More on Our Journey to Make Contact — Is it all True Series #100

Our latest adventure in the quest to make contact with a Sasquatch family east of Albuquerque ended with some interesting conclusions. Let’s set the scene, it was a beautiful late summer day in the high country east of the Big Q (as Mayor Marty calls it). Once we were in the general research area, we noted that the grass was much higher and the area was much greener so we assumed it had rained considerably since our last visit. This may have played a role in what we were going to find next. We entered the area from a different entry point. On the ground we found our white garbage bag with the bottom torn out, its contents (apples) were gone. We walked about 150 feet to the east to the location where we had hung the bag high in a tree and the bag of course was gone. And the other surprise item, which was solidly tacked into the base of the tree, was also gone. We had taken pictures of the total site for future comparisons. No other debris was found and nothing near or around the site was disturbed.

So what can we now conclude from these findings. First, something tall removed the bag and carried it about 150 feet and ripped open the bottom and took out the contents. Only two animals here qualified as suspects to this deed. Bigfoot or man since the goods were hung high out of reach of other creatures and nothing else was disturbed, eliminating bears and deer, raccoons and big cats don’t like apples. Another consideration was a violent rainstorm blew the two items out of the area. But this is not likely since this area is heavily wooded with much underbrush to prevent the items from much lateral movement. Next we need to consider the condition of the bag we found, it was still pulled tight and the bottom ripped out. Would a human rip the bottom out of the bag or just open it. I say just open it. Bigfoot on the other hand would rip it open from the bottom, according to my expert friend Kawaunee. So the first site has Bigfoot potential, but is not conclusive.

Site number two was over a small ridge area where we had hung a bag again with a large organic food bar in it. It was hung over a ledge, with 15 or so foot drop. The handles of the bag were securely placed around a good size rock and a 3-foot stick was placed leaning partially over the handles and the rock. So what did we find, nothing at the top of the ledge, the bag was gone. But, here is the critical evidence; the rock and the stick were still there in almost the exact location as we learned that by studying the photo of the original placement of the rock and the stick. Now our feelings are that if it was a human he/she could have lifted the stone and removed the bag, but I doubt highly they would have paid attention to the rock placement and the stick placement and put it back nearly exactly as the originally placement. But according to Kewaunee this is a movement that a Sasquatch would do. Also at the bottom of the ledge we found a small piece of our second bag, partially buried under forest debris. Again more of a Bigfoot move than a human act.

So Kewaunee said he would place his highest bet that it was Bigfoot and not another creature. So we are going to try one more visit in hopes a Sasquatch being will leave us a message, maybe a rock tower or a symbol scratched in the ground. One more try, we will see, this is our last chance this year before the cold and snow invade the High Country. Will this Sasquatch family make the bold move and smile upon his human friends?

Sleep Tight – Dream large – MWiz.

PS . Note this is my 100th posting – in my ” Is it all True Series” – Good for us

The Second Step to Contact -Is it all True Series #96

Well, two weeks later another team member and myself went back to the hidden lair high in the mountains near Albuquerque. Read my July 25th 2009 posting to catch the beginning of the adventure. So the anticipation builds as we get near our destination, with high hopes the Sasquatch accepted our gifts of food /snacks.

And the short answer is yes, something did take the food. But the burning question is was it a Bigfoot or a bear, a deer or something else. And there were clues, no mess so that leaves out raccoons, deer and squirrels since from my experience and from what others have told me they are quite messy. Our area was quite clean except for a partial wrapper down the hill. Please remember the offerings were not on the ground but on a fairly high ledge. Note we also put out garlic, which was still hanging in the trees, which I personally didn’t know if they (BF) even like. So how about bear–bear go either way sometimes very messy or slightly messy. But the thing that made me think no bear was that we placed the apples and chocolate on a bark plate and it wasn’t moved or disturbed at all, and a bear’s claws would make it extremely hard for it to pick up the apples and the chocolate without flipping the plate over or at least moving it to one side or the other. So there is only one creature left except for Sasquatch who could have taken the food, -humans. The trick for the human would have been sheer chance of finding this area, a fairly difficult climb in a heavy wooded area. And they (humans) have no good nose for the food, as BF does. So maybe BF, maybe not, but it looks promising.

