Tina Gibson and her Magical Universe/ Surrendered Life– Is it all True Series #168

Gary Plapp and his Dowsers January meeting had the delightful speaker named Tina Gibson, a 5th and 6th Grade teacher. Tina, a Greg Braden disciple, had an interesting and profound way of communicating. We speak of Crystal/ Indigo children; well maybe she is a Crystal teacher. She spoke in visual sound bites, or I guess packets of wisdom to live by. If you take these packets (short sentences) and filter them through the right brain, it quickly explodes into a thousand words and concepts.

So here we go, life is meant to open our consciousness. A personal painful event is pivotal in being able to surrender to the infinite. Pain and discomfort create opportunity for change in our life. We must be willing to listen to enter a state of surrender. We must learn to be neutral in the presence of distress, for there is blessing in all events. We can show emotions, but don’t let emotions control our lives. Emotions are what separates us from most of the other species in the universe. They are what is “Human”.

Always let go, accept what is, and accept oneself in every way. Guide oneself by your feeling through the heart-mind. The quicker we all realize we are all perfect the quicker we can enjoy life’s journey.

With focused consciousness awaken into the zero-point, which is the part of the universe where personal creation takes place. Change is coming but not to be denied, and we live in a world of all possibilities. Our feeling can show us the way. And use synchronicity as your inner leader to guide you through your changing paths.

And finally, Life is a workshop, live through Life – and always, always take responsibility. Tina presented the above concepts of guidance through wonderful short stories. Thanks Tina.

Sleep tight – and surrender to the night – for the infinite will provide abundance and joy.


CONSCIOUSLY CREATE UNITY July 17 & 18 Newsletter from Generessa Rose

Dear Friends,

If you have attended one of my presentations or watched my DVD
*Getting Personal with the Matrix of Everything,* you would have
learned that my shamanic journeys into the quantum realm prove that
the Matrix of Everything is conscious and is continually being
impregnated with your intentions, expectations & assumptions.

In my experience, this Matrix is an enthusiastic partner in
manifesting your intentions – – Creation LOVES to serve you! During
my shamanic journeys, it was also clear why and how the unified
consciousness and intention of multiple people is so powerful. The
more people who collaborate, coordinate and send the SAME INTENTION
into the Matrix of Everything, the greater is the impact upon the
Matrix and the greater is the power to set things into motion and
create what is intended.

July 17 & 18 offer us an event to use the power of our collective
consciousness: the Conscious Convergence, sponsored by the Global
Consciousness Project. It has been organized with the intention of
creating unity and global peace.

The Mission Statement from Conscious Convergence states: The Conscious
Convergence mission is to bring people together with the shared
intention of cultivating a critical mass of harmonious energy that
supports inner and outer reconciliation. We come together in the
spirit of unity to heal wounds that separate us, to reconcile
conflicts that divide us, to inspire ideas and actions that express
our oneness, and to join together in heart and mind to welcome the
birth of our new world.

The Shared Intention Agreement states: I, as a sovereign being, join
together with All That Is to call forth the presence of balance and
unity within me and in our world. I am the conscious presence of
harmony and reconciliation, and I am grateful for the wholeness I
bring forth in this and every moment. And so it is.

For both your personal world and the global world, you have an
opportunity to support the transcendence of old destructive paradigms
and to BOOST THE POWER and effectiveness of our shared intentions.

What to do? This weekend, join together, in groups or remotely, and
ride a wave of intention, consciousness & energy to personally and
globally create UNITY, HARMONY and PEACE. ENVISION and celebrate the
life and world you want!

Is it worth taking some time to do this on your weekend?

Be peace. Be harmony. Be grateful. Be joy. Be the love you are.

