Brent Raynes Speaks – On Sister Wolf's Journey

Hi Everyone!

What happens when an Apache medicine woman, storyteller, artist and author travels from her home in New Mexico and visits folks in Tennessee? Joan and I had an absolutely wonderful time with Sister Wolf from June 6th to the 14th. There was never a dull moment! We did all sorts of fun and exciting things together during her visit. We took her to the Tennessee Fitness Spa at Natural Bridge, just a few miles from our home here in Waynesboro. On the evening of Monday the 8th, Priscilla gave a wonderful talk at the Spa. People from all over the U.S. come to the Spa and her talk was certainly well attended, including one lady from Grand Junction, Colorado, not so far from Priscilla’s old stomping grounds, the San Luis Valley! (It’s a small world) Everywhere Priscilla went she captivated people! None more so than Tom Hendrix, the author of IF THE LEGENDS FADE (see photo attached of Tom and Priscilla). Priscilla was also quite captivated with Tom too. She was quite impressed with him and his immense, awesome and sacred Stone Wall and Prayer Circle, located just off of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway three miles over the stateline into Alabama.

On Tuesday evening, the 9th, Joan and I and some of our friends helped Priscilla celebrate her 65th birthday at Applebees in Florence, Alabama. An extraordinarily wonderful time was had by all, as you can no doubt judge from the picture attached.

Another highlight of Priscilla’s visit came with our trip to Nashville Wednesday evening, the 10th, to meet famous country western singer and stuntman Johnny Sands, who I did an interview for Alternate Perceptions magazine ( with about his 1976 UFO/alien encounter outside Las Vegas. Noted ufologist and publisher Tim Beckley had put us in touch, as they both recently were filmed for an upcoming episode of UFO HUNTERS. Johnny, it turned out, is also of Cherokee ancestry and from Cherokee, North Carolina, and he spoke passionately and with deep conviction of the plight and struggles of the Native Americans, in addition to the passion and conviction he spoke with regarding UFOs. We were impressed with Johnny. (Tim spoke highly of him)

Saturday afternoon, the 13th, Eddie Middleton, MUFON state director and host of Nightsearch Radio had organized a presentation in Memphis for Priscilla. We came and Priscilla did yet another dynamite presentation! The audience was riveted to their seats. A professional video photographer who filmed Priscilla’s talk was so impressed with her talk that he wants to visit her in a few months and video tape her in Chaco Canyon telling her wonderful stories. She said that Joan and I could also come out and go with her when they do this (as we had earlier been talking about going there and Sedona too).

We also had a good deal of company come and spend time visiting with Priscilla during her stay at our home. Everyone was enchanted with her! Our daughter Chandra loved talking with her as well, and one evening Priscilla even wanted to go and visit her at her home. Check out the picture attached of Priscilla giving our little grandson Conner drumming lessons, while Chandra looks on.

On the way to the airport Sunday (the 14th) we tried to stay positive and upbeat. It was hard to say good-bye. We had had a great deal of fun. At one point, we brainstormed about a name for a new book we were collaborating on, which Priscilla talked about doing some artwork for. The future was looking bright and with promise, and so it made our good-bye at the airport alittle easier to take.

After all, it’s not the end of a journey, but the beginning of yet another.


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Story -Carmen and the Devil by Sister Wolf‏

As told by a uncle;

Carmen and the Devil

One after noon, Don Juan passed Carmen, who was walking hurriedly, on his way to the tavern.

Carmen! he hollered, Why are you in such a hurry? Today I plan to dance with the Devil if he asks me to! she responded! Carmen arrived at the tavern before Don Juan and sat close to the band. She watched all the girls enter with their boyfriends. Soon everyone was dancing except Carmen.