What next? We had more apples and food bars with us. So this time we made it more difficult for whoever or whatever took the original food. We also bought 2 bags so we put apples and food bars into both bags. One we hang in a small but tall tree next to the original site about 8 to 9 ft above the ground; this would eliminate all animals we believe except BF and man. The other bag was hung over a ledge with a 12 to 15 foot drop. The bag was also tied around a rock, again making impossible for any creature but Bigfoot or man, to get the goods. The nose factor gives Bigfoot the decisive edge. Humans in this forested area would have a better chance finding a pot of gold than the stuff we put out.

I meditated for about 15 minutes to let the Bigfoot know what we were up to and hoped that they would give us a sign of their presence. We also left a surprise for them, a fun surprise, and an out-of-the-box surprise. – Hopefully they will like.

So we will wait for another couple of weeks to go back and see if we are a step closer to contact.

Sleep very tight; send out peace and love, maybe the Sasquatch people will send some back to you.


Mr J – Speaks Part 4

As I walked out back to the place where I first saw the unknown being I took my thoughts back to the night that I saw him.
I remembered how he turned and looked at me as I saw the expression of surprise on his face. Oh how I wish that I did not react to my statelessness when I saw what looked like a Caveman standing there looking back at me. How I wish that I would of just sat down and welcomed whatever it was into my space with open arms and signs of peace. But of coarse the shock and misunderstanding took over my emotions and fear set in as I ran to the safety of the porch.

As I ponder on what could of happened with myself and my new found friend I can only wonder how may others have reacted in ways of violence toward what I saw that night in the dark… How many times have I been standing close to wild Bears and the 4 legged of the Northern bush of Canada where I grew up with understanding and no fear. Why was it that the unknown that I saw automatically kicked the fear into action as me feet carried we away from perhaps my greatest adventure of my entire life.

I stood back at that place where the creature looked up at me and I placed rocks on the ground spelling the word ” Hi “. My hope is that he will see them and form something that I can identify being from him as we enter into a form of communication…

Same like I do with humans and ones that I love. I sent him my good thoughts and told him that I was safe and a good protector of secrets. Within my mind I sent my good thoughts into the wind to mingle with his imagination of thought and intuitions.

That night I had a Dream that was very real and easy for me to understand as my main focus in this life is working with people with regards to their dreams and understandings of what it is that is being spoken in dreamtime. I also have the gift to be able to open up the dreams that have fallen asleep within people and recall them to their memory. So what I am getting at is that I am a professional when it come to dreamtime and how it works.

Within my dream I saw something come close to me and speak to me with no verbal words yet I knew within my heart and mind what was being said. A message from the creature that stood in front of me within my dreamtime was what I would call a Sasquatch from the description that I recall from drawings within the books from back in my school days as a child.

The unheard words spoken within expression of thoughts were awesome because with them came great peace. He looked at me with a soft loving look in his eyes and expressed that all was well ,and he too was safe. Even the shy slightly tilted body motion was a easy read of someone that was shy with a slight way of hiding within self of body.

My dreamtime with him was short yet very powerful and I come to understand the nature of the spirit that rests within him. I am sure my story and encounter is strange to some and at the same time a great conformation to others that are aware of their Dreamtime that has become a reality within their life.

For Dreams are great teachings to what is going on within ourselves as our human body is at rest while our Spirit is wide awake within us. With Dreams come answers that speak to our heart and minds for the purpose of manifesting the truth that rests within us.

I will now venture down to the place where the friendship first began and try and see what I understand to be just the beginning of a learning experience of a life time.

