November 2010 Knowledge Newsletter By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,

Fall is upon us and winter is waiting in the wings. According to Native traditions, winter is a time for inner reflection. We all need to look within at this challenging time and re-think our beliefs and behaviour.

You have probably been feeling the shift in energy that is bringing challenges into many people�s lives. These challenges, while different for each person, are likely to occur in areas where there have been unresolved issues or ignored feelings. These challenges are a necessary part of moving into higher consciousness. They challenge us to look within and find new ways of responding to old issues.

The best advice I can offer is to deal with whatever is showing up in your life right now rather than shoving it under the carpet or believing you are a victim of circumstances. Addressing the challenges and changes in your life will allow you to move forward unburdened by old emotional baggage.

Making time for inner reflection will allow you to get in touch with how you really feel in the present moment rather than responding to life as you always have in the past. This will result in more rewarding relationships. Inner reflection is always time well spent. Until we look within and become conscious about who we are and what we are doing, and what changes we would like to make, we cannot create the future we want for ourselves.

Our Interconnection to Others

Not only do we need to look within to manifest the future we want, we need to be aware of how our thinking and actions impact others. Just as we are affected by the words and actions of others, they too are affected by our behaviour. When we focus inwardly, we not only give ourselves an opportunity to become more aware of our feelings, our responses and the roles we play in relationships, but we see how others respond to us.

The more sensitive we become to others, the more we understand our connection to all living beings. The Law of Attraction is always at work whether we are aware of this or not. When we pay attention to our own feelings, we become more sensitive and aware of how others may be feeling. This helps us to understand other people better, feel more connected to them, and improve our relationships.  ÂÂ

In fifth dimensional consciousness, we feel a sense of connection to all living beings. Fifth dimensional consciousness is a consciousness of oneness so we can�t continue to believe that what is happening to others is of no concern to us. This belief in separation or the �them and me� mentality is third dimensional consciousness. In third dimensional consciousness, we don�t worry about the suffering of others. All we worry about is ourselves and perhaps those near and dear to us.

If you would like to advance in consciousness, your belief in separation needs to change immediately. The truth is that we are all connected to the web of life at all times but many of us are unaware of this fact because we can�t see this web and because that is not where we choose to put our focus. All dimensions are present in any physical space. What we see or perceive depends on where our focus is.

Everything we do leaves its energy footprint not only in our personal energy field that surround us, but in the planet�s energy field as well. Since we each contribute to the planetary energy field, we need to ask ourselves �What would we like our contribution to be?� Do we want to pollute the field with negativity and fear or do we want to make a contribution by being loving and compassionate? We each have a choice. No one makes us think negatively or positively although sometimes we like to blame others rather than take responsibility for the choices we make.

On a more practical level, when we choose a course of action, perhaps we need to take a moment and ask �How are my thoughts or actions going to affect others?� Is this impression I want to leave? How will my actions be interpreted or responded to by others? So when we are in a more positive loving place, this not only attracts others to us but changes the flavour of the planet�s energy. Imagine if everyone were loving and compassion what the world we live in would look like?ÂÂ

Interestingly, in the Native American tradition, when a tribe made a decision, they would consider how this decision would affect not just them but seven generation hence.

The truth is that whether we are aware of it or not, we each use our psychic abilities to read and react to other people all the time. If you have ever had a first impression, that�s what you were doing- reading the person�s energy.

Many people ask me if someone is their soul mate because of the strong connection they feel towards this person. That feeling of connection comes because you have incarnated with that person in previous lifetimes. Once an energy connection is established, it remains forever because energy cannot be destroyed. This holds true for all souls you have incarnated with regardless of the nature of your relationship with them. A soul mate by definition is someone you have shared another life with no matter if you were lovers, family, friends or enemies.ÂÂ

I mention this sense of connection to soul mates because if you can feel that connection with some people, you will be able to know what it feels like to feel connected to all living beings. For example, when you spend time in nature you feel relaxed because you sense the energy the trees and plants emit. All plants, water, rocks are living beings although their form and expression are different from ours.

It is wise to pay attention to what you are sensing when you are around other people or places. When your mind is not busy thinking about a lot of other things, you are more sensitive to picking up information about others and your immediate environment. We all have these capabilities. Tuning in can help provide insights into others and how you should respond to the person or situation.