In unity and with gratitude,

Generessa Rose

Quote of the Week from Papyrus -07/10/10

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time,carrying our hopes for love , joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.
Papyrus – the card people


Sister Wolf and Little Grandmother present…


Hooper Colorado

Friday Sep. 3 2010

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Event includes and welcomes:

~Native American Drumming & Dancing

~Sage blessing by sister Judy Messoline

~Healings and Prayer with Sister Wolf & Little Grandmother plus guests

~Story telling with Sister Wolf

~Vendors and Crafts

For more information on event contact:



Saturday/Sunday sep.4/5 2010

UFO Event

Check UFOWATCHTOWER.COM for information

Rv & Camp site available for events

Shaman our Cosmic 4- Legged Friend –Is it all True Series# 109

Well, Friday the 13th was very tragic for us. Our companion of 14 years has moved on to his next adventure. We have walked and hiked thousands of wonderful miles together. In his younger days, he was always there with his eager smile and telepathing to us “So what is next my human friends.” Even in his last days he mustered up enough energy to do a quick 3+-mile walk. He was with us in Atlanta, Tucson, Park City and Albuquerque.

So my friend where will you go in your cosmic portal? Will you go to another world where dogs are in total charge (sort of like here), or will your spirit/soul enter another being of the 2-legged variety? Whatever it is you will be the very best, for you never let us down, you brighten up our world every step of the way.

I feel strongly there should be a Cosmic Law your four- legged friends should never die before you. That is a little selfish, but I would add that the four-legged friend would go automatically to a loving home. It’s very tough to let a close friend go, though he did leave in total peace, my heart truly hurts as I sit and write this.

Thank the universe that I believe there is no death. It, death, is a total illusion. The Cosmic energy of all living beings can’t be destroyed or altered and it goes on forever. The place I feel I may meet my friend again is in dream time or even maybe the next time I photograph a vortex – his smiling face will appear and I will smile back. Boy are we going to miss you, but we will never regard a minute of those 14 wonderful years together.

Shaman was much more than our friend he was our spirit keeper. To you always my BIG HIKER Boy, BIG Swimmer Boy and true Adventurer BOY, — Happy trails to you until we meet AGAIN.

Love Always and Forever from us.


Santa Fe 122606 Tania and Big Snow 020

Will the Dimensional Beings Show Us There is an Afterlife?— Is it all True Series #101

During my life I have known three people who have had a sudden transition into another dimensional world. They were all very close to me. Their transition was quick and violent, 2 motorcycle accidents and a car encounter with a huge tree. I used the term transition and not passing, dying, or killed. Transition truly describes the process, being a change of state to a light dimension. A very sudden shift from an earth life state to a higher realm is a real challenge for the remaining energy body to form into energy orb. Sometimes, as I have heard the transition, is not complete and the energy doesn’t form into the orb, its stays permanently or temporarily as a ghost-type apparition, caught between the two worlds.

During my many years of research including interviews with contactees, I was told some of the alien beings roam the earth to collect and consolidate fragments of human energy bodies and pull them into a higher dimension. They (aliens) are not always successful and some of these poor souls remain wandering the earth forever. This is especially true of people who died as a result of a nuclear blast; their energy bodies are shattered into billions of minute atoms. This type of event is called soul splitting and that is why nuclear weapons should be banned from the earth forever. These weapons do more than just kill tissue; they also destroy the soul pod. This is one reason I believe there was a 10 fold increase of UFO activity shortly after the first atomic bomb was tested in New Mexico in 1945. The alien beings knew we had made a huge mistake in the creation of the hell weapon on earth.

Now moving on to these inter-dimensional beings and the possibility of them helping us to re-connect with our family members who have transitioned. From past contactee interviews I believe it (re-connection) is being done now in some rare cases. And I believe in the future this process will be more open to the general population of the earth.

During my recent vortex/ portal photography I have seen some interesting beings passing in and out of these areas, and these areas are entryways to a vast inter-dimensional realm where earth energy bodies reside. The question will always be are we really ready for this type of visit; will our mental health survive the trip?

As I boarded a plane to go back home from a memorial service for my dear brother-in law, I remembered a conversation I had with his brother. After the violent accident the brother was driving by the area where the accident had just occurred a few hours before, and there stood his brother staring at him with a look of strange approval. I truly hope he (my brother-in-law) was able to consolidate his energy body so his transition was complete and I will be looking for him during my continued research into inter-dimensional vortexes.

Happy trails to you Dr.D, until we meet again.