Mr. J

Mr J – Speaks Part 3

When I shined my light of him and he acknowledged that the light was coming from behind him is when he looked up… The cars lights that shined on the bolder that I was baiting behind never bothered him at all so I know he knew the difference of the two lights and where they were coming from. The interesting thing is how he looked up and turned towards me to look. When a animal turns to look at potential danger they move their shoulders along with their head in one motion but a human simply moves their neck in the direction of sight. Well this thing was bent over on all fours and jut stood up and looked over like a human would do but a 4 legged would of had to back up from behind the bush in order to get the angle to see me. Once day break came I went to the bush and examined the height of the bush where his tail bone was bent over and as it looked to me he would of stood to me my height or a bit taller and I stand 6 foot.

I recall the noise of his eating habits also and he would not be sitting dining with the Queen type thing but was rather in a hurry to gobble the food down and be on his way perhaps. I could hear sighs of relief and satisfaction as he exhaled from eating with each breath.

I also teach Tracking and understand footprints as if they were just laid as they each speak a story in great detail. So I am no stranger to the wild is what I am getting at and I have my own personal thoughts to what I have seen but I am no expert in the field of invented life.

Mr. J

Our First Small Step Towards Contact–Is it all True Series #94

Well, on the 11th of July a party of three went on a road/ hiking trip about 35 miles from Albuquerque. Their mission was to start the relationship building process with the inter-dimensional being called Sasquatch.

After the 45-minute road trip the fun started—we hiked into a mountainous area, which tested both our physical and mental abilities. We all discovered how out of shape we really were. Using the dowsed map of the area provided by my buddy Kewaunee, we located an area between a known Sasquatch hot spot and a vortex area. This particular area was on the side a forested hill with a fortress-looking rock formation.

Next we each meditated at different time frames. Our separate meditations were done so as to not confuse the cosmic airwaves. My personal meditation was very peaceful, but nothing eventful. The other male in the party had a similar, pleasant experience but no contact. Now our female team member had a vision of a craft and some beings including two Sasquatch. She claims to have never seen anything look like this in any of her past meditations, so maybe this was our small step.

Next we needed to find secure places for our offerings to the Sasquatch. Our offerings consisted of organic apples, chocolate, fresh garden rosemary and garlic. We put the apples and the chocolate on a high rock shelf on a wooden bark plate. The rosemary was placed on a lower rock shelf and the garlic was hung in the branches of an old dead tree in the fortress area, sort of like a Christmas tree effect.

As we were talking in the fortress area I happened to look up and witnessed a huge flying creature of sorts gliding overhead, it was quick and I was the only person to see it. The thick forest canopy limited the time of the sighting.

This was an extremely beautiful area. It looked and felt enchanted, where anything could happen and probably has. I took about 75 random forest pictures; most looked normal but there were a few (possible vortex hits) which catch some strange images. I will share a few in the coming weeks. Please let me know (with a comment) if you see something unusual. I also got this great Hummingbird shot- see below.

In a few weeks we will go back to the enchanted forest and see if our offerings were accepted. And maybe our small step will lead to greater things.

Sleep tight, your dreams won’t bite.



The Hummer

The Search for Contact- Is it all True Series #91

My present and future research will be in the areas of inter-dimensional travel and the beings that possess the ability to move between these different realms. One of these beings that can make this move is the Sasquatch. There have been hundreds of stories from reliable witnesses who have seen Bigfoot de-materialize in front of their eyes. Recently a friend of Kewaunee’s, who was visiting his home in Washington, was on his porch brushing her hair and a juvenile Sasquatch materialized, stared at her for a few minutes and then de-materialized into another realm. Hunters have accidentally shot and probably hit a Bigfoot. The wounded being reportedly started running and gradually faded into the ether. Sometimes the footprint ground impressions have less and less impact on the ground as the de-materialization process happens. It makes sense why it is so hard (close to impossible) to catch or shoot a Bigfoot.