Suddenly a good looking man walked up to Carmen and sat next to her. Can I order you a drink? he asked her. After they both watched everyone dance, (clear the floor, he yelled! )

This song is meant for me and Carmen. Everyone looked at the couple and made some remarks. Carmen heard their laughter but she saw zealousy on their faces. They danced and danced, until mid- night. When the dance was over the Devil walked Carmen out side, now I have to go he told her, Im the Devil! Oh! No! she said; I don’t care if you are the Devil take me with you. I”m sure it will be a lot of fun. So The devil took her to hell, when they got to the gate, the gate keeper told him ” whats this?” The Devil replied; I was walking on earth and seen Carmen tell Don Juan tonight -she was going to dance with the Devil. So I stuck around and danced with her.

I told her I was the Devil and she hanged on to me, so here we are. You must take her back. so he did. He ended in a sheep herding camp, their they found a lonely sheepherder, who said he would take care of the Devil’s sister- until his return. But he never came back, as the gate keeper and the Devil watched from hell. The sheepherder got tired of Carmen. So one day he rubbed himself against dirty wet sheep and smelled real bad. Carmen couldn’t stand the smell so she went home. The gate keeper told the Devil why didn’t you think of that?

Sister Wolf Speaks -La Cueva DE la Culebra- the Snake caves– Snake People

Story by the storytellers-Grandpa Antonio Trujillo and retold by grand daughter Priscilla Garduno Wolf

There was a tale told by my friend Don Pepp- not real name- Grandfather said; who was a rich cattle rancher living in the Sangra De Cristo Mountain’s of Colorado. Many stories were told about the Sangra mountains with many bank and train robberies, by well known banditos. The gang of Jessie James was certainly known to most of the Spanish and Indian family’s and they were well likes, I was told by poor farmers. ( this were just story’s handed down, weather true or not, made for a good story). The gangs would always stop at the same spots and eat and rest and they would leave gold coins under their plates or to the family’s that took care of them. Don Pepp- not real name– and his gang, who had robbed a stage coach and taken a great amount of gold- They left to the Sangra De Cristo Mountains and buried the gold- it was never found.

Several Law man searched for the gang and the gold, but never found the outlaws or gold, they had vanished. One of the man was Thomas, , he claimed many years later when he got old.

he was one of the many he had managed to escape the Snake Caves but all the others had been trapped in a cave that led to their death. Thomas, had lived a very wealthy life in Santa Fe, Supposedly with the gold that came from the Snake Caves. He told the story that they planned to rob the stage coach for over a with help from a insider. Clay was the gang leader and had a cabin near Colorado.. They were heading to the cabin when they spotted several lawman on their trail- and they had to change their plans- so they hid in one of the Snake Caves. Thomas said; that Clay was worried because he had heard that the area was covered with Snake Caves, and snakes lived in them as big as 25 foot long to 100 foot long. Many old folks told legend story’s- about the time of the giants – there lived snakes over 100 foot long. and the Sangra De Cristo Mountains were their homes- within time many changes came to the snakes. and they got lazy to hunt for their food. so they would hide in the caves and open their mouth wide toward the opening of the cave- entrance- when their prey would enter the mouth of the cave- the snakes would close their mouth trapping the animal or human inside.
Thomas claimed the men took their horses and gold into the cave. – Thomas stayed behind with his horse and bags of gold -suddenly to his surprise the whole entrance closed and he saw two huge eyes looking at him. I left he said; I was so scared ! The story was told to my Grandfather in the late 1800’s. and later told to me in 1950’s. many dogs and sheep vanished in those areas. but no one knew what had took them. I visit those areas one time with my father George- in the 1970’s and as we went down we spotted so many rattle snakes crawling all over. my father claimed; he heard stories of gold in those caves guarded by the Snake people…

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Sister Wolf Speaks – The May Dowser Meeting

