How Can One Live? By Mary Muñoz© March 15, 2009

Over the past several weeks I have been uncertain of what to write about. My days seem to run from one to the next, without any resolve to my questions to, “Why all of this is happening and what does it mean?”
Individually I believe all those who have had the opportunity to experience have found themselves wondering what it is about too. Some will follow one path and others another. There is no single direction that one will go because we each come from different outlooks on life. So how do we individually go on day-to-day knowing the things we do?
Initially I began to question reality, specifically my religion. Then I went from there to questioning my family and wanted to lay blame on them for what was occurring. How could they! How dare they! Then I gave up and didn’t know what to do or what to believe. What was my purpose here on Earth?
So what could I do or not do to resolve my lingering questions? Then I met a fellow experiencer, and after a year of communicating I realized I was in a box of questions that had no real answers. It seemed as though I was making this up as I went. I began to learn that there is so much more complexity to this pondering question that even those who are in the know would not have all the answers themselves. They would like to think they do, but even they have to admit there is more going on than they have technology for; whether it was from Extarrestrial or Time Jumping, it didn’t matter they were and are lost too.
So what have I learned? I have learned that life is okay when you learn to not allow the things we don’t understand to take full command of who we are. It is okay to wonder and experience, but it should not be the ultimate resolve in life. We need to see the beauty around us and experience the things this holographic life provides to us.
By living life out of fear I made myself more afraid of the things that would be presented to me, whether Extarrestrial or by those who are part of the club of knowledge, call them what you want. This group is good at trying to destroy and they would use my knowledge and experience to bring me down, shut me up, and keep me fighting myself within that box of reality. And you know truthfully I had an event over a month ago that did that exact thing. Do to that moment in time I now have disassociated myself with them and will not play their mindless games of fear anymore. It is not worth the energy. So for now I will spend my time writing, when I feel I have something to write about, and I will enjoy all the things that I can manifest in my reality. I hope that all who read this can do the same for themselves.
So how can one live life? For me it is easy; keep breathing in life, do not allow the questions of the situation overtake you, just see it for what it is, go on, and follow your dreams. For isn’t that what this reality is? A dream manifested. So what do I want to dream? For me it is love and light! For the rest of my family, it is up to them. I don’t choose their paths, they do and so do you.

Mistake or Menacing Maneuver?–Is it all True Series #75

Word on the street is that one of America’s premier pharmaceutical companies recently made a terrible and very frightening mistake by mixing common human seasonal viruses and the all-too-famous H5N1 virus, also known as the avian flu virus. This is the kind of virus that the world has been dreading for years; the virus that could kill us all, but seems to have issues similar to Ebola. Like Ebola, H5N1 has not developed a successful vector that would enable it to spread rapidly. It is super deadly but has a slow and ineffective transmission; humans can literally walk away from it.

And thanks to a few ferrets that gave their lives so us humans could live. The lab techs thought they were injecting the ferrets with common human virus, but the ferrets quickly died and the screw-up was discovered. The bird virus was alive and very deadly. Normally with few exceptions viruses in vaccines are dead; our bodies build up immunity to the dead viral genetic material. Question: where was this company’s bio-security department? This should never have happened.

So if this co-mingled mixture was released to the public in the form of next year’s flu shot, as they say “Katy, bar the door”. This hybrid mixture would have created the perfect deadly storm. This mixing process could have lead to a process called reassortment which then could have created a world pandemic of biblical portions. The pharmaceutical company stated the cause was human error only. Since this incident happened across different countries borders it is hard to put all the pieces together.

If for some reason a group of human or non-human beings wanted to thin the human herd here on earth, this would be the way, to build a stronger race, and eliminate the weak. Also viruses can carry junk DNA to manipulate the survivors of the pandemic.

This could and would create a brand new world on earth, good or bad- I know not.
So at least for now, let us all thank our little friends the ferrets for their personal sacrifice.
And save the status quo.

And always sleep tight, and dream far, life is quite short here on this earth.