Priscilla Wolf -part 3 of Cloud UFOs and my Grandpa Antonio

One Step beyond our imagination. How beautiful how our minds create and except the unknown.
Grandfather use to say; when you see something unknown and you speak about it, there is always those who try to say its not true until it happens to them, this world is full of mysteries. When you except it opens doors to the unknown.
It was Feb-1962- 2 months after Grandfather expired, I had been outside chopping wood, and bringing wood in for our fireplace . I was so exhausted, I joined my grandmother, Mother,and Aunt Frances in the kitchen for a cup of coffee, then I went into the front room to lay on the sofa and rest a bit. I seemed to fall into a deep sleep. It was the most vivid experience, and I can recall it all in enormous detail. There is no way it was a dream. Call it whatever, but I felt I was lifted into this cloud formation with such a force, Suddenly I was in a huge room, but outside was a white cloud. There was no windows- I saw my grandfather Antonio enters the room and greeted me with happiness- We talked a lot about everything at home. He wore a white robe and he glowed, he looked younger and complete in good health.
“He said; my Patricia ” I have bad news for you.
Two of my daughters are very ill and will join me soon. They will die a week apart in March (of 1962.)
Please let them know I’m here for them. he gave me other messages, I felt myself moving down from the sky. until I was back on the sofa. I woke up and walked into the kitchen and Mom asked me if I was ok? I was very pale they said. Did you see a ghost? I sat down and told them, Grandpa just came to visit me. And he had a message for you all. He has came back for two of his daughters . Mom said; I hope its me- I been so sick, Aunt Frances said; he can go to hell, I’m not ready to go. Grandmother made the remark it was just a dream- don’t worry. A week later in March of 1962- My Aunt Frances got very ill and we took her to Alamosa, Colorado hospital. The day they released her, we went to the hospital to get her, I went into her room and she was sound asleep. but she wasn’t asleep she was dead. it was March-12-1962.
Aunt Helen became very ill same month and was taken to Denver Colorado hospital. The day she was released she also died asleep, it was march-23-1962. Aunt Helen never knew her sister Frances had died.
They say death spirits take three, December 29-1962 grandfather expired- and in March 1962 both Aunts expired. Remember chances are you will never know your death time, but you can drop by one step beyond if you dare. In this particular story it may have been because there was a strong bond between grandfather
and grand- daughter where communication was entirely positive, comforting, and reassuring….