It was a two hour special by Sister Wolf, the event was filmed, 76 people attended.
Gary was real happy with the attendance to this event.
Many drove from other towns, we had one Hopi medicine man and his wife there and a Navajo medicine woman from Arizona.
and other Native American Indians prsent.
Sister Wolf started by telling the crowd about her Apache ways and Spanish ways and how she balances her life to two cultures.
storytelling- UFO’s sightings. legend story’s- and predictions of the future by her Apache Grandmother in the 1960’s.
How a black man would be our first Black President of USA. and good changes would come.
loss of homes, jobs, crime the highest it would ever be. Marriage between two men and two women.
the end of child birth, the end as we know it, end of church’s, and many cities destroyed. and starvation.
and Spirituality would be part of the new world, and beginning of a good life with God.
the respect to the earth, plants, animals, and human life would be our new world to come.
Miracle healers would rise. and at a wave of their hand would cure people.
Wolf>I’m not a seer as grandmother was. I respect those who are.
attending the event were a few Psychics who said they seen the bright aura lights around Sister Wolf.
One well known one Psychic Nancy Wallace from Chicago who moved to Las Lunas, New Mexico in April. to built a school for gifted children.
Nancy attended and she said: there was a beautiful surrounding lights around Sister wolf and on top of her head almost pink. she seen
Two Indian Elders stood by her, one a grandmother and a chief grandfather . who Wolf said were her grandparents,
Another woman said; there was a little girl dancing around Wolf and from behind she floated to top of her head and blessed her, and a alien like man -bald headed- by one side, they were Sister Wolf’s guides Rod and My baby Angel Heidi… Rod has been appearing to Wolf since her contact with a UFO in 1948. she is a UFO contactee….
also others claimed the aura around Wolf was very bright and colorful.
A Hopi man claimed that when Wolf moved her arms—
there was white feathers of an Eagle in Vision, (his vision darning the prayer blessing.)
he thought a White Eagle was going to appear.
White Eagles have appeared to people who are Shamans by gift.
It was a great event for those that came and enjoyed the old legend stories told.

photos of Wolf .. Storyteller- author-artist- Shaman by gift Apache/Spanish profile- priscilla wolf Memphis, Tennessee event of sister wolf June -13-09 at Mufon
Priscilla Wolf will be guest at UFO investigator and Editor of of Tennessee. in June-09.

Sharing my experience in Santa Fe New Mexico – Sister Wolf

Many of you know me others don’t.
but I wanted to go to Sedona AZ gathering but due to the Snow fall we had I didn’t..
but my trip to Santa Fe was a greater gift from God.
Little Grandmother- Native American Shaman . presented one of the most powerful gatherings I ever been to.
A while back on the Internet- I met Little Grandmother like I have many of you.
what surprised me we are from the same home town in San Luis valley Colorado
we both have had experience with UFOs and spiritual world.
our teachings have been some different yet we are so much alike.
I’m also a Shaman by gift, my grandmother was Apache my Grandfather was Spanish,
I was raised in two different cultures and learned to balance my life as I got older.
Little Grandmother added me to her list of guest speakers for Monday April -20 -09 …
But the Great Spirit had other plans.
On Sunday Morning April 19-09 I was dreaming I as in a room with five other women shamans.
I could hear the drumming.
I noticed a door that was closed in the room- there was a crack on the bottom and light was coming in and there was a medicine woman on the other side of the door.
I tried to go under to see who she was,
but at that time a voice woke me up in my room and I could see a spirit of a woman.
she called out my name “Priscilla”
I got up and mentioned it to Steve and told him I don’t know who she is- but she called my name out..
that day it was totally changed– I felt like we should go to Santa Fe and meet Little Grandmother.
it was a 80 mile drive there closer to Espanola, NM .. West of Santa Fe, out in the sandy hills.
when we got there I could see the rock circle and people there and a white tent-Teepee.
just beautiful sight, and we walked up to the circle and asked who was Little Grandmother?
they pointed to the Tepee.
so we walked up to it. Little grand Mother greeted us and when she spoke! “I told her I heard you call my name” this morning, at 5:25 am… She told me in front of her friend, I dreamed you this morning about the same time walking up to my tent, and I told my friend :Sister Wolf is coming. amazing how two Medicine women from same town in San Luis Valley, Colorado had this great connection. we believe there are other door ways, or gates to other worlds in the Southern area of Colorado. and Northern New Mexico. a Spiritual world.
the gathering and praying was great, the healings that took place.. by Little Grandmother was a gift from Heaven…
when we were in the half moon circle the force of all the people there created a green energy force -that when I opened my eyes because I almost fell, I seen (witness) a green energy force around all of us and no sight of rocks, trees or hill. only the people and the green energy force was around us. it was a thank you from Mother earth. this was my experience- Little Grandmother. I’m so grateful and so full of love for you my sister. may you share all the experiences for your web site, mine was a powerful gift from God. so happy I met you. I had left a town I never wanted to go back -yet- Mother Spirit brought us back togather for a reason. and for that reason we shall serve her we great honor. you did your learning on the south side of the river and we did others on the Northern part of the river. How sad and yet wonderful how we were able to keep our ways being Indian,…. remember what god created will never die, for he does not create junk. for those who have not met us , your day will come for we are closer to becoming one with our Creator. we all must change and become spiritual one with God. only you can do it… love and blessings Sister wolf- Little Butterfly