May Death not become you – trust not the Pharma

Sister Wolf not feeling well – in prayer

hello well I ended in the hospital yesterday (03/05/09) after my heart Doctor check up…. not getting enough oxygen in my brain and heart… I go back in the 11 of March, head aches getting worse. I will be put on oxygen to help me out, well folks those of you that know me I exercise a lot, but I feel so tired all the time. I’m very active keep me in prayer, only a miracle will help me pass this time, but I have been living on miracles me and the heart Doctor talked about my two death experience and how they brought me back to life, how it makes a person nervous, and how the Spirit carry’s your body after that…because it was gods will you had to die but medical ways bring you back to life. I’m tired only lord knows. but I will keep going no matter what. until the day. all of you have played a role in my life and brought great happiness to me, all I can say I lived my dreams kept my promises and I have been human and spiritual..I have shared what little I have and gave all the love I was send here to share, I have done a few Cancer fund raisers to help out a little, I seen the joy on those faces I helped. there’s plans in the near future to do one more to help me with bills, first time- I will ask for help, but I’m not the type to have asked for much in my life and only god knows its been a rough road from the beginning to my end. Grandfather use to have a saying, we all are born with a ( hard ships) if not in the beginning then it will come in the end.) we never leave this world without it.. its the first time any Doctor cried for me, I have shared my gifts of my Apache ways…with him -and told him there’s more to life then we see, and its so beautiful! with you all- I have had that special moment god gave us. was it your sharing, your music, your books, your smile, laughter, a dinner, a gift, a hug, a prayer, you all treated me right that moment. many of you are very well known, once my Apache Grandmother told me Little Butterfly –Polomita you have so many dreams for a little poor Indian girl- how will you shine as a star with the well known, I use to say because God has promised me a star in the heaven sky. I came to make a difference.and I knew with my gift I could create… thought form,,,, I will be in and out of hospital and get more Doctor care. my heart Dr knows I have the right to die will, but he said he will try his best to help me around a little bit longer.. just letting you know my health has taken a dive down. but you know Iam happy and loved and I have some great Angels looking after me. This past year I lost many well loved friends and they didn’t even let me know they were sick, I promised my self that I would be different because I had to say thank you…. love you all pray for me. more as my health approves or ends. I will be in Dulce, NM UFO event with Norio and others, and I will be selling my books, art and jewelry and other donated items. check it out March 28-29 09

Priscilla Wolf -part 3 of Cloud UFOs and my Grandpa Antonio

One Step beyond our imagination. How beautiful how our minds create and except the unknown.
Grandfather use to say; when you see something unknown and you speak about it, there is always those who try to say its not true until it happens to them, this world is full of mysteries. When you except it opens doors to the unknown.
It was Feb-1962- 2 months after Grandfather expired, I had been outside chopping wood, and bringing wood in for our fireplace . I was so exhausted, I joined my grandmother, Mother,and Aunt Frances in the kitchen for a cup of coffee, then I went into the front room to lay on the sofa and rest a bit. I seemed to fall into a deep sleep. It was the most vivid experience, and I can recall it all in enormous detail. There is no way it was a dream. Call it whatever, but I felt I was lifted into this cloud formation with such a force, Suddenly I was in a huge room, but outside was a white cloud. There was no windows- I saw my grandfather Antonio enters the room and greeted me with happiness- We talked a lot about everything at home. He wore a white robe and he glowed, he looked younger and complete in good health.
“He said; my Patricia ” I have bad news for you.
Two of my daughters are very ill and will join me soon. They will die a week apart in March (of 1962.)
Please let them know I’m here for them. he gave me other messages, I felt myself moving down from the sky. until I was back on the sofa. I woke up and walked into the kitchen and Mom asked me if I was ok? I was very pale they said. Did you see a ghost? I sat down and told them, Grandpa just came to visit me. And he had a message for you all. He has came back for two of his daughters . Mom said; I hope its me- I been so sick, Aunt Frances said; he can go to hell, I’m not ready to go. Grandmother made the remark it was just a dream- don’t worry. A week later in March of 1962- My Aunt Frances got very ill and we took her to Alamosa, Colorado hospital. The day they released her, we went to the hospital to get her, I went into her room and she was sound asleep. but she wasn’t asleep she was dead. it was March-12-1962.
Aunt Helen became very ill same month and was taken to Denver Colorado hospital. The day she was released she also died asleep, it was march-23-1962. Aunt Helen never knew her sister Frances had died.
They say death spirits take three, December 29-1962 grandfather expired- and in March 1962 both Aunts expired. Remember chances are you will never know your death time, but you can drop by one step beyond if you dare. In this particular story it may have been because there was a strong bond between grandfather
and grand- daughter where communication was entirely positive, comforting, and reassuring….