Second part-Beyond and back, quest for the unknown-by Priscilla Garduno Wolf‏

One of the most profound
mysteries confronting any human being is the possibility of surviving after death.The existence of a very different dimension to the world we already inhabit.
One step beyond! Antonio, my Spanish grandfather who was from Spain, was an extraordinary man, no adult in my life had so great and influence over my imaginations like he did.
Living in his world was beautiful to me, he was a great believer- we did not live alone -God had created all over the universe. If this was not true why do we speak of Heaven.
It was December 1961 when my grandfather passed from this world we know of and we have created.
That winter was one of the worst- coldest-snow fall over six feet in the San Luis Valley, Colorado I had ever known.The ground was frozen and digging my grandfathers grave was a job.
Three weeks after he died, he kept his promise to me, if there is another life and world, he told me. I will come back and visit you! I was very close to my grandparents, the Spanish and Apache life to me was heaven. Understanding the culture and ways of life, was a gift, we never lost our ways.
Quest of the unknown.
Grandfather Antonio believed the closer you are to God and spirituality, the veil open’s up to you. And the door to other worlds- open up- to good or bad and communication.
Surrounding my grandfather death, I was with him till the last breath he gave. I was so heart broken, I cried and the man next to him, told me lets pray. We prayed the Rosary, since we are Catholic.His face was disfigured from a kick of a horse when he was in his 30’s. He use to tame wild horses for a living. So his right side was disfigured and he couldn’t close his eye. The moment he died as he spoke my name Patricia! his face returned back to normal before my eyes. I knew his life in this body was over. Or was it?
Many Hispanics and Mexicans believe The Spirit roams for 40 days and nights on earth…Three weeks later. My family left back to Cheyenne, Wyoming for two weeks. My cousin Maria stayed with me so I won’t be alone. Maria was very superstitious, I think she was scared of her shadow. I loved to tell ghost stories and she would ask me not to say anything. One night the Snow blizzard outside was real bad- we already had over six feet of snow. And it was about 30 below zero. The fire from our fireplace was so beautiful as it seemed to dance when the wind would blow hard against our farm home. Maria lived in our Adobe house south from our main home. I don’t remember if there was a full moon- but it was very clear outside that night. Our Collie dog Pedro> dog. Grandpa’s dog howled like a wolf every night since grandpa died. Grieving for his master. Would not eat, Grandmother said: the dog would die cause it broke his spirit when he died. That night he barked normal like real happy and half scared. So I looked out the window to see who or what was out there. I noticed a bright light ascending down from the sky. From the South of our farm toward Maria’s home then I noticed a Dark shadow of a man passing the fence, like it wasn’t there. Walking toward her house but on the dirt trail one block away. As it moved closer toward the main house. Maria!– I called out her name– come here quickly there’s someone walking toward our home. She got real scared! and started to pray, its evil she said; its not normal. I had the shot gun next to the door and knew how to shoot a gun. The man walked slowly looking around as he moved on the path way, toward the main house. Pedro-Dog kept barking- yet -sounded happy and scared- so we knew who ever it was the dog knew him. as the man got closer the dog went into his tepee dog house and whined like a cry , didn’t hear the dog no more. We had the outside light on so we could see a tall man, He wore a cowboy hat, as he got closer, I Hollered at Maria! its grandpa! he’s not dead!…. I told Maria- he promised me he would come back. He walked clear to the wood steps outside and went to the door, and tried to open it. He is coming in I told Maria! In God’s name No she hollered! I went for the door and grabbed the shot gun, and opened the door. There was no one there just foot prints on the snow all the way to the door. Pedro-Dog died that night. ( having a gun- can be dangerously.)
I knew there was another world after that, and some stay on earth as ghosts, others as human as me and you -are. life is beautiful when some of us have the power beyond means to come and go with no more pain or suffering — Life has taught me so many things, and I accept and don’t question what is One step beyond,
Angels come in every different forms. until next time part three The Ghost and life of Antonio My grandfather who lives in two worlds. enjoy and remember our loved ones never leave us, if you believe.

Prayer — its results generated through "Intention"-Is it all True Series #20

Prayer—probably at some point in our lives we have prayed for something or someone, and now there may be a good reason to do it even if it is not connected to religious beliefs. Why?–because it works, even through the eyes of Science.

The sub-atomic particles of quantum physics are the driving force behind prayer. And sometimes it seems more is always better; there is power in number in the quantum world. For example, a friend of mine’s son in his mid- twenties was diagnosed with a fatal form of leukemia about 2 years ago. At first the son was getting through the standard chemo treatment ok. But suddenly out of the blue things got out of hand and he was in intensive care when he fell into a coma. The mother was in desperation and called everyone she knew asking them to pray for her son, and she also asked them to call ten more their own friends to do the same, so we now had 200 to 300 people praying for this young man. The hospital basically gave up, according to the doctor; the son wouldn’t make it to the next morning.

Morning came, the son was still alive and by mid-morning he was wide-awake and smiling at his mom. He was released in 48 hours and his cancer was in full remission. Was it the particles’ physics of our quantum world that saved this young man? I believe so. Over the last 10 years, there have been some amazing studies on “Intention”– I call it the power of creation. We can focus our mind power in an intensive way to create a desired outcome. And remember that physics is pure science and does not judge your desires, so be careful what you use those sub-atomic particles to create; one person’s Bride may be another person’s Frankenstein.

I would like to recommend two great books on this subject; they are must-reads, if you are interested in being a creator. “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart.

To have Joy – the Purpose of Life


The Quantum power of prayer.

“The Grays” and other – Whitley Strieber Part 4

Whitley’s Cosmic child — is in his heart. He said it is a challenge to talk about his strange but normal life. The guardian — Whitley has an amazing dream when he was 25 years old. Sees himself arriving at the world of the dead. — EARLY . He is sent back to continue his life and his experiences in his up-state NY cabin ,his famous — Communion cabin.

Enjoy—- life is quite short