The Search for Contact- Is it all True Series #91

My present and future research will be in the areas of inter-dimensional travel and the beings that possess the ability to move between these different realms. One of these beings that can make this move is the Sasquatch. There have been hundreds of stories from reliable witnesses who have seen Bigfoot de-materialize in front of their eyes. Recently a friend of Kewaunee’s, who was visiting his home in Washington, was on his porch brushing her hair and a juvenile Sasquatch materialized, stared at her for a few minutes and then de-materialized into another realm. Hunters have accidentally shot and probably hit a Bigfoot. The wounded being reportedly started running and gradually faded into the ether. Sometimes the footprint ground impressions have less and less impact on the ground as the de-materialization process happens. It makes sense why it is so hard (close to impossible) to catch or shoot a Bigfoot.

On my Washington trip I had my friend, Kewaunee, dowse a map of an area near Albuquerque for Sasquatch, Vortexes, and ET activity. I now have a map with several points of interest on it. I plan on assembling a group of no more than three people. The reason for the small group is because Bigfoot communicates mostly by telepathy and too much mind chatter can hinder the process. These people will have peaceful minds, are not afraid of possible contact and of course, have a positive view of the big guy/girl.

During the dowsing process Kewaunee picked up that there was a family of three Sasquatch in the mapped area that would be willing to make contact with us. So we will travel mostly on foot to the site and hang out for a long day. We will bring gifts of food – apples, chocolate, peanut butter and berries. We will place the food in a tree about 7 ft off the ground to keep other animals out. Each person on the human team will meditate, one at a time, so the Sasquatch can get to know us individually. This whole process could take days, weeks, even years to make the amazing contact. The Sasquatch over time will gain trust and build a relationship, a relationship beyond anything we can experience between two humans.

The important phrase here is they control the contact – when they are ready, the contact will happen.

If you are a good-hearted person and have time and patience, you can make contact with these gentle and great beings of the inter-dimensional world.

Sleep tight, the gentle giants are waiting.



The last Photos from our Washington Adventure,Is it all True Series #90

This will be the last of the series of postings on my 2009 Washington trip. Although my exploring into the inter-dimensional world has just began, I have spent about 40 years chasing UFOs and the related alien types who command these strange amazing crafts. I have talked to about 5,000 human types about their paranormal experiences and their good, bad and ugly relationships with these non-human beings. These non-human/ part human entities I now believe/know are all inter-dimensional travelers, moving back and forth between here and many theres. I guess it took 40 + years for me to realize this simple beautiful fact. But it is like starting over, with a new beginning and no end in sight. This has always been about the journey; the learning is what it is all about. The true purpose of our life here is to chase the wisdom of the unknown.

I am going to share two more photos from the trip, two of my favorites. The first one is a small face in the middle of the woods. This one is unlike most of the other photos because I did see the face first with my eyes, took the shot and then enlarged it. It is an animal face with a human feel to it, sort of has a teddy bear look to it. It had a little bit of smile with a concern in its eyes. It could look in and through a human. So I did not stare very long, I wanted to keep my soul.

The next photo shows a possible Sasquatch on a fence rail. I say possible because at the distance of about 300 ft and because the photo enlargement misses the fine detail, which could have made a definitive conclusion to the identity of the figure. Kewaunee feels the figure could have been a juvenile, about 5 ft tall.

I did also get a small infant-type looking BF laying on the ground but the original did not show well after I downloaded it to my PC, and it would have been even worse if I uploaded to my website.

I hope in the near future I get more looks and pictures into the many dimensions that surround us all. This is where the next true frontier lies. For our past, present and our future can be found in these Gateways.

Sleep very tight – the Gates await.


Small face in the woods
Sasquatch on a fence rail ?

Four More Photos from the Adventure–Is it all True Series #89

During the last four weeks since I returned from my trip, I have been struggling with sharing my photos. Of course every photo of this type is subject to interpretation. If I am looking at beings from an inter-dimensional world, the reality is as a human looking in on this strange new world is not always crystal clear. I know I am opening myself up for a little criticism and even ridicule, but I will chance it. Everyone exploring a new realm has to pay a price, for we live in a very close-minded world. For Humankind to grasp this inter- dimensional being, it would be like moving the “Titanic” with an ice cube, only a super, profound event can reshape humankind’s present mindset. So I will dare to show and give my personal interpretation of four more photos and wait for the comments, the good, bad or ugly.

The first photo is the “standing humanoid”. When I took this shot there was only two fisher-persons sitting in the boat, I was just taking the shot to check my focus. But later as I was going through my photos I noticed this strange humanoid figure standing next to the boat, although that would mean in the water since the boat was about 75 to 100 ft from the shore. The standing humanoid was quite bulky with big shoulders and large arms and this funny head garment or something on its head. At closer examination, it almost looks like a face looking toward the camera.