Second part-Beyond and back, quest for the unknown-by Priscilla Garduno Wolf‏

One of the most profound
mysteries confronting any human being is the possibility of surviving after death.The existence of a very different dimension to the world we already inhabit.
One step beyond! Antonio, my Spanish grandfather who was from Spain, was an extraordinary man, no adult in my life had so great and influence over my imaginations like he did.
Living in his world was beautiful to me, he was a great believer- we did not live alone -God had created all over the universe. If this was not true why do we speak of Heaven.
It was December 1961 when my grandfather passed from this world we know of and we have created.
That winter was one of the worst- coldest-snow fall over six feet in the San Luis Valley, Colorado I had ever known.The ground was frozen and digging my grandfathers grave was a job.
Three weeks after he died, he kept his promise to me, if there is another life and world, he told me. I will come back and visit you! I was very close to my grandparents, the Spanish and Apache life to me was heaven. Understanding the culture and ways of life, was a gift, we never lost our ways.
Quest of the unknown.
Grandfather Antonio believed the closer you are to God and spirituality, the veil open’s up to you. And the door to other worlds- open up- to good or bad and communication.
Surrounding my grandfather death, I was with him till the last breath he gave. I was so heart broken, I cried and the man next to him, told me lets pray. We prayed the Rosary, since we are Catholic.His face was disfigured from a kick of a horse when he was in his 30’s. He use to tame wild horses for a living. So his right side was disfigured and he couldn’t close his eye. The moment he died as he spoke my name Patricia! his face returned back to normal before my eyes. I knew his life in this body was over. Or was it?
Many Hispanics and Mexicans believe The Spirit roams for 40 days and nights on earth…Three weeks later. My family left back to Cheyenne, Wyoming for two weeks. My cousin Maria stayed with me so I won’t be alone. Maria was very superstitious, I think she was scared of her shadow. I loved to tell ghost stories and she would ask me not to say anything. One night the Snow blizzard outside was real bad- we already had over six feet of snow. And it was about 30 below zero. The fire from our fireplace was so beautiful as it seemed to dance when the wind would blow hard against our farm home. Maria lived in our Adobe house south from our main home. I don’t remember if there was a full moon- but it was very clear outside that night. Our Collie dog Pedro> dog. Grandpa’s dog howled like a wolf every night since grandpa died. Grieving for his master. Would not eat, Grandmother said: the dog would die cause it broke his spirit when he died. That night he barked normal like real happy and half scared. So I looked out the window to see who or what was out there. I noticed a bright light ascending down from the sky. From the South of our farm toward Maria’s home then I noticed a Dark shadow of a man passing the fence, like it wasn’t there. Walking toward her house but on the dirt trail one block away. As it moved closer toward the main house. Maria!– I called out her name– come here quickly there’s someone walking toward our home. She got real scared! and started to pray, its evil she said; its not normal. I had the shot gun next to the door and knew how to shoot a gun. The man walked slowly looking around as he moved on the path way, toward the main house. Pedro-Dog kept barking- yet -sounded happy and scared- so we knew who ever it was the dog knew him. as the man got closer the dog went into his tepee dog house and whined like a cry , didn’t hear the dog no more. We had the outside light on so we could see a tall man, He wore a cowboy hat, as he got closer, I Hollered at Maria! its grandpa! he’s not dead!…. I told Maria- he promised me he would come back. He walked clear to the wood steps outside and went to the door, and tried to open it. He is coming in I told Maria! In God’s name No she hollered! I went for the door and grabbed the shot gun, and opened the door. There was no one there just foot prints on the snow all the way to the door. Pedro-Dog died that night. ( having a gun- can be dangerously.)
I knew there was another world after that, and some stay on earth as ghosts, others as human as me and you -are. life is beautiful when some of us have the power beyond means to come and go with no more pain or suffering — Life has taught me so many things, and I accept and don’t question what is One step beyond,
Angels come in every different forms. until next time part three The Ghost and life of Antonio My grandfather who lives in two worlds. enjoy and remember our loved ones never leave us, if you believe.