In our daily interactions with others, we often have strong emotional reactions. Even if we acknowledge our feelings or share them with others, we generally do not consider how the other person is reacting to us. This needs to change in order to promote better understanding between people. I am sure it must make sense that if you only one see one side of a situation you do not have the whole picture. This lack of awareness naturally affects our decisions and what we contribute to the whole.

A good way to sense your connection to others is to stop for a moment wherever you are, take a few deep breaths to relax your mind, and check in with yourself how you feel in that moment. Then you may want to think about the other person and see if you can pick up how they are feeling after your interaction with them. Then ask in your mind what your best course of action should be.

It is a good practice to stop every hour or so during your day and ask yourself how are you feeling right then. Ask yourself what does your body want right now � food, rest, time in nature, excitement, company, etc? Your body is the repository of your feelings and is therefore the best source of information, not your head. Our brain is great for logic and problem solving but it is not where our emotions are stored. Those are stored in all the cells of our bodies.

In fact our bodies respond to our thoughts instantaneously. This has been proven medically. To prove this to yourself say �I trust everything is okay� and pay attention to how your body relaxes. Then say a negative thought and see if your body tenses up.

Becoming more loving and compassionate and learning new ways to interact with others requires a shift in our thinking and being consciously present in every moment. What we need to do is acknowledge our feelings and those of others, take responsibility for our actions and allow our feelings of love to flow.

Becoming fully conscious requires attention of what you are thinking and feeling in every moment. If you need any help in recognizing your patterns or suggestions on what you could do to change your life, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.

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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance.ÂÂ
Blessings to all,

Sharon Cheney

Announcement for Our New Mexico Readers

A special two-hour public presentation on Tuesday, Sept. 14, 6 p.m., in Rio Rancho, New Mexico:


Norio Hayakawa will give this two-hour special public presentation on September 14, from 6 p.m. in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
Location: Meadowlark Senior Center, 4330 Meadowlark Lane, SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124.


Norio Hayakawa is a long-time UFO researcher who has, for many years, investigated Area 51 in Nevada as well as some widespread claims about the existence of Dulce underground base in New Mexico, and has spoken in many conferences nationwide, especially in the early 1990’s.
(His conclusions may surprise you).

He will speak on why a segment of the population keeps holding on to their “beliefs in UFOs” (despite the apparent lack of physical, irrefutable “scientific evidence”).
He says there is a reason for this.

He will also speak on how such “beliefs” will affect their social behavioral patterns.

He will also touch upon why “beliefs in UFOs” will never rise above their “pseudo science” status and limited existence within the American pop sub-culture.

He will also explain why some people seem to believe that New Mexico may play a role in a supposedly upcoming shift in human consciousness.

Hayakawa was a recent guest (this year) of the Coast to Coast radio talk show.

News from Generessa Rose, Your Cosmic – Travis Walton, Philip Corso & X-Conference Archive

Dear friends,

FIRST, in my conversation with Travis Walton last Friday evening at
the Sedona MUFON meeting, he said that a couple weeks ago he published
a new upgraded version of his book, FIRE IN THE SKY. Having some with
him, I bought one, of course. Prices for the earlier edition of his
book had risen precipitously and so now an affordable version is once
again available. AND it has 25 additional pages. Rather than being
left with the misrepresentations and sensationalism that were in the
movie version, it is certainly better to read about what really
happened from the man himself. The new version is not listed on
Amazon or his web site yet, but I thought you might like a heads-up
about it.

SECOND, a book that is finally available in English, and at no charge,
is the original manuscript by U.S. Army Colonel Philip J. Corso,
titled DAWN OF A NEW AGE, previously only published in Italy.
Executing the orders of General Arthur Trudeau at the Pentagon, Corso
handled technical data and some mysterious components derived from the
alien craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in early July 1947.
Corso had also seen medical reports of the autopsies performed on the
bodies retrieved at the incident site.

People interested in UFOs will be compelled to read this book, because
too much of the information in the bestseller ?The Day After Roswell?
does not stand up to what Corso really wrote in his diary. Open Minds
Production is presenting the Corso manuscript, for the first time in
the U.S., in its original, uncut and unedited English-language
version. The manuscript is available digitally; you can sign up to
get it at no charge at their website:

Kudos and gratitude to Open Minds Production for bringing this to us!

