to increase your fiber intake. But first, I want to tell you about some recent discoveries regarding an ancient fiber source that can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, reduce your appetite and lower your blood sugar more effectively than ANY other fiber. It’s called glucomannan, but I call it super fiber!

Glucomannan: The Benefits of Super Fiber

Glucomannan (GM) is a soluble, fermentable, and highly viscous dietary fiber that comes from the root of the elephant yam, also known as konjac (Amorphophallus konjac or Amorphophallus rivieri), native to Asia. The konjac tuber has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy and to make traditional foods such as konjac jelly, tofu, and noodles. More recently, purified konjac flour, or GM, has been used as a food stabilizer, gelling agent, and supplement.

What makes this fiber so super is the fact that it can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water — making it one of the most viscous dietary fibers known.

That means that GM can help you shed pounds. In many studies, doses of two to four grams of GM per day were well-tolerated.(ix),(x) This amount also resulted in significant weight loss in overweight and obese individuals.(xi)

GM works by promoting a sense of fullness.(xii),(xiii) Plus, it pushes more calories out through your colon, rather than letting them be absorbed.(xiv) It also lowers the energy density of the food you eat. In other words, it bulks up food in your gut — creating a lower calorie content per weight of food you eat.(xv)

And since fiber has almost no calories but a lot of weight, adding it to your diet lowers the energy-to-weight ratio of the food that you eat. Studies show that the weight of food controls your appetite, so the fiber increases the food’s weight WITHOUT increasing calories — a critical factor in weight control.

This powerful fiber may also control your appetite in other key ways.

For example, it sends signals to your brain that there is a lot of food in your gut and tells it to slow down on stuffing food in there.

GM also leaves your stomach and small bowel slowly because it is so viscous. By slowing the rate of food absorption from the gut to the bloodstream, GM reduces the amount of insulin produced after a meal, which also controls your appetite.

It may also increase the level of hormones in the gut (such as cholecystokinin), which is another way to control your appetite.(xvi)

And finally, you lose more calories through stool because GM soaks up all those extra calories!

GM can also help your health in other ways. In addition to weight reduction, GM has been studied for its effects on constipation, serum cholesterol,(xvii) blood glucose,(xviii) blood pressure,(xix) and insulin resistance syndrome.(xx)

With all those benefits, there’s no doubt you should eat more fiber. No, you probably won’t be eating 12 pounds of food like your ancestors did! But you can increase your fiber intake, just by being smart about what you eat. Here are some simple suggestions for increasing fiber in your diet.

9 Tips for Increasing the Fiber in Your Diet

1. Get the flax. Get a coffee grinder just for flax seeds, grind 1/2 cup at a time, and keep it in a tightly sealed glass jar in the fridge or freezer. Eat 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds a day. Sprinkle it on salads, grains, or vegetable dishes or mix it in a little unsweetened applesauce.

2. Load up on legumes. Beans beat out everything else for fiber content!

3. Bulk up on vegetables. With low levels of calories and high levels of antioxidants and protective phytochemicals, these excellent fiber sources should be heaped on your plate daily.

4. Go with the grain. Whole grains like brown rice or quinoa are rich in fiber, too.

5. Eat more fruit. Include a few servings of low-sugar fruits to your diet daily (berries are the highest in fiber and other protective phytochemicals).

6. Go nuts. Include a few handfuls of almonds, walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts to your diet every day.

7. Start slowly. Switching abruptly to a high-fiber diet can cause gas and bloating. Increase your fiber intake slowly till you get up to 50 grams a day.

8. Consider a good fiber supplement. If you’re have trouble getting your fill of fiber, choose a supplement that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber and no sweeteners or additives.

9. Choose GM. By now, you know that my favorite kind is glucomannan (GM), or konjac. Many companies sell it in capsule form. Although I don’t normally recommend specific brands, I like the one produced by Natural Factors called WellBetX. You can take 2 to 4 capsules with a glass of water, 30 to 60 minutes before eating. Don’t take any medications within 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking it because the fiber may absorb the medication.

As you can see, fiber has big benefits for your health — from encouraging weight loss to preventing chronic diseases. I hope you’ll start adding more of this important compound into your diet today!