Hi from Priscilla garduno wolf……The lost hour…..

The Lost Hour-

It was the summer of 1980- have you ever taken a trip to the unknown? Time passed or lost? Felt you been there before? or had a imaginary friend? or a encounter with twilight zone? Its easier to except nowadays as a story, a tale, maybe something you made up? But it really did exist and happened to you.
Car pooling can be fun especially when you can save on gas, wear and tear on your car or truck. Coming back from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, the back way through Madrid, Golden. to Cedar Crest.
There were five of us, me ( Priscilla) ,Molly, Janet, Sue and Jodie. Three times a week we used my car.
We always stopped at the last gas station on our way out of Santa Fe, for gas and food. I always loved the ride home through Madrid. (Everyone would meet at the Mc Donald’s on Central and Tramway NE in Albuquerque and leave their cars there.) We all enjoyed telling stories and talking about our work day.
Molly was scared of UFOs, and scary movies on TV. Had she had a encounter with one or what? I always wondered. No one will ever now, she refused to talk about it. I had seen several UFO’s in San Luis Valley, Colorado. We all shared stories about the unknown, told by our grandparents long time ago. I’m a firm believer there is more to the universe then we know. Janet had encounters with fire balls, and UFO’s in Ohio and Indiana and other Eastern states. She mentioned that long time ago when she first came to New Mexico she seen a mother ship and small ones following it. Well! said Jodie anything is possible! Check the Bible? If things don’t exist, why do we have church’s for, where is God? I believe we have walk ins everyday. Oh please said Molly! why involve the church? Because it speaks about dreams, visions, demons, and many unexplained things- said Jodie. As we passed Golden, it was around 8:00 PM . We continued talking about UFO’s encounters. All of suddenly the sky lighted up around us—and it seemed we were caught in the circle of light. I kept driving and it seemed we only drove a few miles and we were back to where we started, (where we first seen the light) like it was playing games with us,what ever it was. The girls got scared and kept telling me what’s going on?The car was burning gas, but we were in the same place for one hour. I made a remark we were in Twilight time of no return. Really scared everybody including me. Outside of the lighted circle was pit black– it seemed like we were walking that hour. Finally the light vanished and we were on the road again. we drove to Mc Donald’s and ate and talked and laughed about the hour we lost coming home. what really happened we wondered in that hour . It will always remain a mystery to us all. One night Molly called me late, and said; I cannot sleep at night, I see small creatures in my room. It was the last time I ever seen her. oh well! I also sleep with the light on, I’m scared of the dark. But I believe spirits come at night and bother you. The light keeps them away.
On August- 12-09 I was coming back from Colorado UFO watchtower event, Brent Raynes and his wife Joan Raynes and I. We had been guest speakers at Judy,s place- UFO watchtower. 2008 UFO event. Brent is the editor to in Tennessee, since 1965.. in Madrid, New Mexico. Before we got there passing a bridge a car was coming behind us real fast even through the curves it gained more speed, almost bumper to bumper to my car, but Brent was driving. He pulled over in Madrid to let the car pass and it vanished. We looked at each other like where did it go? That road from Santa Fe to Cedar Crest sure is weird. Missing hour, strange lights in the sky, ghost car?

