SHIFT LESSONS from the Gulf: Ready for higher pressure? Generessa Rose — June 2010

Newsletter from Generessa Rose — June 2010

Lessons and reminders from which we can learn are all around us as we
make our way through these transformational times. For example, the
catastrophic situation in the Gulf of Mexico is a metaphor we can use
to reassess the physical management of our own PERSONAL energy system.

In order to bring about needed planetary changes, the acceleration of
higher frequencies incoming to the planet and ourselves continues. To
receive and contain the pressure of these higher frequencies, a
balanced, strong, clear, well-maintained physical system is essential
for greater comfort during our metamorphosis.

In the Gulf of Mexico debacle, the ego-pressure of greed combined with
faulty equipment which had not been maintained properly led to the
catastrophic explosion and continuous gush of polluting crude oil into
the Gulf. This event killed people, wildlife, livelihoods and
generational ways of living, with more repercussions yet to come.

Using this event as a metaphor for the increasing energies pressing us
toward personal transformation, ask yourself these questions:

In what shape is your PERSONAL BLOWOUT PREVENTER? How are you
managing your energy? Is your physical equipment in good shape? Is
your energetic battery fully charged and ready to go at all times? Is
all your mental/emotional wiring up-to-date and strong? Instead of
succumbing to pressure, can you allow yourself to take all the time
you need to make considered and wise choices? Are fear of loss or
fear of failure influencing your decisions? Are you approaching life
with integrity, balance, respect and an awareness of
interconnectedness? Do you have some crude Crud or pressure that
needs to be addressed and transformed? Is pressure increasing your
emotional boiling point? Feeling more explosive? Is your body giving
signals that indicate dis-harmony, dis-ease, dis-comfort?

Pay attention. Reassess. Be honest.

Take action! According to YOUR OWN KNOWING, are you getting any urges
to: do an internal physical cleanse; get more physical exercise; stop
eating certain things; start eating more wholesome foods; meditate
more often; do Yoga, Tai Chi, the 5 Rites, Chi Kung, etc.; get better
sleep; drink more water; make different friends; turn off your
computer sooner; breathe deeper; detoxify; get rid of emotional Crud;
simplify; love more. In a previous newsletter I reminded you about
BE-ing; taking time to let go of pressure is another important tool.

All of the above physically affect the containment, quality and flow
of high frequency energy; they are Personal Blowout Preventers. The
intense energies that activate change will continue to increase and to
point out weak spots: personally, globally and everything in between.
With proper preparation, periodic upgrades and CONSISTENT MAINTENANCE,
you can physically handle the pressure of shifting energies that pour
into the pipeline of your body, mind, heart, and spirit at this time.

Preparation and consistent follow-through are essential for avoiding
blowouts and for maximizing positive transformation. Listen to
yourself and take action!

Envisioning our greatest good, with love,

Generessa Rose

PS If any part of your mental/emotional system needs to be upgraded
or transformed, CONTACT me about a session:

PPS To INFUSE yourself with positive energy and EMPOWER your own
vision for creating your life, get my DVD: *Getting Personal with the
Matrix of Everything*

COPYRIGHT 2010 Generessa Rose. All Rights reserved. You have
permission to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that
the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author and
that it is distributed without charge. Thank you.

Quote of the Week from Papyrus -07/10/10

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time,carrying our hopes for love , joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.
Papyrus – the card people

Short Message from Jim Turner of Apocalypse Island Fame

I depart this afternoon for the Eclipse Expedition and will be alongside the island monument on the Ahau day and unable to communicate with the outside world. The solo expedition will be a challenge but it is one that I am exceptionally excited about.

I anticipate returning with some amazing video footage as well as with many answers to the mysteries of the Mayan Sun God monument. Thanks for your interest and support and I look forward to reporting on my triumphs when I return.



June Meeting Albuquerque/Rio Rancho UFO/Paranormal Forum – The Season Finale was a Blockbuster-Is it all True Series #141

The last four meetings or so have been incredible—the members are on a roll to seek the truth. This last one for the season was full of surprises.

It turned out to be an hour talk and four mini-talks. As usual we never know quite what direction in the universe we will go and this meeting was no exception. First there was a gentleman who spoke mind control and alien abductions. He related a personal story about a close friend who had several encounters with mind control, grays, and our military. He recommended a couple of books on the subject: “The Control of Candy Jones” by Bain and “Operation Mind Control” by Walter Bowart, must reads if you can find copies.

Next a man spoke on his personal experiences dealing with the underground tunnels that are spread around New Mexico. He talked with some caution about a “controlling force” which is responsible for chaos on the earth. He also spoke of many UFO sightings he experienced here and in California, and I believe he was just warming up.