Black UFO-1950 By the storytellers- Sister Wolf

I remember one of the storytellers, Old Mike , talking about a experience he had on his way home. Mike and a friend had gone to Taos, New Mexico to visit some relatives. On their way home from San luis, Colorado to Sanford, ( its all dirt road) at that time. They had a flat tire. as they got down to fix it, they noticed a strange plane all black, but like a flat saucer moving real slow over Cerro De las Brujas. Witch Mountain. There was no sound, no windows. They never seen anything like it. They hurried up and fixed the flat tire. whatever it was Mike said: It was evil to him. Funny how religion plays a great role in the mind of the people. All Evil, or the devil, could it be there’s control over people’s minds so we don’t know the difference. Imagination and mystery’s of the unknown. Some Elders, I knew in the valley years ago, Claimed the unknown belongs to the sky people or God.

MJ-7’s April Gathering—Is it all True Series #81

Well from a reliable source deep inside the allusive UFO Study Group, they held their April soirée in a backroom of a public building in Albuquerque.

The main topic of the day was the Dulce conference and its impact on the Jicarilla Apache Nation. One of the members of the group will be continuing the Dulce research by interviewing some of the locals to gather additional information to understand the complexities of the subject. It sounds like there could be more amazing facts forth coming. But they may not be made public because of the potential sensitivity. It also came out that as the group members were leaving Dulce, several locals confronted them to share some of their strange stories. Several of these people were profoundly shaken from their abduction-type experiences and their various UFO sightings. The locals also brought out pictures of weird animals that were half this and half that. One of the MJ-7 members was upset by the amount of pain he saw in the locals’ eyes. It seems that some of the locals were asking for help or maybe just needed someone to talk to and listen to and tell them it would be all right. It sounds like the MJ-7 group has several members who could provide this sort of help, if the Jicarilla Apache will invite them to listen.

On subjects discussed, they were told that there were some amazing Sasquatch people encounters in Dulce, in the Albuquerque area and in Washington State. One of the members is going on a mini-expedition into the Washington backcountry next May to further his process of making contact with the Sasquatch People. There was also talk about exploring the areas of the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque for Sasquatch locations for possible contact. The Sasquatch talk was followed by conservations about an energy workshop one of the members recently attended. One Native American member shared some amazing traditional stories. An expert astrologist shared the chart of one of the members with some eye-opening conclusions that can’t be shared here.

The last item on the agenda was a question asked to the group, would there be a Dulce II conference in the future? The answer–It would depend if the Jicarilla Apaches would be willing to further open up and let non- tribal members into their world.

Sleep tight and dream hard, that other world may serve you better.



Seven Wise Owls

Star Story by Sister Wolf, She Speaks

Growing up I was very quiet comparing to today, I was taken by the sights of the Stars- in the Sky.

Grandpa use to say; They gave little butterfly 25 cents and when it got to a dollar she never quit talking -thats the Spanish in me. Because Native Americans are very quiet people.

Its ok because I can spread my wings in all directions.