To Be Or Not To Be a Conspiracy? By Mary Muñoz © February 8, 2009

Over the months I have written various situations that family, friends, or even I have experienced. I have always slid through the subject of conspiracy theories and the idea of a dark side working against us. I have played on my situation not telling all; leaving just enough out to make one wonder. I do that for a reason.
Imagine being part of, yet separate from, something so out of this world that to share it could bring great pain and destruction upon ones soul or a soul of one you love. Fear is something that can bind one to eternal torment on this plane of existence. Leaving them to always wonder why it has to be as it is?
I once saw a psychic that told me, “Why do you keep saying here we go again?” I was amazed at the response I had received, because those were the exact words that I had been stating for months, if not years. I would try to exclude myself from the phenomena, but no matter how hard I tried it would come back to me face to face. And in the same breath I wanted to share what was happening, but the warnings were quite clear. “Don’t do it!”
I have friends who have shared their point in case with the phenomena and each one has had a significant loss due to their participation. And that loss hasn’t always been upon them, but upon the ones they love. So with that, “Do I believe there is a conspiracy out there?” I believe that there is so much more than we can begin to understand. The more we see the more complex it gets. I am not out trying to solve the question of the century, “Do UFO’s and ET’s exist?” No I am trying to understand why they exist in my reality. Is it a genetic link? Is it even more complex? Or was it just a fluke of nature?
So if I venture further into my writings I will begin to share a new way of observing something that I don’t fully understand, yet I seem to be a part of on a daily or weekly basis, and depending on the time of the year, because really there is no pattern to this situation, for it comes and goes, like the wind. I will not assume that any have to do with any conspiracy theories or dark force realities, because I think we all know they do at some level. I will just continue to share how I view the things I see, how I am learning to understand that which I don’t know, and the tools I am using to find my answers to my own dilemmas; in a more enlightened way.

Exploration By Mary Muñoz © November 9, 2008

I was 35 years old when I had my first remember experience of ET interaction that was not of human origin; like the one I met in college. This being wasn’t the classic grey that most people tend to report. His actions would not be considered harmful in any way. I had no fear. But if this was possibly happening in my life, then how many other times had I met him or those similar to him?
Trying to find the answers was not as easy as I had thought it would be. The one who I thought could give me the information I seek could not explain what I was drawing or give clarification to the experience itself. They wanted me to give a picture to float around the circles they belonged to, but something deep within would say, “Don’t.” And I didn’t, but that didn’t stop the nagging feelings or the questions to this reality I was now holding onto. Was this a onetime deal? I had to know. Then in walks Abe.
I have talked about Abe and our adventures in Dulce, but prior to Dulce we met under the most unique circumstance. There is rumor that we were soul mates picked by them, bringing us together to share this portion of our life journey together. If it had not been for his inquisitive nature and zero level of fear I would still be in my shell hiding the truth of who I am. Going to those I believe carry the truth to be only manipulated for their own purpose, which from what I have seen is not in the best interest of one’s soul.
There is a statement that is so true, but the result of it is not always shared, “The truth shall set you free.” Yes it does, but in the same sentence you need to add one more piece of information, and that is “The truth can leave you bruised, battered, and hurting.” But thankfully there is always room for healing; just like the ET and I shared in that moment of time. He brought love, light, and healing to myself; I just didn’t recognize at first, but he did set me free. Free to realize that this universe is much larger than we will ever know and the powers within each of us far exceed our understanding.
Bring in hypnosis; a doorway to the truth of those things hidden within the subconscious mind. Over a period of a few sessions I would begin to realize my moment with him was only a grain of sand in this vastness of what we call Earth. I had many moments, many visits, and many experiences that had all been hidden away for whatever reason. Some were good and others were definitely questionable, but how does one sort through that which is true and that which is false. It is a hard road to travel for some and it is one that I will begin to share over the next few weeks.


A Special Message of Congratulations from Atola

Throughout my life I would get information given to me (I guess channeling) from somewhere when I was in my morning shower, please note I am not a channeler or a channeler believer. So this morning during my hot shower an internal voice from a planet called Atola said very loudly to me, we congratulate you humans for your choice of a new leader -“Bama”. I am sure they left out the “O” in Obama. They kept saying he is a good hybrid . I am interpreting that to mean a black/white man, not an alien hybrid type.

Well I guess time will tell. But after the last 8 years I would easily take either or both, hybrid and or a black/white man.