THIRDLY, you can still sign up to view the Archive of presentations at
the X-CONFERENCE 2010 held at the National Press Club in Washington DC
in May. The Archive will be available until June 30th. They had
multiple technical problems with the live streaming, but the Archive
is in good shape (except for cutting off the last two minutes of
George Knapp). All the presentations are well worth watching.

Live with truth and love without fear,

Generessa Rose

The Many Worlds, could be just around that Mountain – Is it all True Series #140

Everything is possible, what may not have happened yet, has or will happen in another universe. The discovery of quantum mechanics makes the concept of Multiverse (Many Universes) possible. Even though they (the other worlds) were always there, here, and everywhere, in man’s mind these didn’t exist. Once one man grasps the potential it was realized for all to see.

Like the very first Native American who could not see the large explorer’s ship sitting straight in front of him, because he could not perceive it, but once the first native did make the quantum connect or leap, all of the rest of the Indians instantly saw the ship. It’s all in making the connection into the ‘field’, and someone showing the way. I guess one of those leaders was Dr. Hugh Everett III who in 1957 said because of what we do perceive; it now exists at the very least in another universe. Or very simply stated, our minds are creation machines. And thoughts can never be destroyed; they just may rest in another world.

The above flash of thought was generated by a trip I take around Sandia Mountain to the other side and into another world. I realize now that other strange worlds do exist very close home. From the semi-arid, semi-civilized world of Albuquerque, in 15 minutes you can go into a lush forest of great beauty. There are streams of abundant fish and trees with many birds.

But there is the strange and dangerous also there; the other worlds can be accessed on the other side of the mountain. Strange beings and strange creatures can walk through portals into our world. There has been human tragedy there, which I will not go into detail. Beings looking like half-man and half dog running on two legs have been reported. I have seen pictures of tracks of creatures that make 9 to 10 foot strides with thin long scratches on the ground. This is not to mention the Bigfoot that roams that side of the mountain. I myself have taken pictures of small humanoid beings that peer around a tree or a rock. They sometimes seem to smile or look confused, note I never see them as I shoot the photo, it would probably be too scary, only after I am back safe in my world do I view the photos of this other place, one of the many other worlds, we all exist next to.

Sleep tight; your dreams are another gateway to those other worlds. And a word of caution – never travel alone on the east-side of those other worlds (here around the sacred mountain).


In the Fey — see her pretty face — she is waiting for you on the other side of that mountain.

Dr. Masaru Emoto – blessing to the Gulf

From-Nathan Main, Energy Transformationalist; Mobile 505-340-9866

Many people across the country are doing ceremonies on Monday the 21, for the purification of the Gulf waters, being that the 21st is the summer solstice.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is the scientist from Japan who has done research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research revealed that water physically responds to emotions.
Most of us are angry when we think about what is happening in the Gulf. Anger only creates more conflict.

And while justified in that emotion, it would behoove us to be of greater assistance to
Our planet and its life forms. As we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr. Emoto, himself, has proposed healing can take place.


We are not powerless!
We are powerful.
WE are beings of light and sound a tremendous creative force of love.

Our united energy in speaking this prayer daily…multiple times daily… will literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening. We don’t have to know how…we just have to recognize that the power of love is greater than any other power active in the Universe today.

(The prayer)

“I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living
Creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To all life that is connected with the water.

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I Love You.”

That’s all. Repeat as many times a day as you can. Love heals all.

The World of Vortexes—Everglades USA, Is it all True Series #135

I traveled to South Florida a few weeks ago for a good time birthday with my family. I also had some time to explore the outer-edges of the Everglades known for their strange wildlife, strange humans and even stranger vortex creatures. Before I left for this adventure I had my good friend and colleague Kewaunee dowse a map of an area west of Ft. Lauderdale, an area known as the gateway to the Glades.

On the map he located a vortex/portal area where at the time of dowsing he sensed two Bigfoot hanging out in the portal. But Mr. K clearly stated that the two BF scenario was at the time of the drowsing and that could always change in ten minutes. It took about one hour to locate the vortex; unfortunately it was in the middle of a very swampy, alligator-infested area. Hoping to get back home in one piece, I decided to shoot photos in the vortex perimeter area, which still looked quite promising. This area had dense vegetation growth with some openings that these portal beings like to hide it. As in many other vortex photos these beings love to peer around objects, bushes, trees, and rocks. They are a curious lot. Many of them are smiling and giving off a pleasant non-threatening vibe.