Shooting Stars have always been my favorite- you can make a wish they say and it will come true. I would make my wish and kept it locked in my heart – where only I knew what my wish was. I use to ask my grandmother ? why so many stars? Oh! thats Heaven you see. Those are all the people that served the Creator right. I wanted to be one of those shinny Stars who served the Creator right someday…. In many cultures shooting stars that light up the night sky, are associated with the spirits of the dead. Native Americans believe that stars are the souls of the dead and when one falls a soul is about to reborn—-

Dulce Conference Part 3: Chris O'Brien- In the Valley–Is it all True Series #80

In continuing my coverage of the Dulce Conference, Mr. O’ Brien was the next speaker. His expertise was on the strange things that are happening in the huge San Luis Valley near Dulce. Some say this valley is the largest in the world, but I am going to conservatively say it is one of the largest in North America. But anyways he knows San Luis Valley and has written several excellent books on the subject. I have read them all and visited the area several times. From my personal observations, it is truly a place of strange events.

Chris started off by saying that in 1966 a joint private/government venture detonated a nuclear device 4000 ft below the surface to open up a large gas field. This project, called the Gas Buggy, caused a 5.5 earthquake in the Dulce area. Chris has done some research in the area and heard some interesting stories about a very widespread tunnel system in and around the Archuleta Mesa / mountain area. He told us an interesting story about a guard at the Summerfield mine on the mesa, who claimed to have had lunch with aliens from the underground base for several years. Many natives in the area also believe this story is more than a rumor or fairy tale. Chris said that the Dulce area and into the San Luis Valley is loaded with seams of maximum and minimum magnetic intensity. According to O’Brien, these areas are where heavy paranormal activity occurs.

Chris also spoke about other activities in the San Luis Valley such as Bigfoot, the ever strange Prairie Dragons, skin-walkers, UFO, Black Helicopters, cattle mutilations and shape-shifters. The events and sightings in the valley have always come in waves. Chris questions could the Archuleta complex have been a nuclear storage facility or even a super fund site, now or at one time, making it necessary to periodically sample the cattle around the Dulce area and beyond to see if radioactive toxins have spread into the area. Another one of Chris’s theories is that maybe the whole Dulce/Archuleta underground base conspiracy was done just as a distraction for others to focus on, while the real activity was being done in the San Luis Valley.

Chris did bring up some very interesting angles and possibilities. As always in life, there are more questions than answers.

Sleep very tight- Time moves in mysterious ways, tomorrow maybe next year.


From D.O.E website

The Gasbuggy Site, located approximately 88 kilometers (55 miles) east of Farmington, New Mexico, was the location of a single subsurface nuclear test in December 1967. The purpose of the test was to determine whether or not nuclear explosions would stimulate release of natural gas not recoverable by conventional methods. This test was the first joint government-industry gas stimulation experiment. The Gasbuggy site includes radioactive contamination of the deep bedrock around the shot cavity, contamination of the bedrock from the injection of tritiated water, possible surface contamination from the gas flaring and decontamination activities, and near-surface hazardous waste contamination from the closed mud pits. Ground water was the most likely transport medium for the deep contamination. The cleanup strategy at the Gasbuggy site included characterizing ground-water flow and area of contamination, assessing risk, and modeling contaminant movement away from the shot cavities. The focus was on tritium, since it was the most mobile of the potential radiological contaminants. As for long-term stewardship, DOE will be responsible for maintaining institutional controls over the residual subsurface contamination at the site. In FY 2007, Legacy Management will take responsibility for this site.

LIzard Woman and the Sky Bird –UFO‏-by Priscilla Garduno wolf

Lizard Woman,
Many years ago- stories told by our Elders.
As two men were walking through the wooded area close by their camp.
They seen a Sky Bird with many eyes> (a UFO with many small windows around it)
The Sky Bird landed and had bright blue lights around the bottom.
There was no sound only silence.
Then a strange humming noise –
as it opened up and a huge Lizard Woman came out of it
as it touched the land it turned into stone.
Big Bear walked up to the craft, and seen the Lizard people.
And one on the ground had turned into stone.
The craft lifted up like a bird and vanished into the sky .
The Lizard woman was left behind as a stone.
Lizard people have been seen in Colorado as other places.
Many past creatures have been seen,
Story’s told by my Elders that they escaped underground.