And Again to all earthlings CONGRATS


The Ultimate Experience By Mary Muñoz © November 2, 2008

The greatest remembered experience I would ever have would occur on October 21, 1998. This is when I met for the first time an Extraterrestrial Being and had an actual memory of the encounter. It was also at this time in life when I was beginning to realize that it wasn’t just a fascination in the stars and the universe that encapsulated me, but a direct relationship with someone more evolved. I had always wondered, but could never believe that it could be me; until this day.
I find myself in a room without floors, ceilings, or walls. I am floating in a space of pure white light. And when I state that I am floating I am not floating like say in a scene from, “Mary Poppins”. No this was different. I had or they had control of my movements. I was in a standing position as I glided closer to the one who had taken interest in me.
Within the light, as I glided by, I saw many similar beings that appeared quite human in their build. Some were taller than others, but their appearance was the basically the same. None of them appeared to have any interest in me as I passed by. It was the one that was positioned about twenty-five feet away that did. He looked directly at me and I began to move closer. My eyes were fixed on his.
The beings: they were human in form meaning that they had the basics; two arms, two legs, a torso, neck, head, and a flap, which looked like a head of hair. Now I stated that ‘he’ directed me over. Why I knew it was a ‘he’ I don’t know other than a feeling. There were no physical signs to show any form of gender.
When I was within two or three feet he raised his right arm outward toward me showing the palm of his hand, which told me that he was a friend and not a foe. There was no reason to fear. I grasp onto it as if I was invited to. No words were ever expressed between us. Only expressions of feelings were exhibited within me and I responded to those feelings based on my own beliefs that I carried within.
I now have his hand in mine. It was soft, say as in velour, and the color was unique. He skin tone wasn’t a singular color, but it was an array of greens, yellows, and browns. It worked because the last thing he was not was psychedelic. Everything blended together as though it was meant to be. He was beautiful both inside and out, though I was still confused at his purpose and what this experience was this all about.
I am curious of this individual as I gazed into his eyes, which were shaped more like a human, not the large slanted almond shape that has been represented in the greys. They were smaller and fit his head just right, but they were completely black as one might assume, but they were similar to ours in assessing shape and size to the head itself. And though they were black they expressed love and light; not darkness.
But with my hand in his I peer down to observe; to see, why it was so soft. It appeared that his body was covered with fine hairs, like peach fuzz. Amazed at what I am seeing I was given permission to inspect his arm. He lifts it up slightly while I continue to hold onto his hand allowing me to use my left hand to feel the softness of his skin. It is then I am feeling a curious, joyous laughter within. Like a child watching a fireworks display for the first time; the amazing awe that flowed through my being in the knowledge that I, at this moment, was receiving a privilege, and this was one that only a few might ever know.
But this was only the beginning of my adventure with him. As I glide my left hand up his arm I notice the curve of his shoulder and the length of his neck, neither of which were boney or elongated as in the greys. He had what appeared to be muscular tone to him. I am now touching his face running my finger along the jawbone line. I notice a mouth and what appeared to be an indication of lips similar to us, but not as prominent. He has an indication of a nose, but I didn’t focus on it as much due to something that took my attention away. I move my hand toward the back of his head curious at what looked as if to hair flowing down, but it wasn’t hair. Quickly to the reader; I didn’t notice if he had an ear, because what I now term as, “Flap” caught my full attention.
I am now rubbing my hand up against this piece of flesh that is thick and appeared to consist of what I would relate to as whale blubber; a fatty piece of skin that hung from the top of the head appearing as hair from a distance. I now take my right hand up to my left. My curiosity is elevating. I pick up the flap. It is heavy as I hold it in my hands. I begin to rub around it when it happens. I jump back in fear. For the first time I was in fear, because I did not understand what just happened, as my hands were inspecting this part of his body. But as soon as I jump back in fear calmness flowed through me and I was fine with what I had just felt. He somehow assured me it was okay.
What brought on the fear was when I felt the bottom part of the flap area. There was an opening between the heavy layer of fatty skin. The opening was warm to the touch and yeah, it scared the hell out of me, because I didn’t know what it was. Then I knew, “it was okay to venture into that area.” He gave me permission.
I lift the fingers of my right hand into this slit as my left hand gently holds onto the flap area lifting it slightly. I am now feeling energy pulsate through my entire being. It is then that I feel an empty cavity; where one would think there should be organic material, such as a brain, there is emptiness, but it is not empty by any means. Within the cavity I feel a pulse of extreme energy and then I see it. I see galaxies and worlds. I know with certainty that what I am being shown is the travels of these beings. They are the watchers of the universe. The teachers of old; they are connected to us. They are loving beings who wish no harm upon man and then I find myself sitting in bed. I want to go back, to learn more about my new friends and why they chose me to visit.