I probably took about 300 photos and got 5 very interesting ones. I have numbered them
1 through 5 on the posting with a brief description of each.

No.1 small skull with big eyeholes, probably nothing unusual but it was surrounded by strange white/tan stuff I had never seen before.

No.2 head shot of a blue/green reptile being– I guess sort of smiling

No.3 in the center of photo a dark head of an unknown creature

No.4 very small heads of gray types, or as I call them mini-ostrich heads.

No.5 in the center a typical gray type – big eyes – head shot.

A comment- in photos 2 through 5 if you are able to put the shot into a photo-software, and than lighten them up, they are easier to see. The original photos on the camera are clearer and easy to make out.

Remember our human eye can only see a fraction of the visible wavelengths in our universe and the digital camera seems to do better. I have photographed some amazing stuff in and around portal/vortexes in the past. I would have never thought it was possible. It is amazing what an open mind can produce.

Sleep tight, tomorrow the portals will be awaiting your arrival.


Norio – Remembers Wild Bill Cooper- a tragic truthseeker

The world will always remember Bill Cooper as an egotistic paranoia monger. Indeed, to many he was an arrogant, obnoxious, choleric, self-aggrandizing, rude, vitriolic and vengeful person.

Perhaps he was all of this and much more. But no matter how negative his personality is described to be, we must admit the fact that he did indeed make a tremendous impact among hundreds, if not, thousands of his listeners, whether in front of his astounded lecture audiences or through his “shocking” radio programs.

I first met Bill back in 1989 in West L.A. when he was just an unknown speaker and where he spoke for the first time at a gathering called UFORUM. I was quite stunned then with his hypothesis on the Secret Government. It really sounded so fresh at that time because unlike most UFO speakers of that time he convincingly injected “UFOs” to a “one-world government” right-wing flavored conspiracy theory. I was so impacted by his hypothesis that I became a volunteer and helped him organize his first successful major public appearance that same year, which was held at Hollywood High School. That became the historic launching pad for his national lecture circuit. And the rest is history.

Later, in December of that year, I even attended the controversial National MUFON Conference held in Las Vegas in which Bill Cooper was perhaps the most controversial speaker aside from John Lear and Bill Moore and others. The Bill Cooper of then was very much into ufology, it seemed. Even in 1991 when Gary Schultz and I organized the first Ultimate Seminar in Rachel, Nevada (25 miles north of Area 51), we were surprised to see Bill Cooper as an attendee. I remember quite well when we lead the people to the White Sides hill for a climb to see the base, Bill Cooper could not make the climb due to his leg and he was even cracking up jokes about it.

In 1993 Bill Cooper, Eustace Mullins, Jordan Maxwell, Vladmir Terziski, Dr. Robert Strecker, Anthony Hilder, a couple of other conspiracy speakers and myself were all invited to speak at the First International Conference on Global Deception to be held in the famous Wembley Arena in London. Because of concerns for security due to the controversial nature of the conference, the bulk of us decided not to travel to England. Nevertheless, Bill Cooper had the guts to go and speak at the conference. I admired him for that.

By 1993 I had completely abandoned the so-called “extraterrestrial hypothesis” of the origins of the so-called UFO phenomena and began to promote the hypothesis that the entire UFO phenomena was a brilliantly concocted, staged and manipulated man-made deception by elitists to bring about certain agendas. I completely disassociated myself with “ufology”. I was quite surprised to learn that, later on, Bill Cooper also began to depart from “ufology” and was also beginning to hypothesize that the “UFOs” had nothing to do with “aliens” but was a manipulation of the government to bring about fear to create a one-world government. Cooper began to admit that he most likely had been shown disinformation by the government while he was in the service. On this point, I truly commended Cooper for his admission. Cooper began to state that he was not a ufologist. It was Cooper who coined the term “ufoology” and I also commended him for it. However, Cooper had a tendency to label anyone that didn’t agree with him as “agents of CIA”, etc.

After moving to Arizona, he shifted his focus to the Patriot Movement (the militia movement), although in reality he was just a one-man militia, simply promoting his view on the Constitutional Republic through his radio programs to thousands of listeners.