Now I’d like to hear from you …

Have you noticed any ill-health effects from having a low fiber intake?

How much fiber do you think you currently eat every day?

What high-fiber foods do you enjoy?

What steps are you taking to get more fiber in your diet?

Please let me know your thoughts by adding a comment below.

To your good health,

Mark Hyman, M.D.

“UFO’s technology is far ahead from ours”, says former Brazilian minister of Aeronautics brigadier Socrates Monteiro- Part 7

On 19 May 1986, Brazilian jets could not force the UFOs to land. The recently disclosed report tells how every jet was launched, what they saw, and how they unsuccessfully tried to approach the objects. There were times when they turned from hunter to prey. One of the UFOs reached 180 km in a matter of seconds going Atlantic Ocean inwards at Sao Paulo coast, then turned back to chase Brazilian jets.

That’s true. What we see is that one can not approach these objects. During this specific incident, pilots tried many times, but UFOs simply sped up and left them behind.

Impressive. And all was recorded by ground and cockpit radars. The UFOs were being observed both by the pilots and Ozires Silva.

Those were “visual electronic anomalies” [laughing each time more when quoting the term].

Have you had the chance to talk to those pilots or other military involved, such as the commander of Comando de Defesa Aérea (CODA), Major Ney Cerqueira, now a retired Colonel? Or have you talked to the then minister of Aeronautics, Brigadier Octavio Moreira Lima?

No. I didn’t talk to them because I had no intentions of carrying out a profound investigation on that. I knew it would lead us nowhere.

How did you know it would lead you nowhere?

Because it was always like this, at least here in Brazil.

But researching takes us somewhere, at least.

Yes. One day we’re going to get there.

Sources say that 21 round-shaped objects, 100m in diameter each, were involved. Such a massive manifestation of UFOs wouldn’t be a threat to national security, to civil air traffic, especially at the time of the occurrence?

No, we knew there wasn’t any threat. We were convinced that their intention was to know better.

To know what or who? Us?

Yes, to know us.

So it means you admit “they” exist and are intelligent beings trying to know us.

Well, they were electronic anomalies [laughing even more]…

At a time when even the government discloses information it’s becoming more and more difficult to deny it, isn’t it?

My friends, I can assure you one thing: if I had any concrete evidence about the reality of UFOs, I would pass it on to you immediately. Unfortunately I don’t have any, but I do know a lot of credible people who experienced the phenomenon and I can give you their names. For example, Jose Aluizio Borges, a general manager to Banco Real. He was at his farm near Campo Grande (MS) and saw a flying saucer. “It was a huge light that crossed in front of us in the middle of the night”, he told me [that witness was not found to give his interview].

So your friend was impressed just like you when you saw that light together with your wife?

Yes. Humans are naturally inclined to look for the unknown. Brazilians have such inheritance from the Portuguese people. Some 300 years ago, someone called Bartolomeu Gusmao did something incredible. He made a small balloon go up inside the Portuguese royal palace, so that he could prove his point that flying was possible. Before that, when he was only describing what he would do, everybody laughed. Then, when people saw the balloon going up, they started to clap. Gusmao then asked the king’s permission to develop that means of transport. After him, how many people got inspired to conduct similar experiments? Would you believe that someone thought about that means of transport 300 years ago?

You have mentioned the event within Cindacta facilities in Gama. Do you know of any other case in which UFOs were shot at by the military? Do you know of any jet fighters having targeted objects in the air?

I don’t know any case of that. Actually, at the time we followed the doctrine of non-aggression.

That doctrine was enforced by whom?

By no one. That was just a logical conclusion, once we knew that an artefact capable of such flying maneuvers could never be hit. It would be even crazy on our part to attempt anything against it. We knew that and no one would be fool enough to try an attack. That “thing” could simply pulverize us with a beam of light. However, we were never prevented from trying to approach the ships in order to see them closely. Actually, all the military were dying to see a UFO at close range.

Was that a formal doctrine within your regulations?

No, it was rather informal. It was a natural behaviour for pilots and commanders. One would ask, “Hey, would you shoot that?” and the other would reply, “Of course not. I’m not stupid”. In fact, as we didn’t believe one could get even close to those objects, we never had a procedure to be adopted in these cases.
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