Photo two is “two beings-a small and large gray” Is is quite interesting if you can pick them out among the rocks. When I took this photo I noticed a small flash of light in the vicinity of the beings, but at that time no beings were spotted until I had time to examine the photo. In the center of the frame is a large gray with a big upper body and in front of him/it a more typical small gray with the extra big eyes. I hope you can see them.

Photo three, “stone being and tiny gray”. The stone being is in the dead center of the frame his face is split by the branch, with an eye on each side. A tiny gray alien head is to the right of the stone being that is fairly easy to see.

And last the “eyes in the dark”– here I was scanning the forest and I noticed an extremely dark area with a two small glowing lights in the middle of that dark area, so I shot a frame and you can see what I got, something with two distinct eyes, small nose and partial mouth or ?

So I will be waiting for your comments on what you saw, if anything. If I get some comments maybe I will show more, we will see. As they say it’s in the eye of the beholder, so behold.

Sleep tight– dream large, let the other dimensions guide you.

The Standing Humanoid
Two Beings Small and Large Gray
Stone being and Tiny Gray
Eyes in the dark

Noory Speaks — William Henry – StarWalkers III.

Our friends the Anunnaki entering the earth plane via- the Stargate , a celestial boat of sorts. The crossing point for the Deities. We are all on the boat together – passing into the dimension of the of the blessed. Bundle of reeds – Symbols of the Gods = language of the Gods. Are we raising into a Cosmic species. Portal/ Gates used for travel and more lots more. Path of enlightenment – not accepted here in the West.

The Next Great Adventure- Is it all True Series #88

I am already looking forward to my next Kewaunee expedition hopefully in May/June 2010.

We have chosen the location; I have been drawn to this particular place for many years. It is a place of great beauty and solitude. It is a very old volcano with chambers, ancient lava tubes. These tubes are now serving as dimensional bi-ways to realms beyond all our dreams. This mountain is very sacred to native tribes. I am told if you climb the mountain and lay your ear to the ground on its small side mesas you can hear activity, sounds and voices never heard by man before. The tubes may be protected entry points between there and the earth plane. This mountain / mesa is well guarded by Sasquatch and dimensional beings. Ships –alien craft have been seen moving in and out, where there is no apparent opening in the mountain. You may ask why go to this place if there are things in place to keep unwanted humans out? My motivation is not to see anything but to feel, experience and use senses of the mind which are not normally exercised in this normal somewhat boring world. These abilities have been lost or forgotten to mankind.

Of course if they are willing to share maybe a picture or two of these dimensional beings with their mostly smiling faces, I would appreciate the moment. Remember most of these beings including Sasquatch are highly curious and a bit of tricksters, who love to mess with us human folks. Our intention is to pitch a tent high on the mountain and let it all happen and trust the universe to play fair. We will also work very hard to keep our fears and keep our emotional body in a state of peace. Your inner thoughts and your mind state are the keys to making contact.

This next trip location will probably be a resource for many more trips, because building relationship with these being not only works here on the earth plane, but it is alive and well in the dimensional world beyond our planet.

Sleep tight- dream hard- go to your dimensional place and find your peace.



The Mountain of My next Great adventure — Do you know the location?

Noory Speaks — William Henry – StarWalkers II.

Discover of another Universe is very close, lets evolve to a caring world. Starwalker= Star+door + walking into the dimension of the blessed. We all have the ability to transform to a light body being– phase shifting- dissolve into pure energy. Enjoy – MWiz.

A Journey into the Wild and Crazy part 1 – Is it all True Series #85

About 300 miles outside of Seattle, just south of the Canadian border, is a most unusual place of lakes, mountains, forests, BFs, UFOs and many big tales of the strange. I am speaking about my mini-expedition into Washington State this past week.

I wanted to share an adventure story from a source who is known for his trustworthiness and honor. This man, George, and his wife were winding up a trail deep in a state natural reserve when suddenly George saw a redheaded human-looking being. It’s head and shoulders were at least two feet above the six-foot high brush. It parted its hair down the center and looked like a big old Viking. Mr. Viking took one look at George and then quickly fled. This probable Sasquatch had an expression on his face, like he was getting into some bad trouble. George’s curiosity got the best of him, so he took off after the big guy. A little way down the path, George came across an opening, sort of like a room, with boughs of spruce and other soft natural bedding materials. It looked like it had fecal piles between the different layers of bedding. George figured out that this was probably the Viking BFs house and quickly realized it wasn’t a good idea to invade a house of an 8-foot being. This is just one of many interesting and wild stories we heard on this journey.