Besides his other numerous negative traits, Cooper had an uncontrollable alcoholic problem. But despite his eccentric, obnoxious personality, deep in his heart I believe that he wanted to be a good person. Unfortunately he brought an end to his tumultuous life by his self-fulfilled prophecy through his violent act. My heart goes out to Annie and the children. But my heart goes out just as much to Deputy Marinez, at the young age of 40, who was shot by Cooper and who is still in a critical condition. Even if the Deputy should recover, he will most likely live the rest of his life with brain damage and paralysis. I feel so sorry for the Deputy’s wife and his children. Cooper will have to answer to God for his actions, no doubt.. May we all learn from this tragedy.

Norio Hayakawa

Retired from—Civilian Intelligence Network

Eugene Duran speaks on Stan Romanek and his Journey–Is this all True Series #131

Two weeks ago I attended the always-interesting Gary the Dowser’s group down in Los Lunas New Mexico. It is truly a delight to be among their peaceful energy.

Stan Romanek has always been a bit of a controversial figure. I will give my impressions from my experience, and I will not judge the validity of Stan’s information. I do not believe that in the field of UFOs and other paranormal stuff there are true experts, as there are in auto mechanics, tax accounting, rocket science, etc. These UFO non-experts have just been pretty lucky to experience these amazing events and try vaguely to explain what they saw. I have done this work for over 40 years and my true knowledge and wisdom is but a grain of sand in the vast beach of the universe.

So here is a brief summary of some of the experiences of Stan Romanek with my impressions as I see it. Stan lived his early life in the Minot, North Dakota area, as his father was stationed there at a U.S. Air Force base. This is where his contact experiences first began. During his stay there, a lady followed him with almond-shaped very blue eyes and three fingers. She would show up and tell him he was “special” (repeat something three times to a human mind and it is programmed to make it the truth).

In 2001 Stan started seeing UFOs on many occasions in the sky. While living in Nebraska he got a knock on the door, opened it and there stood 3 beings – nonhuman with massive eyes. The three beings telepathed with Stan and with other family members. Alien beings have never been known to knock on doors – maybe walk through a wall or two, but no knocking. Also during this time Stan was having marks and bruises appear on his body. Also in September 2001 there was a major sighting in the Denver area. Stan videotaped it and this event started his first adventure in the world of news media.

Next Stan started to free-write or sky-write, where he wrote complex mathematical equations. Note that Stan was very dyslexic and could only do 4th grade math. Some of these equations were before their time. This equation writing is common among contactees, but still very amazing. About this time Stan’s stepson was getting abducted and writing some equations of his own. Then there was the semi-famous video he took in and around his home. In the video there were shots of mainly small typical Grays. The pictures of the Grays were interesting but a bit hokey. During this close encounter event an outside surveillance camera was burned/destroyed and some of the house siding was badly burned. The next day a crew promptly removed the burned section and replaced it with new siding. A mysterious crew whom Stan’s landlord had never authorized did this work.

Then there was the abduction event when Stan returned from his encounter with a woman’s plaid nightgown on. This night was linked to the famous abductee Betty Hill. She supposedly lost this nightgown in an abduction experience, and Stan was also present and aliens had a wardrobe malfunction. Also note when Stan was taken he was wearing a “UFO t-shirt” which ended up in Betty Hill’s room – maybe, maybe not. I have a good personal friend who was a good personal friend of Betty Hill, and hopefully my friend knows something of this claim.

Next Stan fell off his roof and badly injured his knee/leg and needed surgery. A day before the scheduled surgery he was abducted and his knee was totally healed with only a few red marks remaining and a very bewildered surgeon. Yes, I have heard of instant healing before – fairly common in abduction cases, say 5% to 10% where something is fixed or cured.

Stan’s experiences have many common elements of a typical abduction case. Another impression I got was that he was not showing any real signs of stress or trauma as he spoke. Anyone who goes through this process of otherworldly encounters, is left with a different manner and feeling when in a public environment, compared to a non- abductee.

Final comment: my personal research shows that 15 % to 20 % of the American public has had some type of otherworldly encounter, and from a personal standpoint everyone handles it in a different way. Stan Romanek is a good example of human adaptation, if he is telling the truth.

Sleep tight – dream long.




by Norio Hayakawa
February 24, 2010

When people ask me if I believe in UFOs, I have a difficult time answering that question.
The best answer that I can think of, when confronted with such a question is “yes, I believe that sightings of UFOs are reported from time to time”.
That answer itself, however, is an incorrect answer because it (the fact that sightings of UFOs are reported from time to time) is not a matter of beliefs. It’s fact, not fiction.

