Priscilla Wolf -part 3 of Cloud UFOs and my Grandpa Antonio

One Step beyond our imagination. How beautiful how our minds create and except the unknown.
Grandfather use to say; when you see something unknown and you speak about it, there is always those who try to say its not true until it happens to them, this world is full of mysteries. When you except it opens doors to the unknown.
It was Feb-1962- 2 months after Grandfather expired, I had been outside chopping wood, and bringing wood in for our fireplace . I was so exhausted, I joined my grandmother, Mother,and Aunt Frances in the kitchen for a cup of coffee, then I went into the front room to lay on the sofa and rest a bit. I seemed to fall into a deep sleep. It was the most vivid experience, and I can recall it all in enormous detail. There is no way it was a dream. Call it whatever, but I felt I was lifted into this cloud formation with such a force, Suddenly I was in a huge room, but outside was a white cloud. There was no windows- I saw my grandfather Antonio enters the room and greeted me with happiness- We talked a lot about everything at home. He wore a white robe and he glowed, he looked younger and complete in good health.
“He said; my Patricia ” I have bad news for you.
Two of my daughters are very ill and will join me soon. They will die a week apart in March (of 1962.)
Please let them know I’m here for them. he gave me other messages, I felt myself moving down from the sky. until I was back on the sofa. I woke up and walked into the kitchen and Mom asked me if I was ok? I was very pale they said. Did you see a ghost? I sat down and told them, Grandpa just came to visit me. And he had a message for you all. He has came back for two of his daughters . Mom said; I hope its me- I been so sick, Aunt Frances said; he can go to hell, I’m not ready to go. Grandmother made the remark it was just a dream- don’t worry. A week later in March of 1962- My Aunt Frances got very ill and we took her to Alamosa, Colorado hospital. The day they released her, we went to the hospital to get her, I went into her room and she was sound asleep. but she wasn’t asleep she was dead. it was March-12-1962.
Aunt Helen became very ill same month and was taken to Denver Colorado hospital. The day she was released she also died asleep, it was march-23-1962. Aunt Helen never knew her sister Frances had died.
They say death spirits take three, December 29-1962 grandfather expired- and in March 1962 both Aunts expired. Remember chances are you will never know your death time, but you can drop by one step beyond if you dare. In this particular story it may have been because there was a strong bond between grandfather
and grand- daughter where communication was entirely positive, comforting, and reassuring….

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  1. Hey Grandma.. I have heard this story many times through out our years together. and not once has it not brought chills. i love you. <3

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