On my Washington trip I had my friend, Kewaunee, dowse a map of an area near Albuquerque for Sasquatch, Vortexes, and ET activity. I now have a map with several points of interest on it. I plan on assembling a group of no more than three people. The reason for the small group is because Bigfoot communicates mostly by telepathy and too much mind chatter can hinder the process. These people will have peaceful minds, are not afraid of possible contact and of course, have a positive view of the big guy/girl.

During the dowsing process Kewaunee picked up that there was a family of three Sasquatch in the mapped area that would be willing to make contact with us. So we will travel mostly on foot to the site and hang out for a long day. We will bring gifts of food – apples, chocolate, peanut butter and berries. We will place the food in a tree about 7 ft off the ground to keep other animals out. Each person on the human team will meditate, one at a time, so the Sasquatch can get to know us individually. This whole process could take days, weeks, even years to make the amazing contact. The Sasquatch over time will gain trust and build a relationship, a relationship beyond anything we can experience between two humans.

The important phrase here is they control the contact – when they are ready, the contact will happen.

If you are a good-hearted person and have time and patience, you can make contact with these gentle and great beings of the inter-dimensional world.

Sleep tight, the gentle giants are waiting.



The last Photos from our Washington Adventure,Is it all True Series #90

This will be the last of the series of postings on my 2009 Washington trip. Although my exploring into the inter-dimensional world has just began, I have spent about 40 years chasing UFOs and the related alien types who command these strange amazing crafts. I have talked to about 5,000 human types about their paranormal experiences and their good, bad and ugly relationships with these non-human beings. These non-human/ part human entities I now believe/know are all inter-dimensional travelers, moving back and forth between here and many theres. I guess it took 40 + years for me to realize this simple beautiful fact. But it is like starting over, with a new beginning and no end in sight. This has always been about the journey; the learning is what it is all about. The true purpose of our life here is to chase the wisdom of the unknown.

I am going to share two more photos from the trip, two of my favorites. The first one is a small face in the middle of the woods. This one is unlike most of the other photos because I did see the face first with my eyes, took the shot and then enlarged it. It is an animal face with a human feel to it, sort of has a teddy bear look to it. It had a little bit of smile with a concern in its eyes. It could look in and through a human. So I did not stare very long, I wanted to keep my soul.

The next photo shows a possible Sasquatch on a fence rail. I say possible because at the distance of about 300 ft and because the photo enlargement misses the fine detail, which could have made a definitive conclusion to the identity of the figure. Kewaunee feels the figure could have been a juvenile, about 5 ft tall.

I did also get a small infant-type looking BF laying on the ground but the original did not show well after I downloaded it to my PC, and it would have been even worse if I uploaded to my website.

I hope in the near future I get more looks and pictures into the many dimensions that surround us all. This is where the next true frontier lies. For our past, present and our future can be found in these Gateways.

Sleep very tight – the Gates await.


Small face in the woods
Sasquatch on a fence rail ?

A Journey into the Wild and Crazy part 1 – Is it all True Series #85

About 300 miles outside of Seattle, just south of the Canadian border, is a most unusual place of lakes, mountains, forests, BFs, UFOs and many big tales of the strange. I am speaking about my mini-expedition into Washington State this past week.

I wanted to share an adventure story from a source who is known for his trustworthiness and honor. This man, George, and his wife were winding up a trail deep in a state natural reserve when suddenly George saw a redheaded human-looking being. It’s head and shoulders were at least two feet above the six-foot high brush. It parted its hair down the center and looked like a big old Viking. Mr. Viking took one look at George and then quickly fled. This probable Sasquatch had an expression on his face, like he was getting into some bad trouble. George’s curiosity got the best of him, so he took off after the big guy. A little way down the path, George came across an opening, sort of like a room, with boughs of spruce and other soft natural bedding materials. It looked like it had fecal piles between the different layers of bedding. George figured out that this was probably the Viking BFs house and quickly realized it wasn’t a good idea to invade a house of an 8-foot being. This is just one of many interesting and wild stories we heard on this journey.