Next there was a local Albuquerque woman, who lived her early life in northern Georgia in a small town in which UFO sightings were very, very common. Also this town had only about 500 people but had 5 sets of male twins, all born in the early 50’s. And guess what, the military and other government agencies were very interested in these twins and visited the sleepy town for many years.

Next a person spoke of an amazing experience she had working at the famous National Lab west of Santa Fe. First she stated they (the Lab) have one of the largest collections of UFO publications maybe in the world. If that is not incredible enough, next she stated that once a man came to the Lab, talking about his alien direct contact experiences. Normally the officials at the Lab would smile and give the person a lunch coupon and say goodbye, but not this time. This man was kept for a week and asked questions from other scientists who were brought in from around the world. This man had also written a book about these experiences and everyone was very interested in this publication, and the government censored parts of the book under a highly classified cover – this part of the book was supposedly written by a real alien being. Then there was the phrase in the book “Gravitational Propulsion Device” and the file folder our speaker found called “Gravitational Propulsion Device Roswell 1947.” Can you say smoking gun, double barrel?

The special speaker of the day talked with great expertise about free energies, the why’s and how’s. R.C. with great passion spoke of what we presently had in free energy devices and what we could have if the Government and Big Business would allow true freedom to reign in the world. Free energy would save our world from many evil fear-based agendas.

We all wait for the next meeting of the Forum in Albuquerque this September—to show the way to the truth.

Sleep Tight – only a world filled with fear can try, but only try, to block the truth.


News from Generessa Rose, Your Cosmic – Travis Walton, Philip Corso & X-Conference Archive

Dear friends,

FIRST, in my conversation with Travis Walton last Friday evening at
the Sedona MUFON meeting, he said that a couple weeks ago he published
a new upgraded version of his book, FIRE IN THE SKY. Having some with
him, I bought one, of course. Prices for the earlier edition of his
book had risen precipitously and so now an affordable version is once
again available. AND it has 25 additional pages. Rather than being
left with the misrepresentations and sensationalism that were in the
movie version, it is certainly better to read about what really
happened from the man himself. The new version is not listed on
Amazon or his web site yet, but I thought you might like a heads-up
about it.

SECOND, a book that is finally available in English, and at no charge,
is the original manuscript by U.S. Army Colonel Philip J. Corso,
titled DAWN OF A NEW AGE, previously only published in Italy.
Executing the orders of General Arthur Trudeau at the Pentagon, Corso
handled technical data and some mysterious components derived from the
alien craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in early July 1947.
Corso had also seen medical reports of the autopsies performed on the
bodies retrieved at the incident site.

People interested in UFOs will be compelled to read this book, because
too much of the information in the bestseller ?The Day After Roswell?
does not stand up to what Corso really wrote in his diary. Open Minds
Production is presenting the Corso manuscript, for the first time in
the U.S., in its original, uncut and unedited English-language
version. The manuscript is available digitally; you can sign up to
get it at no charge at their website:

Kudos and gratitude to Open Minds Production for bringing this to us!

THIRDLY, you can still sign up to view the Archive of presentations at
the X-CONFERENCE 2010 held at the National Press Club in Washington DC
in May. The Archive will be available until June 30th. They had
multiple technical problems with the live streaming, but the Archive
is in good shape (except for cutting off the last two minutes of
George Knapp). All the presentations are well worth watching.

Live with truth and love without fear,

Generessa Rose

The Ahau Chronicles from Turner 2012 Part 2 – The explanation

Long Count: Partial Lunar Eclipse
The countdown to the Easter Island Total Solar Eclipse continues! As the moon and earth come into alignment with the sun we will be treated to a partial eclipse of the moon during the full moon on July 26th, 2010. Observers on Easter Island as well as those on the western portions of North and South America can watch the moon glide through the penumbral shadow of the earth and witness half of the moon eclipsed by the dark umbra of our planet. Lunar eclipses are visible over a much wider area than solar eclipses and this lunar eclipse signals the final approach to the solar eclipse of July 11th.

The occurrence of a solar eclipse following immediately after a lunar eclipse, or vice versa, was recognized by the Mayan astronomers and was often depicted as, for example, the image at left from page 66 of the Dresden Codex. Two eclipse glyphs hang from a star band consisting of a series of glyphs mimicking the final page of the Dresden Codex as well as Pakal’s famous sarcophagus lid in Palenque. Blue water appears to rain down on the crouching figure of Chac below, again much in keeping with the final page of this codex. Chac is the Mayan god of rain so the watery element seems appropriate. But far from appearing to command the rain, the image of Chac is shown in a submissive posture looking upward toward the source of the water, as if he himself was somehow a victim of the deluge. Could the flood be a wave of solar energy from the heavens washing over the earth, magnified by the eclipse alignment?