First of all, UFOs have nothing to do with beliefs.
A UFO simply means an Unidentified Flying Object.

Like it or not, it’s a term which was coined by the U.S. Air Force in 1952.
It was a term created with good intention to clarify things.
But on the contrary, it has created misunderstanding and more confusion than ever.
The word has truly “muddied the waters”, so to say.
Things were much simpler, especially between 1947 and 1952 when these unknown objects were called “flying saucers” or “flying discs”.
It was because the vast majority of such objects sighted then were disc-shaped.
I would venture to say that this is true even today.
(although there have been noticeable reports of sightings of triangular-shaped craft in the past couple of decades or so).

Nevertheless, by a strange coincidence, the vast majority of similar objects reportedly sighted around the world throughout the history of mankind has also been predominantly disc-shaped.

So when people ask me if I believe in UFOs, my answer is “No, I don’t believe in UFOs, but I believe in flying saucers”.
I wish that people will discontinue to use the word UFOs.

But it is also important to emphasize that just because one believes in the existence of flying sacuers, it does not necessarily mean that he or she believes that flying saucers are physical, extraterrestrial spacecraft piloted or maneuvered by physical, extraterrestrial beings from some inhabited planets in distant space.
That should be a separate question.

First of all, in my opinion, no one knows for sure what flying saucers are or where they come from.
This is still a mystery.

There are millions of people who believe in the existence of flying saucers.
In this sense, flying saucers no doubt exist in a level of reality envisioned by the observers.
Anything that mankind imagines exist in a level of reality envisioned by mankind.
For example, do “elves” exist? Do “demons” exist?
The answer is yes.
Any thought or concept or even a word that originates from a person begins to exist in a plane of reality.
The level of such reality becomes even greater when more people begin to envision a similar vision.
For example, if there are 500 people who have almost the exact mental picture of a flying saucer, let’s say, its dimensions, exact shape, color, etc., that collective picture will begin to occupy a higher level of reality.
In other words, what I am trying to say is that there are many many levels of reality.
Unfortunately mankind only knows one level of reality, i.e., the reality of physical reality.

So, once again, let me clarify my position.
I am not ashamed to say that yes, I am a firm believer in the existence of flying saucers!!


In 1975 I was living in Phoenix, Arizona.
I clearly remember one day in that year receivng from my mother a most interesting letter.
I could see her excitement in that letter.
She wrote to me in that letter saying that about 10 days before, she had distinctively observed a silvery, metallic “flying saucer”-shaped object (with a dome) hovering just above a crowded railway station in Yokohama, Japan.

It was in a broad daylight, around 11:30 a.m..
She described the object incredibly as a typical “flying saucer”, just as “flying saucers” have always been depicted in comic books or in Sci-Fi movies.

She said in the letter that it happened when she and her grandson were walking away from the railroad station and walking towards home.
She felt as if “something had told her” to turn around and look back towards the railway station.
And, Lord, behold, right over the station, she suddenly saw this shiny, silverish, metallic, typical “flying saucer” with a dome hovering over!
She immediately pointed to her grandson to turn around and look, and at that very moment, the object was gone……..vanished!
The street was filled with people coming from and going to the railway station.
She was so awe-struck that she didn’t even notice anyone observing the object.

My mother had always been skeptical and always used to ridicule my serious interest in “UFOs”.
(In my childhood years, I had always taken a great interest in “UFOs” or “flying saucers”, as they were called then, ever since my father had told me of his sighting of a strange, greenish “ball of fire” slowly moving over Yokohama bay one summer night in 1947, as he was night-fishing, his favorite hobby of many many years.
He swore that the object seemed as if it were “intelligently controlled” or “intelligently maneuvering”.
He said he had never seen anything like it before. My father had passed away in 1982. My mother passed away in 1998.

But getting back to my mother, her amazing sighting totally made her a believer.
Do I believe in her sighting?
By all means, yes.
I have the highest respect for my mother and I totally believe what she said in the letter.
I visited my mother a few years later and she confirmed her sighting exactly as she wrote me.
There is no doubt in my mind that she did see what she said she saw.

Once again, do I believe in the existence of flying saucers?
Yes, no doubt about it.

-from Norio