There were also the prospectors, and the stories of the hidden gold in the hills. One person showed us a very heavy rock, which he claimed was platinum, gold and silver, a super mix of wealth. I am no expert, but it was, as I said, very heavy. He also claimed to know where a whole mountain of this rock was. He could have easily been telling us the whole truth, but I will probably never know. Usually these prospectors keep the real secrets close to their hearts. They just like to brag to get the rest of us dreaming.

Well more on this trip over the next few weeks.

Sleep tight – the inter-dimensional world is not far.



A place of beauty and strange

Sasquatch Encounter Is the time now? Is it all True Series #84

By the time you read this, I will be deep in the woods of Washington State hoping for an eyeball-to-eyeball smile with a Sasquatch person. I have gone on several wonderful mini- expeditions in search of the multi-dimensional being . the lovable Bigfoot. My partner (in crime) on these trips is the quite famous (and infamous) Kewaunee Lapersitis. See two past postings, one on March 17, 2007 and another July 12, 2008 to get further background on these adventures. I am also going to be ready for a nature close encounter like the one I had with Mr. Kewaunee as we hiked up Mt. Rainier and a large bird landed on Mr. Ks arm, and they communicated with each other (see posting dated May 12, 2007). One of my strangest wishes would be to see the Fairy Swarm, which I am told exists in the area we are going to visit; see posting dated September 13th 2008.

What are the other amazing possibilities for this trip? Maybe we will see UFOs and vortexes holding thousands, possibly millions, of strange time events and many interesting multi-dimensional beings, a place where they come and go. These portals are points on earth that lie in an interior area surrounded by high and low levels of electromagnetic activity. Whatever is to come on this trip, I will leave with profound memories, as I always do. Kewaunee will dowse these locations, and if the past is any indication of the future, this could truly be amazing.

I will be posting the details of my trip in the coming weeks.

Sleep tight, dream long enjoy life- explore the edges.



A Tribute to the Man Who Flew Among the UFOs-Is it all True Series #54

This man was an American businessman, aviator, sailor and adventurer. This man’s body was finally recovered from a violent plane clash in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on Oct.2th 2008. What drove this man? He was driven by adventure, competition, lack of fear and the desire to go beyond, way beyond where normal man has gone.

A few of his accomplishments include the first ever around the world air balloon record in 2002, sailed around the world in 2004, and the World Solo Glider record in 2005. He has a total of 93 world aviation records, 23 world sailing records, and also mountain climbing and cross-country skiing records.

So why didn’t this man leave a flight plan behind with his family and why did he leave behind his prized GPS watch. Are these events just coincidences? Maybe? Maybe not? A week after he was reported missing and the most expensive rescue search in American history was launched, a close friend of mine, a renowned dowser, had located the crash site with his trusty dowsing rods less than 50 miles from the actual crash site. On the surface that wouldn’t seem like a close psychic hit, but the search party was searching a 175,000 sq. mile area.

Back in August of 2008, I wrote a posting on this adventurer and the possibility he had entered a vortex area and was enjoying a sabbatical with a group a friendly, cool alien beings (see August 16, 2008 “His Magical Vortex”). I will say with no doubt in my mind and no doubt in my heart this amazing American has flown among the UFOs. For his courage and determination would have bought them (our alien visitors) close in to see who this crazy human was and why fear in life never crossed his mind.

To have fear is to be small and to have no fear is to be infinitely large

To you, Steve Fossett, I hope you are enjoying your next great adventure—fly high.

In peace and love, —MWiz.


Good Bye and Fly High.

Indigos of Today, Changelings of the Past—Is it all True Series #50

Last week I did a posting on a Fairy swarm in northeastern Washington State. In doing my background research on that posting I came across something called Changelings which come from Western European folklore which typically describe these beings as offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other creatures. Folklore describes these creatures being left in the place of human children. Many countries of the world have these Changelings legends from Scandinavia, Ireland, Spain, Malta and even Nigeria.

Some feel that the Changeling beliefs stem from the births of deformed or mentally challenged children with a variety of diseases like spinal bifida, and cerebral palsy. In the past this Changeling phenomena may have been used to explain and maybe justify the unknown diseases plaguing their newborns. There are many interesting characteristics that portray these little beings, such as voracious appetite, malicious temper, green tint to their skin, dislike for wearing shoes, wisdom beyond their years and special powers and abilities. It was said that these little beings would tell their human host parents that they were not their children and that they were bought here under protest.

I have heard of similar characteristics from parents with the Crystal/Indigo children of today. Of course my beliefs on the Indigo children of today is that these beings are a new upgraded human-type with genes from a hybrid (alien/ human) mixed with genes from a group of enlightened humans (i.e., humans who have reached spiritual freedom from earthly fears).

Changelings may have been the first attempt at gene manipulation by a group outside of the human race. Now humans are trying to make a new human as we play with the human genome. I say whoever is doing the changing; please help us stop our own extinction before our time runs out.



Those cute little ones