There were also the prospectors, and the stories of the hidden gold in the hills. One person showed us a very heavy rock, which he claimed was platinum, gold and silver, a super mix of wealth. I am no expert, but it was, as I said, very heavy. He also claimed to know where a whole mountain of this rock was. He could have easily been telling us the whole truth, but I will probably never know. Usually these prospectors keep the real secrets close to their hearts. They just like to brag to get the rest of us dreaming.

Well more on this trip over the next few weeks.

Sleep tight – the inter-dimensional world is not far.



A place of beauty and strange

Sasquatch Encounter Is the time now? Is it all True Series #84

By the time you read this, I will be deep in the woods of Washington State hoping for an eyeball-to-eyeball smile with a Sasquatch person. I have gone on several wonderful mini- expeditions in search of the multi-dimensional being . the lovable Bigfoot. My partner (in crime) on these trips is the quite famous (and infamous) Kewaunee Lapersitis. See two past postings, one on March 17, 2007 and another July 12, 2008 to get further background on these adventures. I am also going to be ready for a nature close encounter like the one I had with Mr. Kewaunee as we hiked up Mt. Rainier and a large bird landed on Mr. Ks arm, and they communicated with each other (see posting dated May 12, 2007). One of my strangest wishes would be to see the Fairy Swarm, which I am told exists in the area we are going to visit; see posting dated September 13th 2008.

What are the other amazing possibilities for this trip? Maybe we will see UFOs and vortexes holding thousands, possibly millions, of strange time events and many interesting multi-dimensional beings, a place where they come and go. These portals are points on earth that lie in an interior area surrounded by high and low levels of electromagnetic activity. Whatever is to come on this trip, I will leave with profound memories, as I always do. Kewaunee will dowse these locations, and if the past is any indication of the future, this could truly be amazing.

I will be posting the details of my trip in the coming weeks.

Sleep tight, dream long enjoy life- explore the edges.



MJ-7’s April Gathering—Is it all True Series #81

Well from a reliable source deep inside the allusive UFO Study Group, they held their April soirée in a backroom of a public building in Albuquerque.

The main topic of the day was the Dulce conference and its impact on the Jicarilla Apache Nation. One of the members of the group will be continuing the Dulce research by interviewing some of the locals to gather additional information to understand the complexities of the subject. It sounds like there could be more amazing facts forth coming. But they may not be made public because of the potential sensitivity. It also came out that as the group members were leaving Dulce, several locals confronted them to share some of their strange stories. Several of these people were profoundly shaken from their abduction-type experiences and their various UFO sightings. The locals also brought out pictures of weird animals that were half this and half that. One of the MJ-7 members was upset by the amount of pain he saw in the locals’ eyes. It seems that some of the locals were asking for help or maybe just needed someone to talk to and listen to and tell them it would be all right. It sounds like the MJ-7 group has several members who could provide this sort of help, if the Jicarilla Apache will invite them to listen.

On subjects discussed, they were told that there were some amazing Sasquatch people encounters in Dulce, in the Albuquerque area and in Washington State. One of the members is going on a mini-expedition into the Washington backcountry next May to further his process of making contact with the Sasquatch People. There was also talk about exploring the areas of the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque for Sasquatch locations for possible contact. The Sasquatch talk was followed by conservations about an energy workshop one of the members recently attended. One Native American member shared some amazing traditional stories. An expert astrologist shared the chart of one of the members with some eye-opening conclusions that can’t be shared here.

The last item on the agenda was a question asked to the group, would there be a Dulce II conference in the future? The answer–It would depend if the Jicarilla Apaches would be willing to further open up and let non- tribal members into their world.

Sleep tight and dream hard, that other world may serve you better.



Seven Wise Owls