The previous newsletter introduced the concept of gravitational lensing whereby the alignment of the sun and moon creates a superposition of their gravitational pulls. This effect can increase the influence of the solar wind by focusing additional energetic particles into the earth’s magnetosphere. The additional gravitational forces can also generate a higher than normal stress on the fragile crust of the earth creating the potential for crustal displacement and the possibility of earthquakes.

At the opposite shore of the ocean from Apocalypse Island lies the island nation of Japan, a modern industrialized country perched precariously on the edge of the volcanic Ring of Fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Researchers have studied a possible link between eclipses and earthquakes in an effort to be able to better predict the potential for earthquakes. While the data does not appear conclusive and the occurrence of an eclipse does not necessarily guarantee an associated earthquake, a startling correspondence can be recognized. The Japanese earthquakes of 2004 and 2007 were both Magnitude 6.9, almost equal to the devastating Magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti (January 12, 2010) which occurred three days prior to a solar eclipse (January 15, 2010).

While my intention is not to provoke fear or panic, there seems to be good cause to take this possible correlation seriously. The path of totality of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 will closely follow the boundary between the Nazca and Antarctic tectonic plates, perhaps putting stress on a part of the world still recovering from the massive Magnitude 8.8 quake of February 27th of this year

On a brighter note, preparations are underway for a week-long festival of art and culture on Easter Island. The Honu Eclipse festival will highlight local Rapa Nui culture and history as well as aim to promote a spirit of peace and environmental awareness. The last Total Solar Eclipse to pass over Easter Island was 1,419 years ago on March 30, 591. This is prior to the accepted date of the creation of the famous Moai statues and is eagerly anticipated by the islanders. Eclipse festivities begin on July 7th, a sacred Ahau day of the Mayan calendar and the publication date of our next newsletter

Important message for Jim Turner – From Apocalypse Island Fame

Hi Truthseekerforum audience,

Just wanted to let you know that I am preparing for the Eclipse Expedition and would like to seek the support of your audience to help make the trip a success. Our original funding drive didn’t reach its goal but the response was sufficient to pay for the basics. The movie airs again this Friday at 8 and again at midnight. I’m doing a quick redesign of the website so that the home page solicits donations for the expedition. Any extra traffic you might be able to generate would be appreciated. I’m super excited about this expedition and see it as the opportunity to tell all the secrets of the monument without distortion. Thanks for your support through it all! Cheers, Jim

Nancy Clark in the World of the Dowsers in Los Lunas– Is it all True Series #141

Two weeks ago Gary’s group in Los Lunas had another excellent speaker, Nancy Clark, from one of my favorite places, Tucson, Arizona—as I call it, the purple sacred place. Several of Gary’s speakers over the last year have come from the Purple Magic Dome, as I called it when I lived there in the late 90’s.

Nancy mixed together a montage of various important connected topics that will profoundly affect every one of us during the next 2 to 3 years. This post will not allow an in-depth look at Nancy’s talk, but here I will grab a few bits and pieces to awaken your mind for further thought.

First, one of the favorite subjects of our time, 2012 – 11:19 GMT 12-21-12, which may turn out to be the year of super hype; a lot of amazing, strange speculation on what will happen has pushed to the surface. Nancy does say we will be facing the womb of creation, the center of our Galaxy, as we will be in a perfect alignment on that now famous minute in 2012. Will that alignment create the change for the positive that we hope for? I guess the old “time will tell” concept applies here.

DNA—is it now being activated? Nancy says no, for our DNA is in constant change and evolution from the Sun, our earth environment and the quantum power of all life around us.

World violence—a massive change moves on a 500-year wave, and its crest is nearly upon us. Nancy believes this coming chaos will be stabilized with a new order (period of peace).

There is one common prophecy among the Native Americans of North, Central and South America. It is when the American Bald Eagle meets the Condor from the Andes that this massive change will begin to form – this famed meeting has happened on the California Coast not long ago.

Another widely held belief by indigenous peoples (a worldwide prophecy) is that the wise elder women of the earth will heal the earth of its sorrows caused by mankind. There are presently 13 indigenous Grandmothers touring the planet to heal its wounds.

The Russians are using pyramid power with many small and large size pyramids to also heal the earth’s grid system and help prevent the massive earth changes the Russians believe are coming soon.

Next Nancy talked about the Palm Leaf Prophecy written they say by the God Shiva some 9000 years ago. The following are some of the things that were said in these prophecies for our present time.

1. Change coming soon at many levels.
2. Natural disasters, many.
3. There will be divine intervention (I think inter-dimensional).
4. Lessening of negative thought (not able to worry).
5. A new consciousness to understand God.
6. Only pure love on earth.
7. World countries will work together.
8. World leaders will truly work for peace.
9. Earth radiates its own light (increases).

And lastly a subject I feel is most important, fear and the lack of it. This was also a theme in her talk. Simply said, fear makes you small and the lack of it makes you so very huge, like GOD.

Sleep tight – only fear can disrupt your path to creation.